Golu Grows a Nose Summary

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Golu Grows a Nose Summary

Golu Grows a Nose Introduction

The story is a fiction that revolves around the growth of the trunk of an elephant from a snout. A fictitious elephant Golu is introduced in the story, whose adventures are shared.

Golu Grows a Nose Summary of the Lesson

The opening lines of the story talk about the snout baby elephant Golu. He had no trunk but a bulgy nose. Golu was inquisitive and wanted to know how other animals are managing their lives.

He asked ostrich if it had ever flown as other birds do. He inquired about the red eyes of the hippo and the spotty skin of a giraffe. Everyone had no answer to his difficult questions.

Once he asked mynah about the food of crocodile and it suggested he to visit the grassy Limpopo River. He went home and informed about his planning to visit the river. He carried food for himself.

He met python on the way and asked about the crocodile. He did not respond but Golu helped him to coil around the branch.

It took him a few days to reach the river. He saw a log of wood which was really a crocodile. He threw the same question and the crocodile admitted him to be one.

He then enquired about his food. Crocodile replied that it would tell him in the ear and by duping him caught hole of his nose to eat him in his dinner. Then appeared python to save him, the crocodile was trying to take him into deep water.

The nose kept on stretching because he was pulled from one side by a crocodile and from the other side by python. Golu sat down by the riverside to cool his stretched nose.

After two days, he used it to hit the fly dead, and then plucked a large bundle of grass. When python talked about his strength of having a long nose. Golu was rebuked and threw mud at him and slapped him. Thus Golu realized the benefit of having a long trunk and felt grateful about it.
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