Evans Tries an O-level Extra Questions and Answers Class 12 English Vistas

In this page you can find Evans Tries an O-level Extra Questions and Answers Class 12 English Vistas, Extra Questions for Class 12 English will make your practice complete.

Evans Tries an O-level Extra Questions and Answers Class 12 English Vistas

Evans Tries an O-level Extra Questions and Answers Short Answer Type

Question 1.
How did McLeery explain the semi-inflated rubber ring in his suitcase? How was the ring ultimately used?
McLeery carried a brown suitcase with him into the examination room which consisted of all. that he would need for his examination duties. However, when asked to explain what the semi-inflated rubber ring was for, he told the authorities that he suffered from Haemorrhoids and therefore, needed the ring to sit on as he was not comfortable sitting for long period.

Evans Tries an O-level Extra Questions and Answers

Question 2.
Who do you think has outwitted the other—Evans or the Governor? How?
Undoubtedly, Evans outwitted the Governor in the end. The Governor after decoding the numbers given in the question paper was able to recapture Evans, but the latter was again able to give a slip to the prison officials.

Evans Tries an O-level Short Answer Type Questions and Answers

Question 3.
What clues did the answer sheet of Evans provide to the Governor?
The clues left on the question paper were actually part of a well-laid outplan. It was meant to mislead the police and kind of mock at them. The clue pointed out that Evans had hit McLeery though it was Evans who was impersonating McLeery. This also made the police look for Evans in Newburry, when he was in fact at Hotel Golden Lion in Chipping Norton.

Question 4.
How did the Governor react to the two phone calls he received in quick succession?
The Governor reacted sharply but in a positive way. He was informed by the secretary for modern languages that there was a correction slip to be informed to the candidate. He allows and the correction is explained to Evans. He does not doubt anything.

Question 5.
Who was Carter? What did the Governor ask him to do?
Carter was the detective superintendent. The Governor told him to take McLeery along with him. He took McLeery with him to look for the absconder. The Governor then asked who had seen Evans out at the prison gate. Mr Stephen told him that it was he who had taken him out.

Question 6.
What were the contents of the small brown suitcase that McLeery carried?
The contents of the small brown suitcase that McLeery carried were a sealed question paper envelope, a yellow invigilation form, a special ‘authentication’ card from the Examination Board, a paper knife, a Bible, a copy of ‘The Church Times’ and a small semi-inflated rubber ring.

Question 7.
What did the Detective Superintendent inform the Governor about Evans?
McLeery had spotted Evans drive off along Elsfield Way. They had got the number of the car and had given chase immediately. But they had lost track and assumed that Evans must have come back into the city.

Question 8.
Who do you think made the call to announce a correction in the question paper? What was its purpose?
One of Evans’ accomplices would have called impersonating as the Assistant Secretary from the examination board. The real purpose was to include information about the escape plan.

Question 9.
What could the Governor have done to securely bring Evans back to the prison from the ‘Golden Lion’?
The Governor could have brought the police force with him. Another thing that he could have done was to travel in the van that was taking Evans back to the prison. He should have also checked the credentials of the officials escorting him to the prison.

Question 10.
How does Evans escape from the jail?
Evans decided to appear for O-level Examination in German. For the same, the Governor sought permission from the Board. McLeery the parson from St. Mary Mags came to invigilate.

In reality, he was an accomplice of Evans and had imprisoned the real parson. In the cell, the two exchange places. This was made possible because Evans had covered himself in a blanket. At the end of the exam, Evans walks out a free man disguised as the parson.

Question 11.
How did the Governor, Oxford Prison describe Evans to the Secretary Examination Board?
What opinion of Evans did the prison authorities convey to the Secretary, Education Board?
The Governor describes Evans to be a pleasant sort of a chap. He calls him one of the stars at Christmas concert. The Governor further says that Evans is not a violent person and his only vice is that he is a congenital kleptomaniac.

Question 12.
What was his German teacher’s opinion of Evans’ proficiency in German?
Evans’ German teacher was doubtful of Evans’ language ability. He felt that Evans could not even understand basic pleasantries in German.

Question 13.
Which article in McLeery’s suitcase played perhaps the most significant role in
Evans’ escape and how?
The semi-inflated ring that carried the pig’s blood to feign injury was the article that played a significant role in Evans’ escape. Also, there was the question paper that provided the escape plan while misguiding the jail authorities who moved in a totally different direction.

Evans Tries an O-level Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type

Question 1.
What kind of a person was the governor of the prison in ‘Evans tries an O-level’?
Mention any four lapses in his arrangement for Evans’ O-level exam that helped Evans escape?
The Governor of Oxford prison has been characterised as an intelligent and able prison officer, but in the end, he turned out to be a ‘good-for-a-giggle-Governor’. The Governor tries to exert all caution but Evans eventually manages to escape. This was mainly due to the lapses in communication and execution of work.

He did not verify the credibility of the German teacher. Also, no one checked the identity of the injured person and eventually, it is found out that the injured ‘McLeery’ was in fact Evans.

‘McLeery’ had a tube with pig blood in it. It was successfully smuggled inside the prison because prison officials were credulous and believed what McLeery said rather than check the tube thoroughly.
Though McLeery is thoroughly searched, things like beard and a double set of clothes are not revealed.

Question 2.
What purpose did the question paper and the correction slip serve? How did they help both the criminal and the Governor?
The real purpose of the cleverly superimposed photocopied sheet on the question paper was to give the final details of the escape plan to Evans. It was also meant to make the authorities believe that the wounded man was actually ‘McLeery’ and that he wanted to help them rearrest the escaped prisoner.

At 9.40 a.m., the Governor got a call from the Assistant Secretary with a special responsibility for modern languages regarding a correction in the question paper. Presumably, it was an accomplice of Evans in the office of the Secretary of the Examinations Board, who wanted to tell Evans that after his escape from the prison, he should go to Hotel Golden Lions.

The information was meant for the Governor also. The Governor thought about the six-digit reference (index number and centre no. put the two together and with the help of ‘Ordinance Survey Map for Oxfordshire’ reached the hotel. Leaving the question paper behind was certainly not a careless blunder. Everything was a part of the master plan to confound the prison authorities, particularly the Governor. He was allowed to trace Evans because the planners knew that they had a cover for every eventuality and in the long run, Evans leaves the Governor wringing his hands and runs away.

Question 3.
How was the ‘injured’ McLeery able to befool the prison officers?
Injured McLeery spoke slowly and in broken phrases that he knew where Evans was. He asked the prison officers to get the police and not to worry about the ambulance. He found the German question paper on the table. He told Jackson to get the Governor. He drew the attention of the Governor to the German text on photocopied sheet on the last page. The Governor slowly translated it. The words from Elsfield Way drive to the Headington roundabout caught his attention.

The Examination Board was in Elsfield Way. Meanwhile, the police arrived. Before the Governor could explain anything, McLeery told the officer to go Elsfield Way. The Governor told Detective Superintendent Carter to take the injured McLeery with him. McLeery was helped inside the car. He helped the police to follow the direction indicated in the German text, all the while laughing at their credulous nature, for he was in fact Evans