Fire Friend and Foe Summary

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Fire Friend and Foe Summary

Fire: Friend and Foe introduction

The lesson is an informative one. It is difficult to imagine our lives without fire. Fire is one of the most important discoveries in human history. However, it needs to be checked because it can create havoc if it goes out of control.

If the fire breaks out it can be controlled by water, sand, etc various fire fighting instruments also help in putting out fires. If the fire goes out of control, it engulfs hectares of forests, lives, and property.

Fire: Friend and Foe Summary of the Lesson

In earlier times, a fire was a frightening thing. Early man must have experienced lightning only before knowing its origin. Fire is a result of a chemical reaction.

Where oxygen combines with carbon and hydrogen in a fuel. During this process, energy is released in the form of heat and light. Fuel, oxygen and all are the three things required to make fire.

The flashpoint or kindling temperature of the fuel varies with every fuel. Fire is a good servant as it cooks the food and gives warmth in winters. It is also a bad master because it damages and turns everything into ash if not used wisely.

Fire can be put out by taking away the fuel, by preventing oxygen supply to the fire and by removing the heat. Fire can put off if there is no fuel to burn. Usage of damp blanket or sack, carbon dioxide does not allow oxygen to reach the burning material.

If the temperature can be brought down below the flashpoint, the fuel stops burning.

Fire can be put out carbon dioxide extinguisher not by water like on out fire and on electrical appliances. The water can flow quickly, carrying the burning oil thus spreading the fire. One may receive an electric shock if the water is spread on an electronic fire.

In older times, people formed a human chain to get water from ponds. But nowadays, millions of rupees are spent on technological advancements to control fire. Fire brigades are formed to take the challenge.

They save lives with their skills and technology. Every new building has to follow and observe fire prevention norms. Fire is a friend who can turn into a foe if it is left unattended. So careful use of fire is sought after.
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