A Bicycle in Good Repair Summary

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A Bicycle in Good Repair Summary

A Bicycle in Good Repair Introduction

The bicycle ride is enjoyable only if it is in good condition, before going on a long pleasure ride. One should get it thoroughly overhauled by an expert mechanic. But the boy in the story experienced a mechanic who knew nothing and screwed up all.

The child hesitated initially and regretted it later. The humor is scattered all around in their activities and conversation. One would burst with laughter while reading the lesson.

A Bicycle in Good Repair Part 1 Summary of the Lesson

The technician proposed a long bicycle ride to the child and who agreed willingly to his proposal. The boy woke up early and felt elated for his move. The day was lovely when asked he informed about the little inconvenience paused while bicycle in the afternoon.

The man holds the front wheel and the fork. Instead of asking the boy, he shook it violently. He asserted that the front wheel was wobbling and asked for a hammer. The boy wanted to react but was hesitant.

He dismantled a lot of parts of the cycle and laid them on the gravel path. He made a complaint regarding ball bearings. The boy wanted to stop him but by that time ball – bearing was scattered on the road. He collected them and pull them back in a hat.

A Bicycle in Good Repair Part 2 Summary of the Lesson

The narrator tried to dissuade him to spoil further, but he did not stop. He took out gear – case and misplaced screws. He played with screws, first by tightening the screws and later by loosening them.

Then I started refixing the wheel by holding the fork. However, they faced a problem. Realizing his mistake of not fixing ball – bearing first, he searched for it. Which were scattered all around? He fixed six on one side and five on others.

The boy felt that the cycle would wobble more. Rather than saying his true feelings, he appreciated him for his confidence and hopefulness. The words encouraged him to refix the cycle with enthusiasm.

Although it didn’t last long, yet the cycle showed signs of repair. To give it a trial, he rode it but tumbled down every time. Disheartened and disappointed for his failed effort, he finally gave up at quarter to one.

The severe punishment of naive technicians and the severe blow was to the boy who planned for a morning ride. The man messed up everything.
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