Going Places Summary in English by A R Barton

Going Places Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. Going Places is written by A R Barton.

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Going Places Summary in English by A.R. Barton

Going Places by A R Barton About the Author

A.R. Barton is a modern English writer. He lives in Zurich and has written a number of literary pieces depicting the contemporary problems and issues. In the present story ‘Going Places’ Barton emphasizes that fantasy and imagination end up in being illusions and empty mirages.

Author Name A R Barton
Born 17 December 1913, London, United Kingdom
Died 4 April 1943, Llandow, United Kingdom
Education Britannia Royal Naval College
Awards Distinguished Flying Cross and bar (DFC and bar)
Battles and wars Battle of Britain, Siege of Malta
A R Barton - going places summary in english class12
A R Barton

Going Places Theme

The story ‘Going Places’ describes the aspirations and dreams of the youth and the pain of unfulfilled promises and shattered dreams. It deals with the complexities of human relationships along with the adolescent fantasy and hero-worship.

Going Places Summary in English

The story revolves around Sophie who is a teenager, about to finish her school. She dreams big to achieve a lot in life. But, on the contrary, her family circumstances are totally different. She belongs to a middle class family where father is a textbook example of a working class. Her elder brother Geoff is already working and is almost grown-up in the eyes of Sophie.

Sophie has high hopes about her career. She is not interested in joining a biscuit factory and dreams of opening her own boutique. She thinks herself to be very sophisticated and original and suitable to be either an actor or work as manager. Jansie, her friend, tries to make her realise her practical position, but Sophie is not ready to come out from her world of fantasy. The only person in whom Sophie seems to have full faith and hope is her brother Geoff. He passed out school three years back and is working as a mechanic. Though Geoff speaks less and most of the time is busy in his own thoughts, Sophie shares everything with him.

One day Sophie tells her brother Geoff that she has met Danny Casey, an Irish sports star. Her father is angry with her and calls it her wild dream. He warns her that one day she would get into trouble for all this. The entire family is a fan of Danny Casey and they all go to watch a football match in which Danny Casey scores the final goal.

Sophie tells Geoff that she is going for a date with Danny Casey. Though Geoff doesn’t believe her, he doesn’t stop her. He tells this to Frank who is Jansie’s brother and Jansie comes to Sophie to get the details. But Sophie hides it from her. Sophie goes to the wharf to meet Danny Casey in the evening. She keeps on waiting for him but Danny Casey doesn’t come. Finally, the reality begins to sink into her. She returns home disappointed. She knows that nobody will believe her story. In order to give herself strength, she herself has to believe in her own story. It’s so wonderful for her to live in the world of fantasy. The story describes the psychology of a teenager who loves to live in a world of make-believe.

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