A Letter to God Summary Analysis and Explanation

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A Letter to God Summary Analysis and Explanation By Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes

About the Poet Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes

Poet Name Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes
Born 17 November 1895, Veracruz, Mexico
Died 10 December 1966, Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Movies El Indio, The Marble Colossus
gregorio lopez y fuentes - short summary of the poem a letter to god class 10
Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes

A Letter to God Summary of the Lesson

Lencho was a hard-working farmer. His house was situated at a low hill in the valley. From this height, he could see his crops and the river flowing. He was expecting a good harvest but the earth needed a downpour. Since morning Lencho was looking at the sky. At the time of dinner, he told his wife that they were going to get rain.

During the meal, big drops of rain began to fall. The air was fresh and sweet. He came outside to feel the rain on his body. He was happy. He called them new coins. Very soon his field was full of rain. But suddenly the rain turned into large hailstone.

It hailed for an hour. His garden, house, the hillside, field had heavy hailing. It looked as if it were covered with salt. Not a leaf was there on the trees. His com was totally mined. Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. He spoke that they would all go hungry.

Lencho was deeply troubled at heart. He uttered that there was none to help them. All the residents of the valley had a single hope. It was the help from God. Lencho spoke, “That’s what they say, no one dies of hunger”.

All through the night, Lencho thought only of his one hope, i.e., the help of God. He believed, “The eyes of God see everything even what is deep in one’s conscience. He would not let them die of hunger”.

The following Sunday Lencho went to the post office. He wrote a letter to God. He wrote “God, if you don’t help me, my family and I will go hungry this year. I need a hundred pesos to sow my field again and to live until the crop comes. The hailstorm has destroyed everything”.

He addressed the letter to God. He affixed a stamp on the envelope and put it into the mail box.

A postman got this letter and laughed heartily on seeing the address. He showed it to the postmaster. The postmaster was a very friendly man. On seeing the letter, he became serious. He remarked about the writer’s great faith in God.

In order not to shake the writer’s faith, the postmaster decided to answer the letter. He collected money from his employees and friends. He gave some part of his salary. But he could not gather hundred pesos. It was a little more than half.

So he put the money in an envelope and addressed to Lencho. He put a signature “God”. The next Sunday, Lencho reached the post office somewhat earlier. He asked for his letter. The postman gave him the letter. The postmaster was watching everything.

Lencho was very much confident of God’s help. Immediately he opened the letter and found the money. But he became angry on finding less money. He remarked that God could not make such a mistake of sending him less money. Immediately Lencho went up to the window.

He wrote a letter, fixed a stamp and put it into the mail box. The postmaster went to open it. He read the letter. It said “God, only seventy pesos have reached me. Send the rest not through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks”.

What is the summary of a letter to God?

Lencho, a farmer, who is the protagonist of the story, writes a letter to God. In the letter, he seeks help from the Almighty as he discovers his entire crop yield has been destroyed by a devastating hailstorm. Although his wishes get fulfilled partially, if not completely, he remains ungrateful in the end.

What is the main theme of a letter to God?

Theme of the Story: The story discusses the power of innocent faith in God by a man and how is able to accomplish his want through it. The story ends with an irony. The story talks about Lencho, the main character who is a farmer and has immense faith in God.

What is the main concept of the lesson a letter to God?

Theme : The immense power in man’s innocent faith in God. It teaches us that if man has child-like faith in God, he can accomplish anything considered impossible. Extreme faith in the almighty can give you a ray of hope even in the darkest times.

Who wrote a letter to God answer?

Lencho wrote a letter to the God, explained his situation and asked for some money from God. Question 6: Who read the letter? Answer: The postmaster read the letter.

What is beautiful about the story a letter to God?

The story “The Letter To God” is about the faith and believe in the God which Lencho had. At the time when his crops were destroyed he find God to be the person who would help me. … The other message which can be pointed out is the nature of the post-officer who made Lencho’s faith towards God more strong.

What is the conclusion of a letter to God?

Answer: there are two conclusion of the chapter 1 letter to God which is : … that the lencho was the great devotee of the god . because he write the letter to god confidently without thinking that god will send or not send the money.

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