Fair Play Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Fair Play Summary Analysis and Explanation By Tove Jansson

About the author Tove Jansson

Author Name Tove Jansson
Born 9 August 1914, Helsinki, Finland
Died 27 June 2001, Helsinki, Finland
Artworks Back of a Nude, Mysterious Landscape, Self-portrait, View to the Balcony, Still Life
Tove Jansson - fair play summary analysis and explanation class 6
Tove Jansson

Fair Play Introduction

The story is about two friends who had a fair sense of justice. The enmity between these two friends has developed a misunderstanding. Their friendship was at stake but the other friend helps them to realize their fault.

Fair Play Summary

Fair Play Summary of the Lesson

Fair Play Part 1 Summary

The two friends Jumman and Algu were good friends. They looked after each other’s family in each other absence:

The difference between them arose because of an old aunt of Jumman. She had transferred her property to him with an understanding that he would look after her. But with time he and his family were tired of and insulted her. Then she asked for a monthly allowance to maintain her kitchen. When she was refused, she took the case to the village Panchayat.

Fair Play Introduction

Fair Play Part 2 Summary

Algu was nominated as head panch by the Aunt. But Jumman was confident that Algu won’t go against him.

Algu heard the argument and cross-questioned Jumman as well. Later Algu announced the judgment in favor of Aunt. Jumman felt betrayed as he thought Algu would consider his friendship. So their bond of friendship was broken and enmity was developed between them.

Fair Play Part 3 Summary

After a period of time, Algu faced a difficult situation. He sold one of his bulls to Sahu, a cart driver of the vil¬lage because his other bullock died, with the understanding that payment would be made in a month’s time. To his ill-luck, the bull also died within a month’s time.

When Algu asked for the payment, he was denied because he alleged that he was duped as the bull died in one’s month’s time.

Alga took the case to the panchayat. Both of them met with the people to draw the consent of many to be in their favor. Sahu was asked to choose a head panchayat. Sahu proposed the name of Jumman. Jumman was also looking for a chance to take revenge from Algu.

On the day of hearing Algu and Sahu put forward their case. They were interrogated deeply. Then Jumman stood up to give a verdict and announced that Sahu should pay the price of the bullock to Algu. Then Algu embraced Jumman and they were friends again.
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