A Pact with the Sun Summary Analysis and Explanation

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A Pact with the Sun Summary Analysis and Explanation By Zakir Hussain

About the author Zakir Hussain

Author Name Zakir Hussain
Born 8 February 1897, Hyderabad
Died 3 May 1969, New Delhi
Awards Padma Vibhushan, Bharat Ratna
Founded Jamia Millia Islamia
Zakir Hussain - A Pact with the Sun Summary Analysis and Explanation
Zakir Hussain

A Pact with the Sun Introduction

The lesson tells the story of a child whose innocent request is granted by heaven. Her wish is fulfilled. Her ‘ mother has fallen sick and she has to bask in the sun for recovery as advised by the specialist. Sunlight fights
with adamant clouds to provide her sunlight. Her mother recovers finally.

A Pact with the Sun Summary of the lesson

Saeeda’s mother had fallen sick. Many physicians have visited her but no significant change was observed in her continuously declining health. She wasn’t provided with a normal diet. She was confined to a dark and dingy room with no fresh air and sunlight.

Then a specialist was consulted. Although, Saeeda’s mother was too poor to pay the fees. So a few trinkets were sold to pay the heavy fees.

The doctor visited in a few days and examined Saeeda’s mother. He prescribed effective medicine. He also recommended her to take a normal diet. He advised her to sit in the sunlight and breathe fresh air in the morning.

Everybody was reacting to the advice, some were in support of it but some were opposing it. The debate went on, but Saeeda’s mother kept quiet. Moreover, she decided to follow the doctor’s advice.

But the sky remained clouded for a few days. In her dejection, she lamented for her ill health, muttered to the heaven to be her savior.

Saeeda was playing nearby with her doll and listened to the grievance of her mother. She, then prayed to the departing ray of the sun to come with warmth and sunlight as her mother needed it badly.

The ray promised to come back in the morning. However, the next day, the clouds were spread all over the sky, so the rays could not reach the earth.

The sun told them to take off. But the ray had promised Saeeda. So, the rays revolted against the sun and decided to come down on Earth to cure Saeeda’s ailing mother.

The Sun relented but then gave permission with an advice to take care of their clothes. They were adamant to help and thus they released focused heat to flout clouds on the way.

Saeeda has rejoiced when she saw sunlight and called her mother. Her mother basked in the rays of the Sun and recovered soon. Finally, she regained health.
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