A Thing of Beauty Summary in English by John Keats

A Thing of Beauty Poem Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. A Thing of Beauty is written by John Keats.

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A Thing of Beauty Poem Summary in English by John Keats

A Thing of Beauty Poem by John Keats About the Poet

John Keats (1795-1821), was one of the most prominent Romantic poets. His poetic works contain an extensive range of poetic forms from sonnet to Spenserian romance to Miltonic epic.

Poet Name John Keats
Born 31 October 1795, Moorgate, City of London, United Kingdom
Died 23 February 1821, Rome, Italy
Poems Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on a Grecian Urn, To Autumn
Movies Arterial
John Keats - a thing of beauty summary in english class 12
John Keats

A Thing of Beauty Poem Theme

A Thing of Beauty’ is an excerpt from John Keat’s poem ‘Endymion: A Poetic Romance’, which is based on a Greek legend. Being a romantic poet, John Keats talks about love, beauty and youth in this poem. In fact, the poem reflects his attitude towards beauty. The poet believes that beauty is intransient and gives us the same pleasure again and again. It provides us with eternal joy and never fades away. Beauty plays a very important role in our life and helps us to remain happy and joyful in this sad, mundane world.

A Thing of Beauty Poem Summary in English

John Keats says that beautiful things make an everlasting impression on our minds. These things give us peace of mind and pleasure. Beautiful things act as a shade under which we can sleep soundly and have sweet dreams. These have the power to bind us to the earth. In spite of a life which is full of disappointments, despondence, sad happenings and tribulations, beautiful things make our life worth living by providing us with hope and enthusiasm.

The poet gives some examples of such beautiful things which give us eternal joy. These are simple things like the sun, the moon, different kinds of trees, etc. According to him, even common things like flock of sheep, daffodils, springs of water, musk roses growing in wild forest are beautiful things, which give us joy and delight. Even the legends of the ‘mighty’ dead are counted as beautiful things, because they have the same effect on the human spirit.

The poet concludes by saying that in spite of these beautiful things, beauty of nature remains incomparable. The beauty of nature is like an endless fountain pouring on us from Heaven. These are the never-diminishing and endless source of pleasure and delight and a precious gift from Heaven.

What is the summary of a thing of beauty?

This youth makes a resolution to go after her and seek her. In this quest, he wanders through the forest and under the sea. In the poem, the poet tells us that beautiful things bring immense pleasure and delight.

What is the main theme of the poem a thing of beauty?

The happiness that a beautiful object provides never fades into nothingness but multiples manifold whenever it returns to our mind. In the poem, the poet says that a thing of beauty is a joy forever a joy even in the midst of disease, sufferings, and disappointments of life.

What is the concept of beauty a thing of beauty?

The phrase “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” means a beautiful object, natural or artificial, makes a person happy for a long time even if its beautify fades, or put into different circumstances. It is always a source of enjoyment, happiness, and pleasure for a person or a group of people.

How many stanzas are in a thing of beauty?

The Romantic Poets thus escaped to the rustic life in order to get closer to nature, which according to them is the ultimate source of peace, happiness and joy. I have divided the poem A Thing of Beauty into four stanzas. Stanza 1 consists of five lines.

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