Garden Snake Summary

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Garden Snake Summary

Garden Snake Summary of the Poem

“Muriel L. Sonne” The poet observed the pattern of snake’s movement. She wrote a short poem that shows the interest and observation of the poet.

The poet talks about his observation of other living species. Here he shares his personal account that he encountered as a child. The poet talks about a snake. His mother shared information that all snakes are not poisonous. The child seemed to be reassuring himself of what he learned from his mother.

The poet was scared and ran away when he saw a snake. It is a general opinion that snakes are poisonous and can harm whoever comes in their way. In contrast to this opinion, his mother told him that the garden snakes are not harmful.

They just feed on insects; so it comes in search of its food. It moves here and there in the grass. His mother’s counsel made him confident to the level that he won’t come in its way. He rather gives way to the snake and let it pass.

He reassures himself that the snake won’t harm him because it was just another living organism.
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