A Gift of Chappals Summary Analysis and Explanation

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A Gift of Chappals Summary Analysis and Explanation By Vasantha Surya

Short Story A Gift of Chappals Introduction

The story is about the mischievous and simplicity of children’s behavior. They wish to explore every aspect but act according to their own logic.

They gave chappals to the beggar and then to the music teacher without hesitation. Their sensitive heart melts easily.

A Gift of Chappals Part 1 Summary of the Lesson

Ravi and Meena were visited by Mridu. She left her slippers at the gate with a pair of slippers which is old and weary. Ravi then took her to the backyard. Behind a thick bitter – berry bush sat a kitten in a torn football sipping milk from a coconut shell.

They secretly kept the kitten as it might annoy their grandmother Ravi commented on double standards of elders. He added that it was difficult for him to manage milk for Mahendran the kitten.

He concocted a story behind the name of the kitten. He told that the kitten is a descendant of Pallava lion, the emblem of Pallava dynasty, he had seen at Mahabalipuram.

He further added that it was a descendant of Mahabalipuram Rishi cat and he kept on adding that cats are worshipped in ancient Egypt. He had admiration for himself during the conversation.

Then they heard a screeching sound of violin played by Lalli. Who had not learned it properly?

A Gift of Chappals Part 2 Summary of the Lesson

Lalli was learning to play violin from her music master who was bald-headed and with an old fashioned tuft. He was wearing a gold chain and a diamond ring. Lalli tried to learn notes but her tracks were annoying, whereas melodious tunes came out of master’s expert hands. The attention from her was diver led.

A beggar was at their doorstep calling from the back verandah. He spread a cloth to settle himself under the neem tree. Ravi asked him to find another home for alms. Beggar pleaded for generosity from the ladies of the house.

Yet decided to move on seeing the stem behavior. He requested to allow him to sit until the burning heat of the sun to cool down, as it could hurt his already blistered feet. Seeing his pathetic condition, the children decided to provide him slippers.

They were considerate enough to give him their own slippers yet found them too small for him to wear. They found shabby looking, sturdy old chappals and gave those to him. He was obliged and moved. Actually, those were slippers of the music master.

To their surprise, when music—master came out and searched for his chappals. He called Lalli to help him in finding his slippers Rukku Manni and Lalli were embarrassed and looked around suspiciously.

The mother enquired from the children if anyone around the verandah. She got angry when she learned that the slippers were given away to the beggar. They confronted by the argument of exemplary sacrifice by Karma who gave his precious belonging.

Mother rebuked them by saying that he gave away what was his own. She hurriedly went inside to bring Golu mama’s slippers. The teacher gave disapproving look to the children. Everyone knew as that would be a temporary relief to the problem, as Golu mama would disapprove of their acts too.

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