Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary in English by Adrienne Rich

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Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Summary in English by Adrienne Rich

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem by Adrienne Rich About the Poet

Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) was an American poet, essayist and feminist. She is credited with expressing the oppression of modern women. Most of her works showcase her concern about the growing number of women in the world being oppressed, marginalised and beleaguered.

Poet Name Adrienne Rich
Born 16 May 1929, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Died 27 March 2012, Santa Cruz, California, United States
Education Radcliffe College a women’s liberal arts college in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Awards National Book Award for Poetry, Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize
Adrienne Rich - aunt jennifer's tigers summary in english class 12
Adrienne Rich

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Theme

The poem deals with the pathetic condition of married women all over the world. Aunt Jennifer is a symbol of all married women, who are suffering at the oppressive hands of a patriarchal society.

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Theme

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Summary in English

The first stanza describes Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers. These tigers have been made by Aunt Jennifer on tapestry. Though unreal, they are described as bright, crystalline animals that prance around their ‘world of green’, i.e. forest. These tigers are certain of who they are and what they want. They represent fearlessness, assertion and power. These are the qualities which Aunt Jennifer lacks. In fact, these tigers symbolise the men who dominate the human society.

The second stanza describes Aunt Jennifer and her creative skills. She is doing needle work on a panel and making tigers. Her fingers flutter because of the burden of oppression that she has on her. The poet tells about the metaphorical weight of Aunt Jennifer’s wedding band and implies that her marriage was unhappy and prevented her from living a life that she wanted. Uncle’s wedding ‘band’ represents the patriarchal society in which she lived. In fact, Aunt Jennifer seems to live her desires—of being confident and fearless— through the tigers she is making.

The last stanza of the poem takes a morbid turn. It describes what would happen when Aunt Jennifer is dead. Her hands will be ‘terrified’ with the ‘massive weight of uncle’s wedding band.’ It is evident here that even in her death, she would not win the battle against masculine domination.

Even death will not free Aunt Jennifer from her ordeals. The tigers she had made would continue to look ‘proud’ and ‘unafraid’.

The poem deals with the women’s struggle against oppression, rebellion and a patriarchal society.

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Summary in English

What is the summary of the poem Aunt Jennifer’s tigers?

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary – In the poem a woman expresses her deep feeling through her art. She (Aunt Jennifer) is prey of male dominant society. Also, there is no one with whom she can share her physical pain. So she makes a picture to describe her deep feelings.

What do the tigers of Aunt Jennifer symbolize?

The poet uses symbols in the poem. The Tigers are the symbol of courage, honor, bravery and confidence. The massive weight of ‘Uncle’s wedding band’ is symbol of harsh and bitter experiences of Aunt Jennifer’s married life. ‘Ordeals’ and ‘Ringed’ also stands for bitter and harsh experiences.

What is the main theme of the poem Aunt Jennifer’s tigers?

The theme of the poem is to highlight the struggles and conflicts a woman faces in male chauvinistic society. Aunt Jennifer is the protagonist of the poem and she exemplifies women all over the world who are victims of persecution at the hands of the patriarchal system.

How is Aunt Jennifer different from the tigers?

The tigers that she had drawn are portrayed as fearless, confident, proud and not bound by anything or anyone. In contrast, Aunt Jennifer has an unfree and oppressed life. She is constantly suppressed by her husband who is a chauvinist. She has bowed down to the duties and responsibilities of a married woman.

What does the first line of the stanza tell about Aunt Jennifer?

What does the first line of this extract tell us about Aunt Jennifer? Answer: Aunt Jennifer feels so nervous, fearful and terrified of her male counterpart that even while weaving the tapestry, her hands shake and flutter. She is a victim of gender oppression at the hands of her husband.

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