Geography Lesson Summary Analysis and Explanation By Zulfikar Ghose

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Geography Lesson Poem Short Summary in English

About the Poet Zulfikar Ghose
Zulfikar Ghose. Zulfikar Ghose (born March 13, 1935) is a novelist, poet, and essayist. A native of Pakistan and current resident of Texas, his works are primarily magical realism, blending fantasy and harsh realism.

Poet Name Zulfikar Ghose
Born 13 March 1935 (age 85 years), Sialkot, Pakistan
Died 4 April 1979
Education B.A ‎Keele University.England.
Poems The Loss of India (1964), Jets from Orange (1967) More
Zulfikar Ghose - Summary Of The Poem Geography Lesson Class 8
Zulfikar Ghose

Geography Lesson Summary Introduction

The poem is written from the perspective of a person who is observing the city from above, seeing it seated in a jet plane. As he ascends the heights in the sky, he is able to understand the real meaning of geography. It inculcates in the reader about political divisions.

Geography Lesson Summary Introduction

Brief Summary of The Poem Geography Lesson By Zulfikar Ghose?

The poet wrote the poem that displays his concern for the divide and friction faced by men. When he observed things from the height he could see logical development of existence.

It became clear to him why the cities have taken a specific shape and development. He looked at the miniature shape of the city where a mile is reduced to inches on a scale.

He emphasized that what looked haphazard and unplanned has a logic for its sustenance. When the poet’s plane reached the height of ten thousand feet; he was able to comprehend the logic behind setting near water.

Men settled in valleys and caves in the vicinity of water resources. He reiterated that land and water attracted the man’s attention for habitation.

When the plane reached another six miles, it became obvious to the poet about the geographical condition. He understood that the earth is round, consisted of landmass and endless water.

But he feels miserable at the sorry state of the conditions, ill – will, jealousy, barriers; borders were obvious in place of co-existence and mutual respect. Why we’re has built walls across cities and try to harm others.

Geography Lesson Summary