A Tale of Two Birds Summary

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A Tale of Two Birds Summary

A Tale of Two Birds Introduction

The story of two birds is about the impact of bad company. The two birds were separated by a storm and were brought up with different people. They behaved in the way, they were experiencing. So the moral of the story is that the company matters. So one should keep the company of good people.

A Tale of Two Birds Summary of the Lesson

Once in a forest on a tree lived a mother bird with her two young ones. The tree was tall and shady. Young ones in the nest were looked after by the mother. Until a big storm blow away their nest.

A branch hit and killed the mother. The two young ones were separated by the strong wind. One of them fell in a cave where lived a gang of robbers.

He learned abusive words and talked about looting the visitors. Whereas, the other baby bird grew up in the company of a rishi. He learned to welcome the guests.

Once the king of that country went to the forest for hunting. While chasing a deer he lost his way. Being tired, he went on to find a shelter. He got off his horse and sat down under a tree.

Then he heard a voice of a bird directing the thieves to come quickly and snatch away the valuables of the king. Immediately the king saw the threat, ran away from there. Then he went to an ashram.

He wanted to relax as he was too tired under the shade of a tree. He was surprised to hear a voice that welcomed him. That welcoming gesture shocked him and he asked about the other bird.

The bird told him about the past experience. The king and the rishi discussed that a person or animal’s behavior depends upon the environment. First bird behaved as he grew in the company of thieves. Whereas, the second bird grew in the company of a saint, therefore, learned the best behavior.
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