The Browning Version Extra Questions and Answers Class 11 English Hornbill

Here we are providing The Browning Version Extra Questions and Answers Class 11 English Hornbill, Extra Questions for Class 11 English was designed by subject expert teachers.

The Browning Version Extra Questions and Answers Class 11 English Hornbill

The Browning Version Extra Questions and Answers Short Answer Type

Question 1.
Why did Taplow go to school on the last day?
Taplow teacher Mr Crocker-Harris had asked him to come to school as he had missed a day at school on account of illness. He had to compensate for that by going to school on the last day.

The Browning Version Questions and Answers

Question 2.
Why did Crocker-Harris not disclose Taplow’s result?
Crocker-Harris did not disclose Taplow’s result because he wanted the latter to come to school even on the last day of the school. Taplow had missed some classes and needed to come to school to make up for the missed classes.

The Browning Version Hornbill Questions and Answers

Question 3.
For whom is Taplow waiting and why?
Taplow is waiting for Crocker-Harris. Crocker-Harris had asked him to come to school even on the last day as he had missed his class one day due to sickness.

Question 4.
Why did Taplow go to school and did he respect Crocker-Harris?
Yes, Taplow respected Crocker-Harris. He went to the school because he had to do extra work on the last day of the school. He had missed a day the previous week. So, on orders of Crocker-Harris, he had to compensate by going to school on the last day. He had gone out of respect for Crocker-Harris.

Question 5.
Why did Taplow have to stay back at school?
As punishment from Crocker-Harris, Taplow had to do extra work for having missed a day of school.

Question 6.
Why is Taplow bitter?
Taplow is bitter because he has been called to school on the last day. He would rather be playing golf.

Question 7.
Why is Taplow in school at 6.30 p.m. on the last day of school?
Taplow has been called by Crocker-Harris to do extra time because he had missed a class earlier. Therefore, Taplow is in school on the evening of the last school day.

Question 8.
Why does Mr. Frank envy Mr. Crocker- Harris?
Frank envies Crocker-Harris because of the respect students have for him in spite of the harsh discipline he imposes on them. Though Taplow is given the punishment of coming to school even on the last day, he defends his teacher by saying Crocker-Harris not a ‘sadist’. He says that that he rather likes his teacher.

Question 9.
Why could Taplow not understand Crocker’s joke? Why did then he laugh at it?
Taplow could not understand Crocker-Harris joke because he had not read the book in question. He laughed just to humour Crocker-Harris.

Question 10.
What impression of Frank do you get as a teacher?
Frank continues to talk and ask about Crocker-Harris but maintains the dignity of a teacher. When Taplow gets carried away and speaks a bit disrespectfully, Frank points it out. He seems to want to know what kind of a person Crocker-Harris is.

Question 11.
What does Taplow feel about Mr Crocker-Harris?
Taplow does not like Crocker-Harris. He says ‘he’s hardly human’—but does not want to ‘cut’ or go away without permission. He feels Crocker-Harris is different from other teachers not being a sadist.

Question 12.
Where did Millie send Taplow? What was her purpose?
Millie sent Taplow to get a prescription filled from a chemist’s shop. She wanted to free him from the obligation of waiting for her husband, Mr Crocker-Harris, who was going to be indefinitely late.

The Browning Version Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type

Question 1.
What kind of a teacher do you think was Crocker-Harris? Do you think Taplow hated him? Justify your answer on the basis of your reading of the play.
As a teacher, Crocker-Harris is a strict-disciplinarian. He called Taplow even on the last day of school to make up for the missed class. He is fair with all his students, give marks according to what they deserve. He shows marks only on the day of result. He is strict but not a sadist. He is a teacher who abides by all the school rules.

Taplow has some resentment and anger for Mr. Crocker-Harris as he has been called for an extra class. He is also afraid of him. He thinks that Crocker-Harris is devoid of feelings. But, Taplow still respects him and likes him for being a man of his words and his discipline.

Question 2.
What impression do you form of Millie, the wife of Mr. Crocker-Harris?
Millie, the wife of Mr. Crocker-Harris is very cool and easy-going. She is pretty surprised to see Taplow waiting for so long. She even remarks that she would have fled off by now. She suggests Taplow to run around and relax for sometime as Crocker-Harris will return after sometime. She is not that strict as compared to Mr. Crocker. At last, when Taplow is not ready to go, she hands over a prescription and asks Taplow to go to the chemist.

Question 3.
Mr Crocker-Harris commands respect from his students because of his discipline and fairness to students. Some lines of a teacher’s prayer run like this:
Teach me to feel another’s woe,
To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me.
An ideal teacher is rare to find today. What is your concept of an ideal teacher? Write an article in about 100 words.
(Choose your points)
In my opinion, an ideal teacher should be

  • knowledgeable
  • concerned about his students
  • fair to his students
  • hardworking
  • disciplined
  • should practise what he teaches
  • kind and loving to his students
  • any other qualities you feel should be included

Question 4.
Mr Crocker-Harris commands respect from his students, but respect for one’s teachers is fast disappearing. In fact, the student-teacher relationship does not exist nowadays. Teachers do not love their students any more and the students do not wish to listen to their teachers. Write an essay in about 100 words on what has caused deterioration in such a vital relationship.
(Choose your points)
Except for the very young, students don’t have much regard for their teachers. It is sad, because this is a very precious relationship which enriches both the parties. The causes of the decline are that teachers fall short of the students’ expectations and do not care for knowledge as much as for money.
Teachers — in schools do not teach — abuse students when they can — have become corrupt and money minded.
Students — prefer to cheat rather than learn — have become arrogant because of father’s money
or position — have become keen on joining politics while still in college — Alternative sources for gaining knowledge are available.
Conclusion — Urgent need for both parties to work to improve the relationship.