Chivvy Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Chivvy Summary Analysis and Explanation By Michael Wayne Rosen

About the Poet Michael Wayne Rosen

Poet Name Michael Wayne Rosen
Born 7 May 1946 (age 74 years), Harrow, United Kingdom
Movies Chocolate Cake, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Education University of Liverpool, Watford Boys Grammar School
Michael Wayne Rosen - short summary of the poem chivvy class 7
Michael Wayne Rosen

Chivvy Summary of the Poem

Michael Wayne Rosen (1946) is the children’s novelist and poet in the English language. He served as children’s Laureate, a political columnist. He contributed for children’s fiction and poetry.

The poem presents the contradictory behavior of the parents and other elders, who reprimand for wrong doings. They often talk about ‘don’t’ and expect children to be positive and optimistic.

However, the norms of the society to make civilized and cultured individuals often restrict the natural tendencies of the children. The aim of the poet is not to preach but to check the rude behavior of adults.

The poet discusses the contrasting expectation and reality Parents and other elders constantly nag about everything a child does. They talk of free and expression but put conditions before it. For them talking with youthful is a bad manner.

They don’t want the children to stare at point or pick their nose as these are not considered as bad manners. They behave as dictators. They decide how to sit, shut the door behind, not to drag feet, not to put hands in the pocket, not to interrupt, and to take off elbows from the table.

They want a child to exhibit pleasing gestures like saying please, thank you and practice sophicasted behaviors. The poem, indicates of tie when the young child has grown up but incapable of taking the decision on his own. Then the same adult expects from the child to take an independent decision.
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