Deep Water Summary in English by William Douglas

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Deep Water Summary in English by William Douglas

Deep Water by William Douglas About the Author

William O. Douglas (16 October 1898 – 19 January 1980) was born in Maine, Minnesota and was raised in Yakima, Washington. He was an American jurist and politician. He served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was nominated at the age of 40 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was the youngest justice appointed to the court and served for the longest term in the history of the Supreme Court.

Author Name William O. Douglas
Born 16 October 1898, Minnesota, United States
Died 19 January 1980, Bethesda, Maryland, United States
Books Of Men and Mountains
Party Democratic Party
Nationality American, Canadian
William O. Douglas - deep water summary in english class 12
William O. Douglas

Deep Water Theme

‘Deep Water’ deals with the childhood fear of Douglas. A misadventure at the YMCA pool developed an aversion of water in him and he suffered from hydrophobia. The story focuses on the fact that childhood fears must never be treated lightly. If they are not tackled, then they make deep inroads into one’s psychology. Douglas analyses his fear and finally determines to overcome it.

Deep Water Summary in English

‘Deep Water’ is an excerpt from Of Men and Mountains written by William O. Douglas. It is an autobiographical description of how the author develops the fear of water and, thereafter, how he finally overcame it. He narrates that his aversion to water started when he was three or four years old and his father took him to the beach in California. There he was knocked down by the waves and was almost buried down in the water. When he was ten or eleven years old, he joined the Y.M.C.A. pool to learn to swim.

One day, when he was sitting on the side of the pool all alone, a big bruiser of a boy picked him up and threw him into the deep end of the pool. He went at once to the bottom. He was frightened, but thought of a strategy to save his life. He decided to hit the bottom and take a big jump to come to the surface and lie flat on it and then paddle to the edge of the pool. But it seemed his way down was very long.

Before he touched the bottom, his lungs were about to burst. Though he tried to take a big jump, he came up very slowly. As a result, he went down for a second time. His lungs ached and he started feeling dizzy. He jumped, his feet touched the bottom but it made no difference. When he went down a third time, he sucked a lot of water while trying to breathe air. Then all his efforts stopped and he had a blackout. He was overpowered by fear and eventually fainted.

After this incident, his fear of water worsened and he did not go swimming or fishing or to any other water sport for many years. Finally one October, he decided to overcome his fear of water. He hired an instructor to learn to swim. He started practicing swimming. Bit by bit he shed part of the panic that seized him. The instructor tied a belt around his waist and connected it to a pulley with a rope. The author practiced day after day till he began to get back his confidence. He was able to swim the length of the pool on his own. Though the instructor was satisfied, the author felt that on many occasions his old fear of water would return. So, he continued relentlessly to swim in different water bodies till he was confident that he had overcome his fear.

Finally, to test if he had lost the last vestiges of fear, Douglas went up to the Tieton to Conrad Meadows, up the Conrad Creek Trail to Meade Glacier, and camped in high meadow by the side of Warm Lake. As he had experienced the terror of death, his will to live grew most intensely. This made him fearless and confident.


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