Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers Class 10 English Literature

In this page you can find Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers Class 10 English Literature, Extra Questions for Class 10 English will make your practice complete.

Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers Class 10 English Literature

Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers Short Answer Type

Question 1.
Who was Sebastian Shultz? What had happened to him?
Sebastian Shultz was a 14-year-old schoolboy from South London. He had met with a motorway accident.

Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers

Question 2.
What did Michael and his father buy at the computer fair?
At the computer fair Michael and his father bought a virtual reality visor and glove and a handful of the latest interactive psycho-drive games.

Virtually True Short Questions and Answers

Question 3.
When did the first video game come to an end? How?
The first video game wild-west was in process. The second sheriff, Sebastian, had to be saved. But suddenly the sound of a gunshot echoed in the air followed by groaning and slumping of the victim. Sebastian could not be saved.

Question 4.
How did Michael enter Sebastian’s memory?
Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident and went into a coma. Sebastian’s memory was saved in the computer when he banged his head on it during the accident. Michael had bought the games that were reportedly stolen for Sebastian’s house at the computer fair, and perhaps he had been drawn into it with an attempt to retrieve the memory. Therefore when he played the game he entered Sebastian’s memory.

Question 5.
Why does Michael find it difficult to believe newspaper report about Sebastian Shultz?
Michael found it difficult to believe the newspaper report about Sebastian Shultz. He was surprised to read that the boy who he was playing with was the same person who was in a prolonged state of coma. It was on the day he was rescued during the game that he seemed to have miraculously recovered. He found the whole situation very strange.

Question 6.
How did Michael hit the jackpot and finally crack the game?
In the game ‘Warzone’, Michael succeeded in saving Sebastian Shultz. He managed to pull him up into the helicopter, which soared into the sky. When ‘Game over’ flashed on the screen highlighting a score of 40,000,000 he had hit the jackpot and cracked the game.

Question 7.
Why did Michael feel bad at the close of ‘Jailbreak’ and how did he reconcile himself?
He could not save Sebastian Shultz. He had failed him and lost the game too. Later he reconciled to the fact that Sebastian was a virtual character in a game and not a real life character.

Question 8.
“We both knew that by reliving the accident, something wonderful has happened.” Why does narrator feel so?
Michael and Sebastian are two intelligent, like-minded beings who had got to know each other and had also helped each other. They got to know each other in a virtual world, that brought them close in the real world too. A virtual situation of pain, and agony, lead to the relief of the virtually true character, who was brought back into the real world albeit through the game.

Question 9.
What kind of computer fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
“Dad’s nutty about computers”. What evidence is there to support this statement?
Michael’s dad was crazy about computers and couldn’t resist buying new gadgets and gizmos that came into the market. He had Pentium 150 MHz processor complete with RAM, CD ROM, speakers, printers, modem and scanner. He had all the games: Tornado, MC Babash Black Belt etc.

Question 10.
Which was the second game that Michael played? How did it seem real?
The second game Michael played was the “Dragonquest” that involved saving the Princess Aurora, and securing the Dragon’s treasures. The act where Sebastian, came in as the second Knight, chops of the long braids of the princess to use it as a rope, and the sensation of the fiery breath of the dragon, gave an experience of closeness, a feeling of reality to the game.

Question 11.
How did Michael save Sebastian?
Michael did not see Sebastian after the ‘Jailbreak”. Suddenly the next day there was a mail with a request from Sebastian for making a last attempt to save him, adding that an accident would have to occur it the escape was to be made possible. The suggestion was to go into the “Warzone”. Michael followed his instructions and realised that it was a city, that he could not recognise.

There were tall buildings windowless and riddled with holes, machine guns continued to fire in the air, walls were tumbling down, bombs exploded relentlessly. In between all this Michael had to rescue the trapped Sebastian. After running around wildly, they spotted a helicopter. But they were again pushed back by a tank fire. Then Sebastian shouted out and told him to get into a jeep stationed by the road, and they drove off.

Sebastian sent the jeep tumbling as he slammed on to the brakes, to escape the tank that was hurtling the two of them. In the collision, Michael was carried into the helicopter. Sebastian was still in the jeep. But fortunately as the tank crashed into the jeep, Sebastian also was thrown into the air. He landed on the hatch and was eventually pulled into the helicopter by Michael. The game was over, and Sebastian was rescued.

Question 12.
Why was Michael surprised to see Sebastian Shultz’ photograph in the newspaper?
Michael was surprised to see Sebastian’s photograph and news regarding his recovery in the newspaper. Sebastian Shultz was a character with whom he had been playing
psycho-drive games. He was shocked to learn that the player Sebastian he had saved in the game, was a real person.

Question 13.
What was the aim of the game Dragonquest?
The game “dragon quest” was a very simple game. Here the narrator had to rescue the fair princess Aurora who had been imprisoned at the top of a tall tower by the wicked dragon and collect his wicked treasures. During the course of the game, he is also requested to rescue the knight Sebastian.

Question 14.
How did Sebastian Shultz get injured? What did the doctors think of his illness?
Sebastian Shultz got injured in a motor accident, and he hit his head on the laptop that he was using to play a psycho-drive game. The doctors informed that he was critical but stable. He was in a coma, and they hoped for a miracle to happen to help Sebastian regain consciousness.

Question 15.
According to the newspaper, what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?
According to the newspaper, a fourteen-year-old boy, Sebastian Shultz from South London had miraculously come out of a coma, who the doctors feared might be lost forever.

Question 16.
‘Dad’s nutty about computers.’ What evidence is there to support this statement?
Michael’s dad was crazy about computers, his obsession was such that he had all the latest computers accessories as well as a computer that could perform a number of different things. The new gizmos and gadgets had also been purchased by him that came in the market.

Question 17.
In what way did the second game seem very real?
The second game required the player to rescue a princess called Aurora from a wicked dragon, who had imprisoned her in a tall tower. The long plaits of the princess are chopped off and used for escape as a rope by Sebastian who appears as a knight in the game. Michael could even hear and feel the evil dragon’s nearness; he could even feel the smell of the dragon in his nostrils. Everything seemed very real.

Question 18.
The last game has tanks, jeeps, helicopters, guns and headings. In which category would you put this and the other games?
The last game ‘Warzone’ has tanks, jeeps, helicopters guns etc. Warzone was in a city, where there are tall buildings without windows and had a number of holes. Machine-gun fire filled the sky. Bombs were exploding. Michael had to save Sebastian in a helicopter. Sebastian was thrown out of his jeep, when the tank crashed into it. He is pulled up by Michael and the helicopter soars up into the sky. Such games can be put under ‘Interactive Psycho-drive Games’.

Question 19.
What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?
According to Michael’s theory, Sebastian was using his laptop to play one of the same psycho-drive games that Michael had. Possibly, Sebastian’s memory had been saved in the computer when he had banged his head on it during the accident and had entered the games.

Question 20.
Why did the news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shock Michael?
The news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shocked Michael as it was about a 14-year-old boy Sebastian Shultz from South London. He had come out of a coma that the doctors feared might last forever. When Michael saw the photograph of the boy, he recognized him as he had been with him in interactive psycho-drive games. If the boy had been in coma all these days then how could that be possible, he could not have a logical answer to it.

Question 21.
Michael’s meeting with Sebastian Shultz had been a chance meeting. Where had it taken place and how?
Michael had been playing the game ‘Wildwest’ when he met Sebastian for the first time. He was portraying a sheriff and had been challenged for a duel by the fastest gun in the west, Black-Eyed Jed. As soon as he was ready to go out, he saw the second sheriff come in through the back door, shouting and waving his arms about. The second sheriff was Sebastian and he was protesting against Michael’s decision of going out.

Question 22.
What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
Michael and his dad were fanatics of computers. They were fascinated by the latest advancement in technology so they liked the latest computers available in the market. His father had a computer with the latest gadgetry available such as 256 GB RAM, Pentium 150 MHz, 1.2 Gb hard disc drive, 16 speed CD ROM and could play music, paint, create displays and improve his homework. They had also brought the latest psycho-drive games and the virtual reality visor and gloves. He had even converted his loft into a haven for his computers and called it the Powerbase.

Question 23.
Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.
The first game that Michael played was ‘Wildwest’, which transported him to Texas, during the days of Wildwest. He reached a town in a desert and was walking down a dusty, track towards the saloon. He noticed that a sheriff’s badge was pinned on his shirt. As he walked into the saloon, everyone became silent and glared at him. There was a bar in the saloon and he ordered a drink called ‘Sarsa Parilla’.

Question 24.
What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey this message?
After being shot in the first game ‘Wildwest’, the second sheriff or Sebastian Shultz groaned and slumped back against Michael. The game was over. Michael noticed the printer had come on. He picked up the piece of paper from the tray. At the top was the picture of the second sheriff, this time though he was wearing jeans and a sweat shirt. Printed over the bottom was a message. I’M STUCK. PLEASE HELP TO RETRIEVE ME. TRY DRAGONQUEST—Sebastian Shultz.

Question 25.
Why did Michael fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time?
Michael tried the ‘Dragonquest’ to help and retrieve Sebastian Shultz. He was soon walking the massive doors of the dragon’s castle. The game required him to rescue a fair princess from a wicked dragon. After leaping from the window and passing through a secret passage, they were going down into the castle. At once the dragon appeared and pounced at them. Michael swung his sword, but in vain. The dragon was only interested in Sebastian. Michael was helpless as he could do nothing to save Sebastian Shultz.

Question 26.
The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz was disastrous. Give reasons.
The second attempt to rescue Sebastian also ended in a disaster. This time according to the message in the printer, Michael tried Jailbreak’. He was transported to the dungeon cell. Here, Sebastian was a prisoner. With the help of a swipe-card, they were soon out of the cell. After dodging the guards, they went to the roof. On the roof, Sebastian pointed towards a helicopter and as he took a step backwards, he fell down and came tumbling down to the concrete below.

Question 27.
Narrate the accident that injured Sebastian Shultz.
Sebastian had been involved in a motorway accident. During the accident, he had been plugged into his computer and had banged his head against it. The computer had then saved his memory in its own and transported it to his games. The accident left Sebastian in a coma that the doctors feared was terminal and only a miracle could save him.

Question 28.
How had Sebastian Shultz entered the games?
At the time of accident, Sebastian was using his laptop. He was playing the same psycho-drive games which Michael had got. Possibly, he had been plugged into the computer. When his head banged in the accident, the computer had saved his memory in its own, stored on the disk. This is how he entered the games. They were stolen while Sebastian was in the hospital and were bought by Michael at the Computer Fair.

Question 29.
How was Sebastian Shultz’s memory stored on Michael’s disk? How did Michael discover that?
Sebastian was perhaps plugged into the computer when he banged his head in the accident. The computer had stored and saved his memory in its own. Possibly, Sebastian’s memory was stored on interactive psycho-driven disks. There disks were stolen, when Sebastian was in the hospital and bought by Michael at the Computer Fair. Now, when  Michael was playing the weird versions of those games, he was actually retrieving that memory.

Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type

Question 1.
What are psycho-drive games? Describe the four games played by Michael. Which one do you find most interesting and why?
Psycho-drive games are played using mental power. The games involve the continuous interaction between the players and the characters who play with them through the medium of a computer. They are played wearing a virtual reality visor and glove. One can bring about necessary changes through the course of the game as the player can control all the actions by his/her thoughts. These games are immensely thrilling.

In the story, Michael plays four psycho-drive games, one after the other. We are taken to the imaginary world of the ‘Wildwest’ and get to introduced to the dusty towns, castles, dragons and dungeons, a fairyland of sorts. There is however a common link in all the games, the trapped Sebastian who had come up with a plea to be saved.

He appears as the second Sheriff in ‘Wildwest’, the second knight in ‘Dragonquest’ a prisoner in Jail- break’ and a victim in ‘Warzone’, and Michael, the player was entrusted with the task of rescuing the trapped Sebastian. The trials of rescuing turned out to be failed attempts in the first three games. The last game turned out to being the most significant.

The actions of the two, Sebastian and Michael appear to be more organized and in coordination with each other. They dodge everything unhurt and jump into a jeep parked by the side of the road. And after a few misses and slips, both of them make it to the waiting helicopter which soars into the sky. Both are unhurt. Michael gets his reward. His score touches 40,000,000 and he wins the jackpot. He cracks the game saving Sebastian this time.

As a reader of the lesson, I find the last game the most interesting, as the mystery was building up on me too. I was loosing hope after the three failed attempts. Will Sebastian be saved? It finally required the most challenging and final game to enable Michael rescue the trapped “virtually true” character.

Question 2.
Describe the whole episode as Michael to your friend in a letter. Also, tell how he must have entered the psycho-drive games.
10, Baker Street London
Dear William
How are you? I received your letter. Congratulations!! It is wonderful to know that you have topped the University. Do convey my regards to uncle and aunty too. William, I have an interesting experience to share with you. Well, you know how passionate my dad and I are about technology, and acquiring the latest gadgets and gizmos. We added to our stock yesterday by buying a good number of psycho-drive games at the computer fair.

It didn’t take me long to begin playing. Interestingly I had to save a character, Sebastian, who appeared in different forms in the four games I played. I failed to do so in the first three games. I cracked the jackpot and saved him in the fourth game.

This morning I was shocked to read an article in the paper, that said, “Sebastian Shultz” the virtual character I had saved had indeed recovered from the state of coma he had been in due to a motor accident. I believe he had been plugged on to his laptop and was playing these games, and probably got into the machines memory when he crashed.

Coincidently, the games that I had bought were supposed to have been stolen from Sebastians house. Can you believe this? I was shocked. However I was convinced that the “virtual Character” was a “true Character”, when I received a mail from the real Sebastian, thanking me for saving him. Well the incident is “Virtually True”
I hope to meet him soon and I am also excited to think how interesting it would be. Do write to me.
Yours affectionately

Question 3.
‘Everything that I’ve described is true virtually! says the narrator. Even the title of the story is ‘Virtually True’. Justify the statement of the narrator and also the title of the Story.
Virtual means something which does not really exist but only seems to exist. It does not be in the real time and space but only lives in cyberspace. The piece written by Paul Stewart relates the story of Michael Dawson, a school boy who plays psycho-drive and interactive games and discovers in the process of a certain “Sebastian Shultz”who constantly requires saving.

Throughout the game Dawson believes that he is just attempting to crack the game while in reality it appears that the real Sebastian suffered from some kinds of an accident and his memory well stored in the game. When Sebastian wins the Jackpot’ in the game, the real Sebastian gains his memory and revived from Coma. Sebastian is an imaginary character in the computer games but he is real boy. So, everything which seemed virtual on the computer screen is real. Michael has saved the real Sebastian by playing a virtual game of computer.

Question 4.
Describe how Sebastian must have entered the games in detail.
Sebastian Shultz was a brilliant minded person. He was a strong determined boy who never looses hope. Sebastian was plugged into computer when he banged his head in a motor accident. The computer had saved his memory in its own. Possibly Sebastian’s memory had been stored on disks. The psycho-driven games which Sebastian played were stolen and sold in computer fair. Michael bought it. By playing the weird version, Michael met Sebastian in the games who was in different characters in different games. Thus Sebastian entered the games. By winning the jackpot Michael retrieved Sebastian’s memory.

Question 5.
Will power and determination bring success against all odds. Comment with reference to ‘Virtually True’.
The story ‘Virtually True’ teaches us the lesson of perseverance. It shows us how will power and determination help an individual achieve what he strives for. Sebastian Shultz, who is very fond of virtual games, meets with an accident while playing one of his games. His head bangs against his seat and he loses consciousness but his memory gets automatically saved in the game drive. Doctors inform his father that Sebastian has gone into coma. Michael, buys Sebastian’s games from the computer fair.

When Michael starts the game on his computer Sebastian’s memory starts to work and he asks Michael to help him retrieve his memory. Michael tries to help him in the games—Wild-West Guns, Dragon Quest and Jail Break but he fails. But at last, in the game War Zone he gets success, and rescues Sebastian Shultz. Thus, his perseverance helps him succeed in his endeavour.

Question 6.
Computer based games is becoming a rage with children. This is an addiction that is becoming hazardous, leading to physical and mental stress among the young generation. Lack of physical activity is reducing the children into couch potatoes. How can we establish a balance between the virtual and real world?
Virtual games take us to a world that is apparently close to the real world. These games display an abstract reality that is capturing the curiosity of the young children. They are living them in real life. Their world is the computer and they sit endlessly in front of it without food and water.

Entertainment today has been redefined and the children live in a world of science fiction and fantasy which is supported abundantly by technology. Visors and gloves make the experience real and the children are getting hooked on to the latest fad-interactive psycho-drive games. The adults are not far behind. Every successive win, gives the player an inexplicable high, a boost to his/her sagging spirits, with the ability to command and win. This is steadily becoming an addiction specially among the youth.

The blue whale game was a typical example of the deteriorating value system. Health is failing too. The only way to curb this spreading menace is to use technology wisely. Parents must encourage their children to indulge in outdoor activity, understand nature, and more importantly the need to be an active social being. The children need to be initiated, by being living examples, to lead a balanced life style, so as to ensure that they grow up into mature, healthy and focussed individuals and not retarded robots.

Question 7.
“Dear Michael, it said, Thank you! I am not sure how it happened, but thanks, you saved my life.” Even though Michael did not know Shultz personally, he made every attempt to save him. What values did Michael display?
The quote above is an extract from the email sent by Sebastian to Michael. After reading the story, we have all been introduced to the sequence of events that led to the entire “virtually true” incident. The two characters did not know each other.

But every time he played a game and received a request to be rescued from Sebastian, Michael felt that he looked different from all the other characters he interacted with during the games. There was something ‘human’ about Sebastian, and that disturbed him immensely, when he failed to rescue him.

This could be characterised as compassion and empathy Michael felt towards a boy who seemed to be roughly around his own age. He refused to give up as he was extremely concerned about the trapped Sebastian. Eventually he does manage to rescue him while playing the fourth game. The lesson is very discretely projecting values such as care, empathy, determination, mutual concern, gratitude, and the need to be responsible towards fellow human beings.

Virtually True Extra Questions and Answers Reference-to-Context

Read the extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Question 1.
I suddenly saw the photograph that went with the story and gasped.
(i) Who is ‘I’?
(ii) Whose photograph did he see?
(iii) What was the story about him?
(iv) What had happened to him?
(i) T is the narrator, Michael.
(ii) Michael notices the photograph of Sebastian Shultz in the paper.
(iii) The story was about the miraculous recovery made by Sebastian Shultz, a 14-year- old schoolboy from South London.
(iv) He was badly injured in a motorway accident and was in a coma. The doctors had feared that it could be forever.

Question 2.
‘Never mind her,’ came a voice, and a second knight appeared from the wardrobe. It’s me who needs rescuing!
(i) Who is the speaker?
(ii) Who is being spoken to?
(iii) Who is ‘her’ in the above line?
(iv) In what form and from where did the speaker appear?
(i) Sebastian is the speaker.
(ii) Sebastian is speaking to the narrator.
(iii) ‘Her’ is the fair princess Aurora who was in the clutches of a wicked dragon.
(iv) The speaker appeared as a second knight from behind the wardrobe in the game Dragonquest.

Question 3.
Six weeks ago, Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident. His condition, on arrival at the General Hospital, was described as critical though stable. Despite doctor’s hopes, the boy did not regain consciousness. His parents were informed that their son was in a coma.
(i) How did Sebastian Shultz go into coma?
(ii) In what condition was he brought into the hospital?
(iii) Did he gain consciousness?
(iv) Where was he taken for treatment?
(i) He had been badly injured in a motorway accident.
(ii) He was brought in a very critical condition to the hospital. Though reportedly stable.
(iii) Despite the hopes and efforts of the doctors attending on him, Sebastian did not regain consciousness.
(iv) He was taken to the General Hospital.

Question 4.
I’d hit the jackpot. I’d finally cracked the game.
(i) Who is T?
(ii) What is the ‘jackpot’?
(iii) What was the outcome of the game.
(iv) Name the chapter from which the above lines are taken.
(i) ‘I’ is the narrator.
(ii) jackpot’ is the perfect score of 40,00,000.
(iii) The narrator won the game.
(iv) The above lines are taken from the chapter ‘Virtually true’.

Question 5.
“We came away with a virtual reality visor and glove and a handful of the latest interactive psycho-drive games. They’re terrific”.
(i) Who are ‘we’?
(ii) What does he say is “ terrific”?
(iii) Why are they terrific?
(iv) What did they purchase?
(i) “We” refers to the narrator and his father.
(ii) He says that the psycho-drive games are terrific.
(iii) They are terrific because they can be driven by mental power.
(iv) They purchased a virtual reality visor and gloves and a handful of the latest interactive psycho-driven games.

Question 6.
“The more futuristic they get the better you can understand the past”.
(i) Who is the speaker of the above line?
(ii) What are ‘they’?
(iii) How can one understand the past better?
(iv) What is the meaning of ‘futuristic’?
(i) Michael is the speaker of the above line.
(ii) Computers are being referred to here.
(iii) The Past could be understood better as the computers become more futuristic.
(iv) It means- Strange and very modern, seeming to come from, or referring to some imagined time in the future.

Question 7.
“He wasn’t like the other characters in the saloon. For a start, he was about my age and though he looked like a computer image, he somehow didn’t move like one. ”
(i) Who is ‘he’?
(ii) Why was he not looking like other characters in saloon?
(iii) How old was he?
(iv) What is a ‘saloon’?
(i) ‘He’ is Sebastian Shultz.
(ii) He was not looking like other characters because he was not a computer image. He was a real character.
(iii) He was the same age as the speaker.
(iv) In this context a saloon is the term used to refer to lounge bar.

Question 8.
‘“My hero!’ she squealed. ‘Take me away from all this’. ‘Behind me I could hear the dragon roaring’”.
(i) Who is the speaker?
(ii) Why did the speaker squeal?
(iii) Who is the hero?
(iv) Explain “Take me away from all this”.
(i) Princess Aurora a character in the game is the speaker.
(ii) She squealed because she was in the clutches of a wicked dragon.
(iii) Michael is the hero.
(iv) According to the game the princess was to be released from the dragon’s captivity, and its treasures had to be collected by the narrator. The young Aurora did not want to be part of this vicious game.

Question 9.
“ But it was too late. The boy had slipped and was tumbling back through the air, down to the concrete below”.
(i) Who is the ‘boy’?
(ii) Which is the game in process here:
(iii) What had happened to Sebastian’?
(iv) What was “too late”?
(i) The ‘boy’ refers to Sebastian.
(ii) The game in process was ‘Jailbreak”.
(iii) Sebastian took a step backward, slipped and tumbled through the air and landed down on the concrete floor.
(iv) The helicopter that was to help Sebastian escape had flown in late.

Question 10.
It all started a month ago. Dad and I had spent the entire Saturday afternoon at the Computer Fair.
(i) Who is the speaker?
(ii) Why had the speaker and his father gone to the Computer Fair?
(iii) What had started a month ago?
(iv) What was the speaker’s father fond of?
(i) Michael is the speaker of these lines
(ii) Michael and his father were crazy about computers and had gone to the computer fair to buy the latest gadgets.
(iii) Michael’s interaction with Sebastian in virtual games had started a month ago.
(iv) Speaker’s father was fond of buying electronic gadgets.

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