Chandni Summary

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Chandni Summary

Chandni Introduction

The story depicts the longing for freedom. The lead character hosts his goats because they become the food of other animals while liberating themselves. The story, in particular, is of a darting goat who overcame its fears and fought back the mighty wolf.

Chandni Summary of the Lesson

Abbu Khan, the lead character lived in Almora. He safeguarded his goats and had given names to them. He took goats for grazing and chains them up at night.

He brought them, juiciest grass and gains yet they preferred leaving his hut. He treated the goats as his own child, yet he failed to stop them from running away. Goats in hills loved freedom and Khan had best hill breeds but were killed by an old wolf.

Khan was so caring that he was not ready to accept their ill fate. He was depressed that he could not stop the killing of goats. One day he resolved that he won’t keep goats anymore.

But being lonely and missed having pets, he bought a young and pretty goat. He wanted it to be adapted to live with him. He named her as Chandni because it was as white as snow with little horn and gleaming eyes. He narrated her stories and he listens to them with keen interest.

Abbu Khan was sure that Chandni would never leave her as they had stayed together for years. Just opposite to his opinion, Chandni wanted to free herself. She was mesmerized by the beauty of hills bathing in sunlight.

She hated the rope she was tied to. Once she stopped eating and thus weakened. Abbu Khan was shattered when he heard that Chandni wanted to leave. He foretold her about a dangerous wolf.

Yet she was undeterred and said that she would save herself with a pair of horns. As Abbu Khan wanted her safe but her argument made him angry. He pushed her into a small hut and closed the door. Every effort could not convince her and she ran away.

She felt elated by seeing hills. It seemed to her as they are welcoming her embraced her freedom. She compared the bounties of nature with the prison-house of Abbu Khan’s compound.

She did not even join any herd of wild goats who offered themselves. The dusk was arriving there was darkness around. Then she heard glinting noise. She was scared of the presence of a wolf.

Then came conflict in her mind whether to go back to Abbu Khan or fight her fears. The scary wolf appeared before Chandni. She behaved like a true soldier who did not leave her battle.

Even when she was weak before the might, she decided to fight back with all her strength. The fight went on till dawn. The morning prayer was heard from a nearby mosque.

Both of them were drenched in a pool of blood. Being ferocious it was considered that the wolf won the fight. And a wise old bird declaimed with confidence that Chandni won the duel.
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