Article Writing Topics for Class 11 CBSE Format, Examples

Articles are written to give information in a wide range of contexts for magazines or newspapers. They are a relatively long and sustained piece of writing. They give information on a variety of themes such as describing an event, person, someone’s life and actions, places, and experiences. They can also be an expression of the writer’s opinions on topics of social interest or arguments for or against a topic and they often offer suggestions.

Basic English Grammar rules can be tricky. In this article, we’ll get you started with the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, parts of speech, and more.

We also providing Extra Questions for Class 11 English Chapter wise.

Article Writing Topics for Class 11 CBSE Format, Examples Pdf

♦ Format:

(a) Heading should express the main idea in an interesting way.
(b) Three or four paragraphs are needed to convey the content in an organised way.
(c) Byline, i.e., name of the author (It can appear immediately after the heading.)

Content should be properly structured. The first two/three sentences of the opening paragraph should be introductory in nature. The second paragraph should contain the main discussion. The last paragraph should be in the nature of the conclusion.

Language and style are usually serious but informal. The readers are kept in mind when choosing a serious or humorous style. Try to use good and expressive words.

Article Writing Topics

♦ Article for a School Magazine:

It is usually about school life, student matters. This composition may be about general subjects too.

♦ Format:

(a) Heading
(b) Three or four paragraphs
(c) Name, class, and section of the writer

Content: Organise the article into introduction, main subject, and conclusion as always in an essay like compositions.

Language and style should match the subject. The style may be serious or light or even humorous if the subject permits.

Article Writing Topics Format, Examples

Magazine And Newspaper Articles

Purpose of writing an article
To present information on a variety of themes in a long and sustained piece of writing, namely:

  • describing an event, person, his/her life and actions
  • describing a place
  • narrating an event
  • expressing views on some issue of social interest
  • expressing arguments in favour of or against a stated hypothesis or event.

Types of articles

  • magazine – general and school – limited audience
  • newspaper – wider audience

What an article should contain:

1. Heading – eye-catching; encapsulating the central theme
Byline by whom the article is written2. Introduction
The opening paragraph must:

  • say what the article is about;
  • catch attention;
  • arouse interest;
  • limit and control what you plan to discuss in your article;
  • be in clear and precise language; may even use a definition or quotation.

3. Develop a cause-effect relationship

  • use facts
  • give examples to support your views
  • present arguments in a coherent, logical, and convincing manner

4. Comparison and contrast

  • give views contrary to yours
  • compare why your views are better

5. Conclusion

  • sum up – consolidate ideas
  • offer suggestions/measures to improve the situation
  • give personal observations and predictions


  • Don’t attempt to write about every single piece of information – select relevant information.
  • The article must be written in the appropriate format and style.
  • Remember to keep within the word limit.

Article Writing Topics Sample Example With Answer for Class 11 CBSE

“Games and sports should be made compulsory in schools”. Do you agree? Write an article in 150 – 200 words to be published in a local daily.

A recent survey showed that there are still many communities in India which do not welcome the birth of a girl child. Can a country which does not give equal rights to its citizens ever dream of becoming great? Complete the following article by using the hints given. You are Simran/Yusuf, a citizen of Hyderabad.

Saving the Girl Child
-by Simran

The girl child often (a) ………………………………….. . Her perceived low status is reflected in the denial of fundamental needs and rights and in such harmful attitudes and practices as (b) ………………………………….. . The girl child is not only deprived of access to basic facilities (c) ………………………………….. . The sex ratio has always been a matter of concern but this concern sounded a red alert when even in the twenty-first century, in many states, there was an obvious preference for the male child. (d) ………………………………….. if handled with a strong socio-political will. It must be realised that there would be no girls for marriages, no inheritors, no one to continue the family name’ and no one to perform the last rites if (e) ………………………………….. . The fight is not against men (f) ………………………………….. which govern attitudes and values. It is these shackles that have to be broken. (g) ………………………………….. . These rights need to be recognised in the case of women. Women also have to learn not to plead for rights, (h) ……………………………………

(a) faces discrimination from the earliest stages of life, through childhood and into adulthood
(b) a preference for sons, early marriage, domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, discrimination, less food, and less access to education
(c) but also of the basic right to be born
(d) However, these problems are not insurmountable
(e) the practice of killing girl child continues
(f) but against the social system, traditions, social norms, and values, customs and rituals
(g) Constitution confers equal rights on all citizens
(h) but to assert themselves and take their due


  • a preference for sons, early marriage, domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, discrimination, less food, and less access to education
  • but against the social system, traditions, social norms, and values, customs and rituals
  • faces discrimination from the earliest stages of life, through childhood and into adulthood
  • but to assert themselves and take their due
  • the practice of killing girl child continues
  • but also of the basic right to be born
  • Constitution confers equal rights on all citizens
  • However, these problems are not insurmountable

Articles For School Magazine

Article Writing Topics Practice Example for Class 11 CBSE

1. You have often come across headlines such as:

Man murders grandfather for property Terrorists gun down 10 of a family
Young man stabbed by eve-teaser Gang kidnap boy for ransom
Students disqualified for cheating Rioters bum buses

The growing tendency towards violence among young people is especially a cause for concern. Write an article in about 150 words on “Teen Aggression and the Media”. You are Abhijit/Anita Sarkar.

2. Animals in the wild are caught, tamed, caged, trained, and conditioned to perform in set patterns and ultimately left to die. Sirish/Sumita of the “Environment Club” of Nav Chetna School took down these notes.

  • Bear cubs – rope forced through their noses – made to perform
  • Elephants chained by legs during training sessions – injured feet, cracked nails and infected cuticles – sharp metal hook used to discipline elephants.

As Sirish/Sumita, write an article on “Their Life is not a Circus”.

3. The floods in Chennai not only highlighted the inefficiency and indifference of the local administration but also brought out the indomitable spirit of the common man. It was a grand story of how people came to the rescue of people. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on how common man can realise his own powers and help rebuild a “New and Clean India’ of which we can all be proud. Sign yourself as Victor/Helen.

4. You are Maneka/Manik. You strongly feel that the Indian Government is not taking steps to promote tourism in India which could turn out to be one of the major revenue earning industries. Write an article in 150 – 200 words for a magazine giving your ideas on the steps the Indian Government could take to promote tourism aggressively.

5. A survey was conducted on why teenagers under perform at school. Using the information given below and your own ideas, write an article for the school magazine on why students do not perform to their full potential and how it can lead to low self – esteem and depression. Also think of suggestions that can help such children. Do not exceed 150 words. You are Kirti/Karan Vohra of XI – A, Dreams School, Gurgaon.

6. Jeena/Jatin came across the following news item:

In India, according to the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), tobacco kills 800,000 people every year. Yet the number of smokers is on the rise. The reasons for this are not difficult to find – the adverse health effects of tobacco consumption take a long time to surface, so even though smokers know about the hazards, there are no immediate visible factors forcing them to give up smoking.

As Jeena/Jatin, write an article for the local magazine in about 150 words on the hazards of smoking.

7. You are Diwakar/Dina. You have heard your teacher talk to your class about the importance of inculcating the reading habit. You have taken down some notes. With the help of the given information and your own ideas, write an article on the topic: “Books are Our Friends Forever” in 150 words.

  • Reading: excellent diversion, pleasant hobby; helps connect with noblest minds of the ages
  • Books: shape character; best companions in loneliness

8. You are Manoj/Meena. Write an article in 150 – 200 words on the following:
Value education should be made a part of the curriculum in schools. Highlight the steps taken by your school in this direction.

9. You are Dinesh Sinha of 87, Curzon Road, Delhi. You have observed that the subways in Delhi are seldom used by pedestrians. You have decided to write an article for a national magazine, highlighting the dire need of creating awareness about this problem. Based on the points given below, write the article in not more than 150 words.

  • infrastructure not utilized
  • pedestrians prone to accidents
    causes of apathy:

    • accumulation of filth and garbage
    • stagnant water
  • need improvement in regular cleanliness and proper supervision

10. Given below is an advertisement for students aspiring to study in the USA.

Welcome! Study In The Usa!

Financing your education
Studying in the USA is an investment for your future.

Beyond the basics
Looking for a specialized program or a degree leading to a cutting – edge career? The US offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for everyone.

Our counselors help you choose the right program for your goals.
For further information contact:
Kamini Sharma
B – 14, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi – 110029.

Write an article in 150 words on the increasing trend among the working population today to go abroad for higher studies. Sign yourself as Namita/Subodh Pandey. (150 words)

Articles For The Newspaper

11. The clearing of tropical forests across the Earth has been occurring on a large–scale basis for many centuries. This process, known as deforestation, involves the cutting down, burning, and damaging of forests. The loss of tropical rainforest is more profound than merely the destruction of beautiful areas. If the current rate of deforestation continues, the world’s rainforests will vanish within 100 years – causing unknown effects on global climate and eliminating the majority of plant and animal species on the planet. You are Maneka/Manik. You strongly feel that the Indian Government is not taking adequate steps to check deforestation in India. Write an article for a national daily in 150 – 200 words giving your ideas on the steps the Indian government could take to aggressively control deforestation.

12. Kunal/Karishma read the following news in a newspaper. He/she decided to write an article about it for the newspaper. Using ideas from the news clip, together with your ideas, write the article on her behalf in 150 words.

5 September: Premchand Patel, a resident of Vastrapur, was fatally injured when a stray bull on the road knocked him down. Premchand, a 16 – year – old, was on his way to school when the incident took place. This is the third incident in this week of its kind.

13. At least one – third of India’s billion inhabitants regularly watch Indian soap operas, which have displaced popular cinema as the prime entertainment genre. These popular shows depict the ideal woman only as a long-suffering, exploited person, an epitome of virtue and self – righteousness. The other face of women is that of unalloyed evil. They wreck homes, plot murders without an ounce of guilt, torture sisters – in – law, so the audience is given no choice but to hate them. The viewer is hoodwinked. As a concerned viewer, write an article for a national daily on the portrayal of women in popular TV soap operas.

14. Economists feel that India has only one problem – a burgeoning population. At more than one billion and growing, India will soon outgrow China. Most of the other troubles in our country have emerged mainly because of this problem. Write an article for the newspaper on: “Need for population control.”

15. The following editorial appeared in a national daily:

With parents hankering after English medium education for their children, privately owned public schools are springing up in big cities, small towns and even villages. Most of these teaching shops’ resort to crass commercialism, fleecing poor parents, desperate to provide English medium education to their children.

You are Sucheta/Shikhar Thareja of Class XI of Dehra Public School. Express your views on the topic in an article for a newspaper.

16. The Indian politicians routinely hire ‘muscle power to improve their electoral prospects, and criminals themselves successfully run for public office. Indeed, many observers bemoan the fact that corruption and the background of the candidates have become non – issues to voters. You are Neeta/Nishit Roy. Write an article for The Times of India on the increasing corruption and criminalisation of politics in India.

17. Each day the newspaper carries various advertisements on losing weight in order to become healthy and look good. Various unrecognized health clubs have mushroomed all over the city to cater to this fad. Exorbitant sums are charged with a promise to help weight loss. Write an article for a newspaper expressing your views on the topic. You are Tarini/Tanmay Sharma.

Lose 5 kilos in 15 days.
Lose 20 inches in 18 days!
Stay Trim Health Club
The surest way to lose weight
Don’t let extra weight give
you a complex!
Enroll now

18. Madhuri/Mayank had an argument with her/his friend on the topic of women taking up careers. After hearing the negative views of her/his friend, Madhuri/Mayank decide to write an article on the topic ‘Women and Career’. As Madhuri/Mayank, write the article for The Daily Times.

19. Begging is the outcome of abject poverty and not choice. An Action Aid International study on this issue in India shows that 99 percent of men and 97 percent of women get into begging due to poverty.

Attempts by police officials to drive away from the destitute and impose fines are clearly not a solution as it does not address the overall problem. Beggars must be viewed as full citizens with all the entitlements and rights of a citizen.

Write an article for a national daily expressing your views on anti-begging laws and efforts to check the problem.