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Arts Stream Subjects: Previously the least opted stream, the Arts field has now acquired immense importance with various opening career opportunities across multiple sectors. There are excellent career options after the Arts Stream, starting from literary studies, Law and moving towards Journalism and Hotel Management. Furthermore, the Arts stream and Humanities also offer a more excellent range of subjects than the Commerce and Science stream.

Some Common Arts Stream Subjects are History, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Regional Language, Hindi, English, Computer Science, etc. In this stream, the students must choose a combination of subjects that the selected school and education board offers. A Brief description of the Arts Stream Subjects that you can choose and career options related to them are provided. Thus, students can find the right and suitable subject combination for themselves. Arts Stream Subjects List, Arts Stream Subjects in 11th CBSE, Subjects in Arts Stream After 10th.

Education Boards that Offer the Arts Stream Subjects

While considering India’s current education system, apart from the students of state boards, students have access to study Arts stream subject from the three most prominent and significant education boards, which are CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), and IB (International Baccalaureate). Indian students have the right to choose any study board of their choice and preference that is best suited for them. There is a significant difference in all the study boards, and that is based on varying difficulty levels.

Among all the boards available that offer Arts stream studies in India, IB is the most challenging board as its main focus is on practical learning. Then comes the ICSE board in terms of the difficulty level, followed by CBSE, which is widely popular with a moderate difficulty level. Furthermore, every Indian state has its state education board and MOI for the institutes affiliated with English and regional languages.

Why Study the Best Arts Stream Subjects?

The arts stream, also famous as the Humanities stream, provides the student’s resources to learn and study human society and World. This is a broader stream that offers numerous career opportunities and options to the students. Starting with the learning of human interaction in the group to understanding the legal human rights of all the citizens, Arts stream contains all the topics for these.

Different from Science and Commerce, the Arts stream has a broader range of subjects for the students to choose from, and for the institutions offering a good number of elective options, the student also gets a chance to design the entire curriculum according to their desires and study the best subject combinations.

Major Arts Stream Subjects Name List

There are numerous subjects available in the Arts stream for Class 11 students, like Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Geography, History, etc. The arts subjects’ list is also widely similar for the Class 12 students, but the entire curriculum is raised to the advanced level with added elective elements. Arts is a diverse study field with subjects ranging from various languages to humanities. All the included subjects are differentiated as electives or cores at the school and college level.

Given below is a list of significant subjects included under the Arts stream of Class 11 and Class 12:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Sociology
  • Economics

Apart from the Arts stream’s above-mentioned subjects, there are other options, including Mathematics, legal studies, Computer science, Music, Dance, graphic, Painting, Entrepreneurship, Hindi, English, and Arabic Japanese, German, French, Sanskrit, Russian, etc.

Best Arts Stream Subjects

Best Arts Stream Subjects After 10th

Here is a list of the best Arts stream subjects offered to the students of various study boards. Students also get an opportunity to choose subjects in combination and pursue the self-designed courses after class 12th Arts.

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Music
  • Human Rights and Gender Studies
  • Informatics Practices
  • Public AdministrationHistory
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • English
  • Home Science
  • Legal Studies
  • Mass Media Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physical Education
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts

Complete Guide on Major Arts Stream Subjects List


History is among the oldest Arts stream subjects that teach human civilization from the prehistoric period to the present time. This covers many significant historical events, such as focusing on art and architecture, such as Indian Arts history, and imparts knowledge on the work of the World’s more excellent personalities. The subject curriculum also takes the student on a journey of humankind. It develops insights into the development and future, pursuing further academic courses like BA History and MA History, etc., its future development, etc.

The students will gain in-depth knowledge about ancient History, Modern History, Medieval History, Political History, Worlds’ culture, literature and language, and other diverse areas. And the graduates from this field can enter into various professions like Media studies, travel and tourism, civil services, public administration, conservation management, teaching, research, and archaeology.


In economics, the students study systems or processes by which the goods and services are produced, sold, and bought at a more significant level (macroeconomics) and smaller individual level (microeconomics). The subject mainly deals with economic agents’ interactions and behavior and how different types of economies function.

There are various domains available for the students, from managerial and business economics to agricultural and financial economics. After pursuing the courses like BA economics and BSc Economics, students can enter the sectors like real estate, banking, finance, manufacturing firms, consulting services, NGOs, and other governmental agencies to have a successful career.


To study relationships between people and their environment, students pursue geography and understand the Earth’s people and economy, and physical properties. Geography’s syllabus builds a stronger foundation in landforms related concepts fauna and flora, population, economy, World, transportations, natural calamities, etc.

The students interested in developing maps and travel guides can choose the subject program in Cartography specialization. Students striving for a Geography career can choose from various job opportunities like GIS specialist, Teacher, Town Planner, Environmental Consultant, etc.

Political Science

This is a core Arts stream subject, dealing with the state and systems of scientific analysis and government of various political activities and actions and their behavior. Administrative theories and domain concepts cover various subfields like international relations, political economy, public policy, political methodology, etc.

Students interested in the Subject can cover BA Political Science, and then MA Political Science can help the students discover a broader spectrum of a potential career in the Subject.


English is among the compulsory Arts Stream subjects that offer a structured syllabus covering various concepts. The curriculum focuses on improved writing and speaking skills, and it also ensures that the students get a better reading skill through the works of literature. School-level English builds a foundation for English Literature courses and clears prominent competitive examinations like the English Olympiad Exam, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


It is a multidisciplinary science-related study that deals with learning of the mind, behavior, and various mental skills, including sports, human development, social behavior, health, clinic, cognitive processes, etc. This Class 12th Arts subject involves researching conscious and unconscious phenomena, feelings, and thought.

Students can pursue BSc Psychology, Clinical Psychology courses, and MSc Psychology to kick start their career in the subject stream. Students can further enter diverse career options like Social work, Criminal justice, Mental Health Services, Health Psychology, etc.


Music is among the most creative and unique fields. The Subject limits a student’s career to music composition and helps them opt for various instrument-based programs, go for music production courses, etc.

By enrolling in further courses like Diploma in Music and Bachelors in Music, students gain immense knowledge of music writing, Film scoring, Sound production, etc. This has recently become one of the most popular Arts Stream subjects and equips learners with music editing abilities and communication skills.

Human Rights and Gender Studies

This is a subject devoted primarily to understanding fundamental rights and gender-related issues. It involves studying feminism, gender, politics, women’s and men’s studies, etc.

It helps the students understand the importance of various genders and their rights and how they help shape modern society better. Gender equality has always been a critical agenda, and several international approaches emerged towards human rights development.

Public Administration

This Subject helps formulate, implement, and monitor various public policies across several industries. Individuals focusing on career development in Civil Services through the UPSC exam can consider the option of enrolling in related degree programs.

Students can also pursue various courses like Masters in Public Administration and work as a teacher, consultant, fundraising manager, employee relations specialist, etc. As the field demands higher ethics professionals, it is perfect for those who can work for the community’s welfare and those who want to learn and better their communication and presentation skills.

Home Science

Home Science gives the students a scientific knowledge of health, nutrition, a balanced diet, and various growth measures. Graduates from Home Science can pursue a career in several specializations like Textile and clothing, Nutrition, Food, Family relations, Home Management, Extension Education, Child Development, etc.

There are various job opportunities for this field’s enthusiasts in apparel merchandising, commercial restaurants, fashion designing, welfare organizations, community development programs, etc.

Legal Studies

Pursuing a career in Legal Studies helps the students get an insight into the properties and behavior of political institutions, law sources, the evolution of laws and legal system, entities involved in legal processes, courts and their processes, the family justice system, social equality, and privacy, and many more.

This field deals mainly with the study of the mutual relationship between law and society. Students interested in the Subject can specialize in Labour law, Criminal Law, Cyber Law, Business Law, Environmental Law, etc., and pursue a career. Students going for LLM or LLB can also work in Business administration, Law and Justice, and other related fields of social services and social security, Insurance, etc.

Mass Media Studies

Mass Media field is derived mainly from the Social Sciences and Arts Stream Subjects. The specialization focuses primarily on various media types, History, and content and offers a broader range of career options after the 12th Board.

Students can go for Content Writing Courses, Bachelor of Journalism, New Media, Video productions, Film Studies, Mass Communication Courses, etc. This field has various diverse work areas like Writing and Publishing, Digital Media, Journalism, Cinema, newspapers, etc.


Entrepreneurship resembles Business Studies a lot but offers a basic understanding and brief on the developing principles, management and organizing of business ventures, etc. Along with the knowledge of handling risks associated with start-ups, this Subject’s programs also enhance other career skills.

Furthermore, while pursuing advanced courses like MBA in Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, etc., the students can access jobs in various industries as a sales manager, consultant, etc. They can also work as smaller business owners, developers of more recent ventures, etc.

Fashion Studies

This field study helps the students develop a historical and critical understanding of fashion and the study of its complex intersections with cultures and identities. Students also get an opportunity to investigate the materials and dimensions of style in visual forms like a dress, image, bodily picture, etc.

This study area also includes various factors which influence fashion and its key concepts and terminologies. Whether it involves starting a career in fashion designing or pursuing other fields, there are multiple opportunities for Fashion studies graduates, including Fashion designing, retail buying, and management, textile designing, make-up artist, etc.

Fine Arts

This is among the most suitable Arts Stream subjects for the students wanting to build a career in applied art, commercial art, painting, sculpture, etc. Fine arts inculcate creative thinking in the students and helps them understand artistic marvels and their histories and practical training in their chosen specialization.

The students interested in the Subject can choose courses like Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts apart from others. They can work in a broader range of profiles like set designing, film direction, multimedia programming, art therapy, etc.

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Courses List for Arts Stream

There are various advanced courses available for higher education for the students pursuing Arts in Class 11th and 12th. This forces the students into a dilemma of choosing the right one according to their interests and desires. Here is a list of higher education courses that students learning and understanding best Arts Stream subjects can opt for:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • BA in English
  • BA in English Literature
  • Bachelor of Business management
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Event Management
  • Bachelor of Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor of Design (BDes)
  • BA LLB
  • BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Career Options after 12th Arts Stream

The students having class 12th Boards degree from Arts stream can choose from a diverse range of career options and outshine in the field. The students can also pursue bachelor’s courses with various arts specializations or enter the law domain.

Students can also indulge in the social science stream or go for fashion designing, dance, or Music, based on their interests and hobbies. Students can also prepare for other competitive examinations and get a better post in governmental organizations. Here are some job profiles that students learning the Best Arts Stream subjects can choose:

  • Lawyer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Journalist
  • Event Planner
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lecturer


Art is a diverse subject that is widely popular in recent times. It involves various subjects and is available on all the education boards of India. Students going for this stream in Class 11th and 12th can also get a fantastic opportunity to design their entire curriculum and then go for higher education according to their interest streams and subjects.