How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary

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How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Introduction

The story is of a dog who wanted to serve the strongest master on earth as it was tired of wandering here and there for food and shelter. So it started reaching out for many animals. In the end, it found that human is the most powerful one. So it decided to work for human and get domesticated.

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! Summary of the Lesson

Once the dogs were wild animals and lived freely as other animals do. Then a dog that was not happy with his life, decided to serve other animals. While doing so, it knows that it would get its share of food without much of hard work. It wanted to shelter itself in exchange of its freedom.

It was afraid of strong animals and had to search for food every time it was hungry.

So, it decided to become a servant of the most powerful and strongest animal on earth. Its search of its master began. Firstly it found a big wolf, who was strong and fierce. When wolf asked dog about where the dog is heading to.

The dog replied that it was looking for a master and asked if wolf is ready to become its master. The wolf was afraid to it. One day while walking through the forest, wolf quickly went into bushes and hid itself. The dog was taken aback and asked about the reason.

To which wolf in his frightful voice replied that the bear might see them and eat them up.

Now dog realised that the bear is stronger than the wolf. So it decided to take up the services with bear. The bear agreed when the dog asked him to be its master. The bear decided to hunt a cow to eat its flesh and satisfy their hunger. When they moved ahead, they found a herd of cows mowing loudly.

The bear hid himself and then ran into the forest when he learned that a lion was around. He told the dog that a lion is the strongest beast on earth. So dog left bear to serve his new master, the lion.

The lion also agreed to take up the dog as his servant. The dog was happy with him as it had a better life and food. It was not afraid of any other animals now.

Its happiness did not last longer as one day, while walking a path amongst cliffs, the lion stopped angrily and quietly moved away. The dog was shocked to see its master in such a situation, so he asked about the reasons.

The lion asked it to moved away from there as human beings are the dangerous and strongest on earth.

This made dog to serve the man as he realised the power and strength of a man. It served him faithfully for years to follow even till today.
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