Bringing up Kari Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Bringing up Kari Summary Analysis and Explanation By Dhan Gopal Mukerji

About the author Dhan Gopal Mukerji

Author Name Dhan Gopal Mukerji
Born 6 July 1890, West Bengal
Died 14 July 1936, New Milford, Connecticut, United States
Awards John Newbery Medal
Education The University of California, Berkeley
Bringing up Kari Summary Analysis and Explanation
Dhan Gopal Mukerji

Bringing up Kari Introduction

The story is a narrative description of a small elephant. The narrator tells about the growth and habits of the elephant. This makes the reader aware of the routine of an elephant.

Short Summary Of The Lesson Bringing Up Kari

The narrator is a nine-year-old child who was given a duty to look after a five-month-old elephant named Kari. During the first two years, the boy could reach the back of the elephant with ease.

Kari lived in a pavilion with a thatched roof. Kari fed on forty pounds of twigs. It was taken to a river for a bath. The sand was rubbed on its back for an hour then it amassed into the water. Later it came out with pleasure and shining skin.

While coming back, the narrator goes inside the jungle to collect luscious twigs for its dinner. The narrator informed that elephants won’t touch a mutilated twig. It could be easily handled if taken by its ears.

One day in March, when the narrator was gathering food from the banyan tree, he heard Kari’s voice. With an apprehension, the boy ran to where he left it. When he reached there, he realized that Kari might be drowning.

However, it came out as a savior and threw the narrator to save a boy, it extended its trunk to come out of the water with lots of struggle and brisk moments of Kari.

Kari was mischievous but understands with training. Kari developed liking for ripe bananas when it tasted once. Kari stole away the fruits placed in the dining room at various instances. The elders were ignorant of Kari’s attitude and passed the blame on servants and later on the narrator himself.

He got infuriated. On investigation, he found a smashed banana in Kari’s pavilion. The next day, Kari put its trunk inside the window to take out the fruits. Unaware of such intrusion, lie was scared.

He went to Kari’s pavilion following it and there he saw fruits scattered around Kari. He called his parents to reveal the truth and scolded Kari. Kari seemed to have and understood it as it squealed. However, it took revenge if scolded for the wrong reasons.

Kari has learned all signals and sounds. It acted according to the command. It learned a master call in five years. It is a signal to save oneself if one gets lost in the jungle to scare away all the wild animals. Elephant makes an easy way for home even in a wild.
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