Email Writing for Class 10 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Email, which is short for electronic mail, is a convenient method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. It is the quickest way to send a letter.

Basic English Grammar rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

We also providing Extra Questions for Class 10 English Chapter wise.

Email Writing for Class 10 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF

An email, short for electronic mail, is a method of composing, sending, storing and receiving messages over an electronic communication system. It is the quickest way to communicate in writing. Email messages usually consist of two major sections:

  1. Header consisting of – subject, sender, receiver, date and time. The date and time are fed into the computer and need not be entered.
  2. The body which contains the message. It can be a formal/informal letter depending on the purpose for which it is written.

Important Points

  1. It should be brief
  2. It should give a clue to the content of the message
  3. It need not be a complete sentence

Dear Sir/first name of the person

Opening statement
Begin with a pleasantry or greeting
When replying to a message – Thank you for your message/I received your message

Each main idea should be in a separate paragraph, making it easy for the reader to understand the message.
Use complete sentences (no SMS language)

Complimentary close

Sample Email

Last week you were caught in a sudden shower of rain. Write an email to your friend describing the experience.

Date: Friday 12 March 20xx 16:14
Subject: Hi
Dear Vandy
Many thanks for the lovely T-shirt you sent me.I must tell you about yesterday’s experience – got caught in a sudden shower of rain. I was on my way to the market when suddenly the sky darkened and the heavens opened and we were caught in the heavy downpour. The sky had been a clear blue when I had set out so I was carrying neither an umbrella nor a raincoat. So, within seconds, I was completely drenched. Luckily there was a street vendor nearby selling umbrellas and I hastily bought one. I don’t think I’d had it up even one minute, when the rain stopped and not another drop came down that day! What a shame!!
With love,

Email Writing Solved Example for Class 10 CBSE

Diagnostic Test – 5
You are Raghu. Your friend, Vignesh, is interested in taking up a course in Personality Development. Complete the following email to him, informing him about The Centre for Personality Development, an institute in your city that conducts this course and has the best faculty by filling up the blank spaces suitably.

Date: Sunday 10 April 20xx 16:14
To: vienesh.varma(a)
Subject: A good cook
Hi Vin!
As per your wishes, (a) ………………………………… (b) ………………………………… not too far from our residence. The course they offer includes communication skills enhancement, developing leadership qualities and inculcating creativity to optimize performance.(c) ………………………………… through personal experience. They teach soft skills like conversation, dining etiquette, etc. They also help improve self-image.The course fee is ?3000 for a three-week course and the next batch begins from 7 May. (d) ………………………………… and we will be able to spend time together in the evenings and over weekends, (e) ………………………………… .With love,

(a) I checked for the Personality Development course you wish to enroll in
(b) Well, the centre you were interested in is
(c) They have a highly trained faculty and facilitate learning
(d) Of course, the greatest attraction for me is that you will be in town
(e) I’m sure it will be like old times

Email Writing Practice Example for Class 10 CBSE

3.3.1 You are Ravi/Sukriti. Your niece has decided to give up her studies in favour of a job as a clerk as she feels she cannot afford to pay for her studies. Write an email urging her to continue her studies and pursue her dreams.

3.3.2 Write an email to a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time. Tell him/her about what you have been doing and ask them how they are and what they have been up to recently.

3.3.3 Write an email’to a cousin and invite him/her to your school annual function, where you are to receive an award. Give him/her some details about your award.

3.3.4 Write an email to a friend who has been facing some problems. Ask him/her how she/he is doing and if you can help.

3.3.5 You have recently been to stay with an old friend for a few days. You hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Write an email to the friend thanking him/her for the wonderful time you had.