A Strange Wrestling Match Part 1 Summary

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A Strange Wrestling Match Part 1 Summary

A Strange Wrestling Match Part 1 Introduction

The lesson tells a story of a boastful wrestler, who was trapped by his own follies. He took a challenge to visit the haunted desert inhabited by a nasty ghost. An old woman gave him a few things which helped him to fight back the ghost. But at the end of the story, he realised his mistakes and the haunted desert was no longer a haunted place for the villagers.

A Strange Wrestling Match Part 1 Summary of the Lesson

A well built, massive shouldered and muscular wrestler Vijay Singh, could defeat any other wrestlers. He had a weakness and he was often troubled by his boastful nature.

One day, after drinking many glasses of milk, he proclaimed that he could teach a lesson even to a stout ghost. The listeners reacted differently; some gave their acceptance while others had an apprehension to what he said.

One of them suggested he to visit the haunted desert and there he could surely meet with a ghost. Travelers were looted and killed. He took it upon himself to find a ghost. He was told to take road journey to Jaisalmer which was ten miles away and the landmark was a black rock.

He set out for the haunted desert. An eccentric old woman gave him a small packet containing an egg and a lump of salt. However, Vijay Singh did not know the utility of these things, yet he moved ahead.

It grew dark when Vijay Singh reached the haunted desert. He was called him by name and pretended to be his friend Natwar. By then, Vijay Singh realized that it was a ghost. He was detested at all but called him to size him up.

When he showed off, Vijay Singh declared that he was just a ‘plain lying ghost’. The ghost was stunned at his behavior; otherwise, people got scared and were amazed to hear that the man wanted to meet a ghost.

When he asked the reason of his lookout for a ghost, Vijay Singh called him stupid. Vijay Singh told him that he wanted to fight a ghost as he was tired of fighting with men.

The ghost tried to demoralize him by saying that he did not seem to be that strong, so Vijay Singh challenged him to give a demonstration of his strength.
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