A Tiger in the House Summary By Ruskin Bond Analysis and Explanation

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A Tiger in the House Summary By Ruskin Bond Analysis and Explanation

About the writer Ruskin Bond

Poet Name Ruskin Bond
Born 19 May 1934 (age 85 years), Kasauli
Education Bishop Cotton School Shimla (1950)
Movies and TV shows 7 Khoon Maaf, The Blue Umbrella, The Black Cat, Junoon, Ek Tha Rusty II
Awards Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri
Parents Aubrey Bond, Edith Clarke
Ruskin Bond - a tiger in the house summary by ruskin bond analysis and explanation
Ruskin Bond

Short Summary of the A Tiger in the House in English

A Tiger in the House Introduction
The story that love and faith can move mountains. The narrator speaks about his childhood anecdote. His grandfather brings home various animals and takes care of them.

Timothy, a tiger, was sent to the zoo because it became a friend. When he visited the zoo he patted a dangerous tiger, unknowingly. However, his loving actions changed a fierce tiger into an unbelievable pet, which has surprised the bystanders.

Short Summary of the A Tiger in the House in English

A Tiger in the House Summary of the Lesson

This is the story of a tiger-cub. He was found in the forest by the grandfather in the Terai jungle near Dehra. He was hiding under a banyan tree. Grandfather was the only one who brought an animal whether it was dead or alive.

Grandmother gave him a name Timothy. Mahmoud, the cook fed the cub with a feeding bottle. Later his food was changed from raw mutton and cod-liver oil to pigeons and rabbits.

Timothy was accompanied by Toto, the monkey, and a small mongrel puppy. The monkey teased the tiger by pulling his tail and climb-ups the curtains. The small puppy was picked up from the road.

Initially, Timothy was afraid of the puppy and became defensive. Then he allowed the puppy to sit on his back. Timothy loved whoever was playful with him. The narrator became friendly to him. He played with him.

When Timothy turned into a grown-up, people were scared. He loved to sit on the sofa and reclined on it comfortably. He disliked being taken away from there. Timothy scrubs his face with his paws like a cat.

He slept at night in the cook’s quarters. Grandmother gave a hint that the cook Mahmoud would become Timothy’s food.

Timothy became less friendly at the age of six months. He scared a cat or dog when he and the narrator go out for a walk. Timothy quietly hunts hen and chicken at night. His attitude forced Mahmoud to advise the grandfather to send him away to a zoo for it turned into a ferocious tiger.

The grandfather made arrangements to shift Timothy to Lucknow zoo. He reserved a first-class compartment. Zoo authorities were delighted to have a healthy and tamed tiger.

The narrator was told about grandfather’s second visit to the zoo when he returned from Dehradun. Grandfather went to the cage to meet Timothy. Grandfather cajoled the tiger.

He was touched lovingly and reciprocated well by licking his hands. He was scared away by a leopard. The moment leopard sprang on the bar scaring the tiger away every time.

It attracted the attention of the zoo visitors and authorities. When enquired about the purpose of the visit, grandfather replied that he had donated Timothy to the zoo. The keeper talked about his bad temper.

Grandfather felt that Timothy is lionized in the presence of leopard so he went to see the superintendent to shift the cage of Timothy to somewhere at a safe distance from the leopard.

Grandfather returned to Timothy when he came to know that the superintendent left early for home. He was again playful with Timothy patting him. Then he recognized the keeper he met when he came to drop Timothy.

He asked him to shift Timothy. The keeper replied that he was not his tiger. Timothy died two months ago because of pneumonia. He also revealed that the grandfather was playing with a fierce tiger trapped last month.

Grandfather withdrew his arm from the cage and said good night Timothy. He left hurriedly giving looks to the keeper who did not bother to warn him.

A Tiger in the House Summary of the Lesson

What is the summary of a tiger in the house?

This is a story of a tiger cub, Timothy who was brought to their home by his grandfather. Initially, when Timothy was a cub, he was very friendly with the other two pets in the house. One was Toto, a monkey and the other was a puppy. But as he grew up, he became dangerous.

Is a tiger in the house a real story?

‘A Tiger in the House’ is a fictional short story by Ruskin Bond. In it, a grandfather adopts and cares for a young tiger cub. The tiger is raised on milk, then mutton, then pigeons and rabbits as he grows. He is initially scared of the family’s puppy, but then plays with him.

What is the theme of the story a tiger in the house?

The main themes in “A Tiger in the House” are wildness versus domestication, truth and denial, and the danger of good intentions. Wildness versus domestication: The story explores the conflict between Timothy’s wild nature and the domesticated environments he is brought into.

What left the grandfather in a shock towards the end in a tiger in the house?

The keeper of the zoo told the grandfather that Timothy had of pneumonia two months ago. He also leamt that the present tiger was, trapped in the hills only last month and was very dangerous. These revelations shocked grandfather.

Who brought the tiger in the house?

Strolling down the forest, Grandfather discovered a little tiger-cub and brought him home. The tiger cub was named Timothy by the grandmother and was brought up by milk in a feeding-bottle which was followed by more tempting food. At first he was provided with two companions with whom he was friendly.