Notice Writing Class 12 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

A notice is written or printed information that can be in the form of an official statement of public importance or an advance warning. It can also be used for giving information to a segment of people or people at large.

The basic purpose of a notice is to disseminate information related to various issues or occasions. It is written in a simple and formal language and is always brief and to the point. Notices are generally given in newspapers or magazines or displayed publicly on the noticeboard of an organization.

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A notice can also be given in the columns of a newspaper as an advertisement.

Since a notice is primarily meant to inform a large number of people, it must be clear and brief. It is similar to a circular, but the major difference is that the circular reaches through a messenger while a notice is displayed either on a notice board or in a newspaper column.

The main characteristics of notice writing are:

This includes:

  • the word ‘NOTICE’
  • date
  • heading
  • writer’s name
  • designation
  • the notice must be placed in a box.

The content answers the questions:

  • what
  • where
  • when
  • how

This relates to the overall organization and relevance of the content as well as grammatical accuracy and fluency. The agenda notice includes the detailed list of items or scheme of the meeting or the programme.

Important Points

  • The purpose of the notice should be to inform.
  • It should have a heading.
  • It should be brief and precise.
  • It should give all the required information in simple language.
  • The name and designation of the issuing authority should be mentioned.
  • It should be written in the third person.
  • It should have a date. The word NOTICE can be placed along with or below the date.
  • It should look attractive.
  • The word limit should be adhered to.

Notice Writing Class 12 Format example

Notice Writing Sample Example for Class 12 CBSE

You are Bhumika Sahni, President of the cultural forum of your school. You have organized an inter-school patriotic singing competition on Republic Day. Write a notice in about 50 words, informing the students about this event.
Notice Writing Class 12

Sample Notice (with agenda)
Write an agenda notice for the meeting of security men with the Director of their agency to discuss certain security hazards and arrive at specific resolutions.
Notice Writing Class 12

Notice Writing Practice Example for Class 12 CBSE

1. Sarvodaya Education Society, a charitable organisation is coming to your school to distribute books among needy students. As Head Boy/Head Girl, Sunrise Public School, Surat, write a notice in about 50 words asking such students to drop the lists of books they need in the box kept outside the Principal’s office. You are Navtej/ Navita. (4 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2015]

Sunrise Public School, Surat

February 7, 20xx

Free Books!

Sarvodaya Education Society, a charitable organisation will be visiting our school I from February 20 to February 27 to distribute books among the needy students, free I j of cost. Students who wish to avail the benefit should drop the lists of the books; I need, in the box kept outside the Principal’s office by 3 p.m., on or before February 15.
Head Boy

2. As Librarian of Vidya Niketan, Gwalior, draft notice in not more than 50 words informing all students and teachers that there will be a fine of Rs 50 if they fail to return the library books they have borrowed, two days before the commencement of the examination.

3. You are Rakesh/Raveena, Head Boy/Head Girl of Oasis Public School, Bareilly. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for the school noticeboard, asking the students to give their names for taking part in the inter-class swimming competition.

4. As the Head Boy/Head Girl of your school, you are organizing a career counselling session for XI and XII standard students. Write a notice giving details of the event to be displayed on your school noticeboard. (Word limit: 50 words)

5. You are the Editor of your school magazine. Draft a notice for your school noticeboard inviting articles, sketches, etc. from the students for your school magazine. Sign as XYZ of ABT Senior Secondary School, Hyderabad. (Word limit: 50 words)

6. You are Raman/Sonam, the pupil leader of your school. Draft a notice for the noticeboard about an excursion that your school is organizing, giving all the necessary information in not more than 50 words, and asking those desirous of joining the excursion, to give their names.

7. You are Mohan, the Secretary of the Alumni Association of your school. The Association proposes. to celebrate the Silver Jubilee year of the school. Draft a notice to be published in the newspaper inviting suggestions about how to celebrate it. (Word limit: 50 words)

8. St Anne’s School, Guwahati, has completed 50 years of meritorious service to the society. As President of the Students’ Council of your school, write a notice informing the Council’s decision to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the school. You are Sanjeev/Sanjana. (Word limit: 50 words)

9. You are Pushpak/Pooja. As Secretary of the Social Service League of your school, you have organized a cultural benefit in aid of mentally challenged children of your town, Vijaywada. Write a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board, giving necessary information about the programme. (Word limit: 50 words)

10. Your school, Amar Vidyalaya, is organizing a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children. The Education Minister has consented to be the Chief Guest on the occasion. Draft a notice for it to be displayed on your school noticeboard. You are the school Head Boy/Head Girl. (Word limit: 50 words)

11. Your school is holding a summer camp for training students in hockey and basketball. Write a notice for the school noticeboard of Anand Prakash Vidyalaya, Allahabad. You are the Sports Secretary of the school. (Word limit: 50 words)

12. You are Rahul/Rashmi. As President of the Literary Club of your school, you have organized an Inter-school Debate Competition on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of your school. Write a notice in about 50 words, informing the students of your school about the competition.

13. You are the Secretary of the Gymkhana Club of Coimbatore. Draft a notice to be sent to the members asking them to attend the extraordinary meeting of the Governing Body. Invent the necessary details. Sign as Prabhat/Parvi. (Word limit: 50 words)

14. You are Abhinav/Anupama, Secretary of Anand Apartments Association, No. 16, Luz Church Road, Chennai-4. Draft a notice to be sent to all the members of your association to attend an extraordinary meeting of the Governing Body to discuss the programme for the New Year’s Eve celebration. (Word limit: 50 words)

15. You are the Secretary of Modern Flats Welfare Association, Bangalore. Write a notice to be circulated to the members of the Association, requesting them to attend a meeting to discuss the parking of vehicles of the residents. (Word limit: 50 words)