Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Summary

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Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Summary

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Introduction

The lesson is a comic visualization of a story of a king who challenged his witty courtier Gopal to bring Hilsa fish to the court. He successfully completed the challenge in the funniest way possible.

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Summary of the Lesson

The beginning of the story tells about the season in which Hilsa fish were available. Everyone was talking about it. The fisherman was the happiest as they could earn better with this immense treasure.

The markets were flooded with the Hilsa fish. Everyone was surprised and happy with the availability of the fish.

However, the king was annoyed at the discussion of the fish. He burst out when a courtier boasted about the size of a Hilsa fish he caught. Later, the king realized his mistake for overreacting.

He further added that even Gopal could not resist mentioning about Hilsa fish. However, Gopal informed him that he could bring a huge Hilsa without anyone discussing a word about it.

After a few days, Gopal prepared himself with half-shaven face and smeared with it ash. He wore tattered clothes. Everybody noticed his appearance in rags and gave him names a madman, a mystic, etc.

When he reached the palace; he was stopped by the guards. His stupid behavior attracted the attention of the king who wanted to see the crazy visitor. No one could recognize Gopal.

When his true personality was revealed, he told him that because of his appearance, nobody talked about the fish. They were taken aback and were repelled by his shabby clothes. Thus he won the challenge.
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