Message Writing Format, Topics, Examples | Tips on How to Write a Message?

Message Writing is one of the formal types of writing that we come across in our school curriculum. A Message is a certain piece of information provided when we can’t communicate directly or contact them. Go through the complete article to learn the Tips & Tricks for Message Writing. Also, check out the Message Writing Format and Sample Message Writing Topics provided in the later modules for an idea on How to Draft one when needed.

What is Message Writing?

A Message is a short piece of information written to a certain person when you can’t communicate directly. In general, Messages can be either Written or Oral. You can pass the Messages through different mediums such as Phones, Texts, or Emails.

Students are taught about the generic form of English Writing as a part of their English Syllabus. By doing so they can learn on retrieving and interpreting information through the conversation given.

Message Writing Format

You are advised to follow a certain format while drafting a Message. We have outlined the general format for Message Writing here. Have a quick glance at the particulars to be included in the basic message writing and they are as follows

Heading: Begin your Message writing by Placing the heading “Message” written in bold and capitals. Write it down in the middle so that you can grab the attention of the person to whom it is drafted.

Date: Mention the Date on the left-hand side of the page and write it in expanded form.

Time: You can note down the time either on the left-hand or right-hand side of the page as per your convenience. However, place it on the right-hand side to utilize the space wisely.

Salutations: Before beginning the body of the message address the reader so as to avoid any ambiguity and to be polite.

Body: Here you can list out all the important information you want to convey to the person whom you are unable to contact. Stick to the vital information and try to maintain the body short and crisp. Try to avoid lengthy sentences.

Sender: Once you are done with the body of the message mention your name on the left-hand side so that reader can identify the sender.

Enclose the entire message within a box.

Word Limit: Stick to given word limits and make sure you convey the essential message within it. Usually, the word limit of the message shouldn’t exceed more than 50 words.

Message Writing Format

Sample Message Writing Topics

Check out the below Message Writing Examples to learn how to write Messages. Use the Message Writing Samples as a quick reference and learn how to write one.

Sample 1: You are Snigdha. Your sister is not at home. You received a call from her friend saying that their dance class got canceled. As you are in a rush to go out, leave a message for her. Now write the message with a word limit of fewer than 50 words.

Message Writing Example

Sample 2: Madhu called Mrs. Sruthi a garments shop owner. Since she was not available, her assistant, Meghana answered. The following is a conversation between Madhu and Meghan. As Meghana has to go out immediately afterward, therefore she leaves a message for Mrs. Sruthi. Write the message in your own words?

Message Writing Sample

Tips & Tricks for Message Writing

Below are certain message writing tips that help you ace your preparation. They are as follows

  • While writing a message make sure the language you use is readable and to the point. Avoid using lengthy sentences and complex words that make overall content difficult to understand.
  • Stick to the given word limit.
  • Keep the content crisp and short and avoid using unnecessary details.
  • Plan the overall content before you start writing the message. Cover all the aspects and try to follow a similar sequence of events asked in the question.
  • After finishing the write-up do proofread and cross-check once so that you can avoid any typo or grammatical errors and upscale the quality.
  • Also, avoid using indirect or reported speech throughout the message.

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FAQs on Message Writing

1. What is the Format of Message Writing?

Candidates are advised to follow a unique format while drafting a Message. General Message Writing Format is as follows.

  • Heading
  • Date
  • Time
  • Salutations
  • Body
  • Sender
  • Word Limit

2. What is Message Writing?

Message Writing is a short piece of information written to a certain person when you can’t communicate directly.

3. How to write a Message?

While writing a message make sure the language you use is readable and to the point. Keep the content concise and cover all the essential aspects you want to convey to the other person. Proofread and Cross-Check for any Typo or Grammatical Mistakes.

Final Words

We wish the information shed regarding the Message Writing Format, Tips and Tricks has shed some light on you. If you have any questions left unanswered do leave us your suggestions so that we can guide you. Bookmark our site to avail latest updates on all such topics in no time.