Formal Letter Writing ICSE Board Exams

Formal Letter Writing ICSE Board Exams

Here we have covered previous Year Formal Letter Writing Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE Board Exams

Letters To The Editor

Letters Of The Complaint

Letters Of Apology

Letters Of Persuation

Letter Writing Topics ICSE Board Exams

Letter Writing Topics ICSE Board Exams

Here we have covered previous Year Letter Writing Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Letter Writing Topics ICSE Board Exams

Informal Letter Writing ICSE Board Exams

Formal Letter Writing ICSE Board Exams

Letters To The Editor

Letters Of The Complaint

Letters Of Apology

Letters Of Persuation

Career Objective for a Fresher | Examples & Guidance on How To Write a Good Career Objective for Resume?

Career Objective for a Fresher

Career Objective for a Fresher: Career objectives are essential for a beginner, but they should write about their professional summary rather than a career objective for an experienced individual. Career or resume objective acts as the pitch of your resume.

One has to write their goals so that it is persuasive and precise, which is very tricky as there are various possible options to choose from. The recruiting panel members constantly analyze a candidate’s resume based on their career objective because it mentions the aim and goal of their career. One should make sure that they say their aspirations and inspiration in their career objective.

Examples of Career Objectives for a Fresher

Career objective in Resume for Freshers are as follows:

  • “To make use of my interpersonal skills to achieve the target of a company that focuses on customer experience and customer satisfaction.”
  • “Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my skills and training while making a significant contribution to the success of the company.”
  • “To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my skills, learnings and knowledge.”
  • “Seeking a challenging career with and Multi-National Company.”
  • “Seeking an entry-level position to start my career in a high-level professional environment.”
  • “A hardworking and highly organized individual is looking for a responsible position to gain practical job experience.”
  • “to secure employment with a reputable company, where I can use my skills and business studies background to the fullest.”
  • “To work for my dream [company’s name], which provides me with ample opportunities to improve my skills to learn and grow along with the company’s target.”
  • “To work in a stable dynamic organization and explore the new areas.”

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Career Objective for a Fresher

Career Objective for Resume for Fresher Mechanical Engineer

Here are some of the best career objectives for engineer:

  • “To utilize my technical skills and knowledge for achieving the goal and developing the best performance in the Organization. I want to implement my creativity, innovative ideas, and skills for accomplishing the projects.”
  • “To be placed in a company in which I can use my leadership qualities and technical skills to the upliftment of the organization and personal growth.”
  • “I am looking for an opportunity in a reputed organization which will help me deliver my best while also upgrading my skills in engineering and meet the demands of the company.”
  • “To continue my career as PE-licensed electrical engineer within the power distribution sector.”
  • “To obtain a forensic mechanical engineer position with an automotive or insurance company. Demonstrated experience with performing forensic engineering investigations and proper documentation of vehicle accident reconstruction. Holds an ASE or ACTAR certification.”
  • “As a licensed civil engineer for several years, I have worked as a project manager, structural engineer, and CAD designer. Upon my relocation to Tampa, OR, I aim to find a renowned company with a spot for a competent civil engineering project manager.”
  • “With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and advanced knowledge of wind energy, I aim to find a permanent full-time position in an organization focused on the turbine/wind energy industry.”
  • “To further my knowledge and experience in the field of electronics and warehouse.”

Career Objective for Sales Beginner

Here are some of the best career objectives for Sales Beginners:

  • “Enthusiastic go-getter not scared to knock on doors, make cold calls, and drink plenty of coffee in the name of making the sale, looking for a position with a start-up venture.”
  • “Goal-oriented and customer-focused team player ready to brig my track-record of increasing quarterly series to the real estate industry.”
  • “Success-driven team player who works well with marketing as well as research and development departments. Brings understanding of the sales funnel procedure and a willingness to work with everyone on the team to reach the Company’s target.”
  • “Enthusiastic, energetic, and ready to be part of a growing team of the salesperson to lead your organization into a bright and profitable future.”
  • “Seeking the role of Business Development Manager at IEH Inc. to dedicate my advanced-level knowledge of relationship and negotiation and communication skills.”

Career Objective Examples for Various Industries

Let’s have a look at some of the top industry-specific examples, along with the aforementioned general examples, for writing a career objective for fresher students/beginner-level resume:

Career Objective for Software Engineer

  • “To pursue a career in software development in Rubicon where my skills in coding and testing will be utilized while delivering a service to a customer.”
  • “To become a Software engineer where I have to use my knowledge and skills for the development of the project, where strong project management and analytical skill will be utilized in the delivery of the services to the customer.”
  • “To obtain an entry-level position as a software engineer in a fast-paced company where technical skills and innovative thinking are useful.”

Career Objective for Teacher

  • “To obtain a position as an elementary school teacher that will use my dedication to children’s educational development and requirement.”
  • “Develop professional skills of teaching students of every age by providing work-based learning. To offer quality education to students.”
  • “Seeking a teaching position at [School name] as a [Subject] teacher to share my passion for the subject and enlighten young minds of the students.”

Career Objective for Marketing

  • “Seeking a marketing manager role that will use my leadership skills to uplift a company that will exceed expectations and sales target.”
  • “Seeking an entry-level position where I can grow my skills as a marketing professional and contribute to the overall success of a company.”
  • “To secure employment with a marketing agency that provides a positive learning environment to advance and apply new strategies for the company’s success.”

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Career Objective for Finance

  • “To secure an entry-level position in a progressive company that provides many opportunities to use and develop my skills for growth in the finance vertical.”
  • “To secure a position in the Finance sector in your organization which could help me learn new skills and deliver my potential of financial analysis and strategic application of the new approach towards the upliftment of the company.”
  • “To secure an entry-level Financial Analyst position to make use of my knowledge of financial reporting and modelling and strong analytical and quantitative skills which can be utilized to enable appropriate financial decision making in the company.”

Good Career Objective

Career Objective Examples for Accounting

  • “Seeking an accounting assistant role with [Company’s name] where I will contribute my keen attention to detail, data entry skills and math skills, and my experience with industry-standard software.”
  • “Highly motivated and organized accounting assistant looking for a fast-paced beginner-level where I can contribute my experience with financial analysis and developing efficient systems.”
  • “Detail-oriented accounting assistant seeking a beginner-level position where I can apply my experience with preparing balance sheets, accounting reports, and financial statements.”

Career Objective Examples for Management Beginners and Experienced Professionals

  • “Highly motivated beginner with an MBA degree with strong networking and leadership skills.”
  • “An ambitious MBA degree holder, looking forward to serving in a reputed company, applying my abilities and skills, and further gaining knowledge and experience.”
  • “A hardworking and detail-oriented individual with an MBA International Business looking for a suitable managerial position at your company to utilize my skills and knowledge to facilitate mutual success and development.”

Career Objective for Fresher Graduate in Computer Science/ IT

  • “To obtain a challenging job to the best utilization of my skills and to look for opportunities to grow my managerial and technical skills and ready to fulfill organizational goals.”
  • “To obtain a position as an Information Technology and security officer and ready to use my computer science skills and knowledge.”
  • “Seeking a challenging job in a technical organization where I could advance my strength and skill with the institution’s targets and achieve excellence through my beginner-level.

Career Objective for Media/ Journalism

  • “To secure a position in the media industry where I can use my experience and expertise of researching, exploring, and reporting the latest reliable news for the company.”
  • “Seeking the position of journalist in your organization, where I can enhance the fame of the organization with my expertise skills of the fast and crisp journalism and growing along with the organization.”
  • “To secure a challenging position where I can express my creative ideas and thinking with a free mind and full liberty and can utilize my experience of journalism.”

Career Objective for Architects and Interior Designers

  • “Motivated, self-sufficient individual looking for an interior position at [Company’s Name] to advance my career and provide valued support to customers.”
  • “Individual with customer service experience, a background in management, and extensive knowledge of design techniques seeking interior design position at your company.”
  • “Goal-oriented professional with the ability to assess the needs of proposed buildings and clients for the feasibility of projects. Interested in an architect position in a fast-paced company where excellence is required.”

Career Objective for HR

  • “As an entry-level HR professional, my goal is to become an HR manager with my hard work and dedication. I would also like to learn managerial skills from senior managers and to excel in the job efficiently.”
  • “To secure an entry-level HR personnel, where I would not just learn about HR activities but also contribute to the advancement of the company by utilizing the learning experience that I would attain over time.”
  • “With a beginner-level position in the field of HR, I would like to use my attitude, professional approach in this field and develop my skills and knowledge.”

Career Objective for supply chain management/ logistics

  • “Looking to use a degree in business administration and background in retail for the overall success of [Company’s name] as a Supply Chain analyst.”
  • “Seeking a position at [Company’s name] to use computer skills and leadership quality as an effective Supply Chain Analyst.”
  • “Obtain a Supply Chain logistics position with [Company’s name] to implement background in supervising the day-to-day operations of a warehouse.”

Career Objective for FMCG

  • “A fresh graduate with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration desirous for a beginner-level position in FMCG sector. Detail-oriented and Value-driven and always curious to learn while applying my excellent leadership, communication and managerial skills.”
  • “Excellent and dedicated individual with 3-year experience in Sales executive position seeking Sales and Marketing position in FMCG company. Ready to deploy extensive leadership and management experience in team projects.”
  • “An MBA graduate with two years as Business Development Manager, seeking a proper role in an MNC where I can use my expertise to increase the Company’s profits while also expanding my professional experience.

Career Objective for Law Resumes

  • “Seeking for legal advisor job position with the experience of 3 years in maintain files and record. A position helps me to advance my professional experience as a legal advisor.”
  • “Looking for the job as a lawyer with experience and practice of working as regarding national law.”
  • “In search of a progressive position as a legal advisor where I can make maximum use of legal knowledge and customer service skill.”

Career Objective for Medical and Healthcare Professionals

  • “As a beginner in the field of medical, with my good communication and interpersonal skills, I will have assured and confident talks with individuals of all levels. I aim to work in a team as well as independently to achieve my objectives.”
  • “Seeking an entry-level position as a healthcare professional. I want to work in favour of your esteemed Organization. I would devote my time and effort to the betterment and advancement of the Organization.”
  • “My goal as an entry-level healthcare professional would be to work for poor and unhealthy people who are unable to afford expensive medical facilities. I hope that your Organization can provide me with that position.”

Career Objective for Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism Professionals

  • “I possess an admirable welcoming and friendly attitude and customer service skills which are required at your hotel, and I also want to deliver high-quality services to the customers.”
  • “Looking for a job as a receptionist in which I possess skills such as patient, welcoming attitude towards customers and soft-spoken.”
  • “To hone my skills and improve my career as a travel agent by becoming a part of one of the top and most diverse travel agencies in the country.”

What is a Good Career Objective?

A career objective is significant for both beginner and experienced professionals. It is a summary of experiences, skills, competencies, and knowledge that one wants to gain or is already acquired with. The career objective is typically one to two lines long. But don’t make it too long, typically between 50-100 words.

The career objective states what kind of career you are seeking. But one should never try to align with a job that they never want to pursue. One should also use some bulleted text right after the summary that emphasizes your skills or experience. This will help the recruiter to read their Resume with ease and mark the capabilities and achievements.

General Career Objective Examples for Resume

There are various ways to write the perfect career objective in a resume for freshers looking for a beginner job. You can land your first job without any prior experience with the help of a fantastic resume with the right career objective. Here are some of the best General Career Objective Example for Beginner:

  • Work for a company that provides me to develop my knowledge and skills and advance along with the Company’s target.
  • To secure a challenging position in my dream [Company’s name] to expand my [skills] and work for the growth of the [Company].
  • [Degree] in [Subject] at [College], have successfully lead many student conventions with my strong [skills], as well as expertise in areas such as [Specialities].
  • To work in a company that helps to explore and an environment to grow.
  • A highly disciplined and hardworking individual looking for a responsible position to gain great experience.
  • To use my interpersonal knowledge and gain new experience to achieve the Company’s goal.
  • To secure employment [Your job title] with a reputable company, I can use my skills and business studies background to the optimum.
  • Dependable [Job title] recognized for consistency in productivity and attendance while exhibiting a positive attitude during challenging situations. Exhibits exemplary work attitude and eagerness to learn new processes and techniques, which enhance team efforts.
  • I am looking for a job position where I can assimilate strategies to enhance and increase customer sales, trademark and product development, and media support.
  • To get an entry-level position at a reputed company to gain immense exposure and expand my skill set and knowledge while also making sure that the Company’s goals are accomplished.
  • To increase my knowledge and gain professional exposure while also utilizing my skills and expertise for meeting the organizational objectives.
  • To secure a position where I can apply whatever I have learned and contribute to the company’s various accomplishments.

How to Address a Career objective in Resume?

We have added how to write a career objective for your resume so that you can get an idea about what you should add and what you should not add when you are writing a career objective in your Resume:

  • Be Transparent and Truthful: Being honest and transparent about your ruthlessness is equally valuable for you as it is for your future employer. This way, it can help employers figure out quickly how to aspire and hardworking person you are and know how to formulate roles better suited for you, including contribution to more modified learning and development opportunities and receiving you the most appropriate mentor.
  • Keep It Short and Simple: A CV or Resume is a document that contains all the detailed information about you. And the objective section is one of them, which is best suited at the top of all your data below the contact details. Making it short and straightforward, and appealing at the same time will oblige employers to find out what the rest of your Resume has to present. You have to keep in mind that space is gold in a resume, and every square inch of the Resume should be filled with your skills or stories, or achievements.
  • Make Your Resume Objective Specific To The Job Position: It is the same as you alter your Resume according to every organization and the position you apply for. Scripting career objective for each part needs some research. It can only be done when you do an in-depth analysis of the Organization’s size, value, mission, and vision, history, etc. Gathering various information about the Organization will help you create your resume objective to the point quickly. You will be acquiring a lot of information that you require to keep in mind while going for a job interview.
  • Grammar Check: Although it is a small piece of the section in your Resume, there should not be any grammatical error or spelling error in it. If a recruiter catches any mistake by chance, that could be a disappointment for you to lack behind due to a minor mistake. So make sure when writing the resume objective, it should be mistake-free with no wrong word phrases or sentences in it.
  • Add any Licenses, Certificates, Or Degree You Have Pursued: Highlight any certain degree or certificates which align with the job profile or career field as it will give the recruiters an insight into how dedicated you are to the role.
  • Assure How You Will Add Value To The Company: Along with underlining your professional and educational achievements and aspirations, you should also mention the critical communication skills, career skills, and work ethics, you have to add value to the Company.
  • Emphasis more on Your Strengths: Put your focus on significant achievements and skills and mention 3-4 skills in your career objective. This will assist the recruiters in analyzing your personality quickly.

Why do you Require a Career Objective?

Getting the job you desired in the competitive world can be a challenging task for anyone. For your Resume to stand out from a thousand other resumes, it needs to be well-written and compelling so that it can catch the attention of the recruiter. A resume objective can be beneficial for this purpose. Some of the top reasons why you should add a career objective for your Resume:

  • Recruiters may receive so many applications for a single job opening that they spend less than a single minute reviewing each one. With an objective statement at the top of your resume, you give employers they can easily read in just a few seconds, rather than reviewing your entire Resume to determine if you pass.
  • You can highlight your strengths in a few lines. By writing your specialty at the top of your Resume, you highlight one of your most significant strengths quickly.
  • Some recruiters use applicant tracking systems to handle the Resume of the candidates. This software scans resumes and submits those containing specific keywords as the objective statement is a great place to include some of these keywords, which will help you move onto the next phase of the hiring process.

The Best Career Objectives in Resume for Fresher

You can put your faith in us whether you are someone struggling to put your resume objective into words or you are a student who is unsure about their fresher resume objective. Here are some of the examples of writing a career objective for a beginner:

Example 1

In your resume objective, you can write about how you want to contribute to the Organization’s future advancement. This shows the recruiter that you are looking for an opportunity to help others, and you are confident about yourself.

“A highly creative and self-motivated individual is looking to pursue a career in your Organization. Looking forward to exploring new areas and working in a stable company and being a part of the company’s growth.”

Example 2

Beginners can talk about how their experience in the Company will advance their skills and gain more professional knowledge. You can also write your career objective by focusing on what you want to experience in the chosen field.

“Seeking an opportunity where I can make use of my skill and knowledge to the growth of your Organization. I want to use my skills to gain practical exposure and understand how the Company works.”

Example 3

The candidate can also write about how they are looking for an opportunity to gain more skills and knowledge. However, it might look like that this can be reported along with other kinds of career objectives for a fresher resume, but it is not necessarily the case.

“To acquire the first-hand experience and learn more about the industry and the responsibilities and requirements within an organization. I want to improve my job capabilities and advance a more rounded skill.”

Example 4

One can also approach writing a career objective by writing about how the student wants a company position that helps them in their weaknesses and strengths. In that way, they can explore more about themselves through professional opportunities.

“I want to get a position in your Company as it challenges my skills, sharpen my training, and updates my current knowledge. I want to gain a different perspective and explore my horizons.”

Example 5

This example is especially for those who want to start their career in the HR department.

“Seeking to work in an organization to earn work experience in the field of human resources and have an internship experience of 6 months with advanced knowledge in the recruitment process.”

Example 6 

“Seeking a rewarding beginner-level Financial Analyst position with [Company’s Name] to use my knowledge in financial forecasting, planning, forecasting, and accounting software.”

Example 7 

“Looking for an entry-level position in digital marketing to expand my skills and knowledge and work for the holistic growth of the company.”

Resume Objectives for Career Change

For those targeting a career change, writing a career objective for a resume will be quite tricky. Here are a few practical tips you should keep in your mind while writing your career objective:

  • Read the job description: First, you should review the job description very closely to understand what the Company is seeking from the candidates to create your objective to the goal. To gain the recruiters’ attention, use the exact keywords or languages in your purpose. Although your work history is slightly different from others, those little details prove that you have relevant experience.
  • Highlight your attributes: These attributes should be related to the job description, like brilliant at multi-tasking, time management, excellent communication skills, and so on.
  • Focus on including transferable skills: you can use any skills listed in the job posting in previous employment to prove your qualifications. If there are no skills, then think about the transferable skills you have to fulfil the role’s duties. Some examples of skills that transfer to almost any job are Organization, problem-solving, collaboration, decision-making, verbal and written communication.

Few Examples of Objectives for a Resume for Career Change

Here are some examples of career objective for a Resume for a career change:

  • “Self-taught software developer seeking a full-time developer role at [Company’s name] to apply proficiency in Python and Java programming languages. Experience working as a freelance developer, and have worked directly with the customer to create various apps. Hoping to combine technical skills, customer service skills, and detail-orientation to provide an exciting and easy-to-use app experience for consumers.”
  • “Enthusiastic individual with 15 years experience in a fast-pacing retail space environment looking to join your Company as a recently licensed real estate agent. Seeking to use my strong interpersonal communication skills and proven ability to build a trustworthy relationship with clients and help them find new homes.”
  • “Highly motivated and organized individual with excellent time management skills. I am looking for a job position as an administrative assistant to ensure better internal communication and budget management in the Organization.”

FAQ’s on Career Objective for a Fresher

Question 1.
How many pages can one use to write a resume?

One can use two pages to avoid dense text but not more than two pages.

Question 2.
What type of career objective can weaken your Resume?

A vague career objective or one that causes the recruiter to question why you apply to their Company can weaken your Resume.

Question 3.
What is the ideal career objective for a beginner or fresher?

Here are some of the ideal career objective for a beginner or fresher are:

  1. Aim to explore a new environment while working in a stable company.
  2. To obtain a position in the Company that can absorb my skills and training, helping me add more value and success to the Company’s accomplishments.
  3. To work in a company that has room for self-growth and development.

Question 4.
Why is a career objective essential for both freshers and experienced candidates?

A career objective is essential for both fresher and experienced candidates because it mentions one’s aim, experience, and knowledge in 2-3 lines, and it can grab the employer’s attention if written well.

Declaration in Resume for Freshers Samples to Use | How to Write a Declaration on a Resume?

Declaration in Resume for Freshers

Declaration in Resume for Freshers: Declaration in resume for fresher refers to an affirmation made by the candidate regarding the facts and information provided is completely correct and true to the best of his knowledge. For any fresher who is looking for a job, a resume is a necessity. A resume plays a crucial role in determining a person’s educational and working skills.

A resume helps a recruiter in having an overview of an individual’s educational as well as working experiences to match their job profile. A well-tailored resume should have all the elements beginning from an impressive title, name address, educational qualification until the current date; all internships are undertaken, hobbies, co-curricular activities, and all personal information worth knowing for the recruiting officer suited for the job profile. Declaration in the resume is a formal statement made by an individual about the authenticity of the resume’s information.

A professional resume with the correct declaration template could be a deciding factor. The declaration should have the name, date, and location of the applicant, and a declaration seems to display transparency on the part of the employer. The article written below will have all the information needed for writing a declaration by fresher in their resume.

Declaration in Resume Format for Freshers Samples

Declaration in resume necessary is a method of establishing transparency with the employer and ensuring the candidate’s credibility.

  1. I, with this, declare that the above information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  2. All the given details in the resume are completely true and accurate.
  3. I take complete responsibility for the particulars mentioned in my resume.
  4. The above-furnished information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  5. I hereby solemnly hold myself responsible for the authenticity of the facts stated above.
  6. I now verify the truthfulness and authenticity of the facts provided in my resume.

What is a Declaration in Resume?

It is an age-old practice adopted by candidates while preparing a resume. It is a way to avoid any kind of discrepancy and misconception by an acknowledgment made by the candidate. A Declaration in Resume is a formal statement made to acknowledge the facts provided are accurate and reliable to the best of his belief. The name and date is a must in the resume declaration to make a good first-hand impression.

The formal practice of writing a declaration in the resume was made to abide by the corporate world’s rules, where declaration in a resume is a compulsion. A Declaration at the end of a resume helps establish trust with the employer and maintain a formal and professional approach to conduct. A good declaration in the resume is important because of the following elements:

  • It gives the referral an extra edge of credibility.
  • It gives an authoritative statement regarding the furnished information being true and verified.
  • It gives an acknowledgment of the provided detail being correct and justified.

Declaration in Resume

Is Declaration Required in Resume?

You must have noticed a declaration in every resume made by candidates, and it is necessary to guarantee the correctness and authenticity of the given facts in the resume. It helps in avoiding any kind of manipulation in the given resume and tries to maintain professionalism.

A declaration in a resume can be a crucial element and act as a catalyst. It is important for referrals to have a good impression of fresher graduates and eliminate chances of fraud, misconception, and distrust. There is a mixed opinion among people regarding the declaration in a resume being a compulsion. It is a traditional practice that started years back when candidates would email their resume/CV to the employers and the application form before sitting for the interview.

It was then reported as a formal way of approach to create a good impression upon the employer. Not writing a declaration in the resume can also be considered; it will no way hamper any chances of selecting candidates, so there are few resumes where the declaration is not found. A declaration can act as a deterrent to avoid any kind of fraud and manipulation in the details. It can also create a great first impression in front of the recruiting personnel.

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What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?

A resume is generally a one –two-page short document comprising of professional working experiences, educational qualifications, and working skills to seek a job. A CV is usually a long written document consisting of complete course details of a person’s life or the whole course of his/her education.

A CV is a comprehensive detail written in plain text, including the whole course of an individual’s career; it is mainly for educational purposes. At the same time, a resume provides a concise and brief overview of the person’s educational and working experiences. A CV has the following details:

  • Education
  • Professional and educational appointments
  • Objective of Research
  • Honors and Awards
  • Personal and professional profile
  • Grants and fellowship
  • Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Conferences
  • Membership
  • Teaching experiences
  • Graduate fieldwork/Lab Experience/ Research Experience
  • Non-Academic Activities
  • Languages and Skills

A Resume is a brief document usually targeted to seek jobs. An individual should adapt the resume according to the need of the job profile. The main objective for resume for freshers is to make an individual stand out in a competition; it is a highly customized document that need not include the whole course of an individual’s career, unlike a CV. A Resume is not arranged in chronological order like it is done in a CV.

A resume focuses on a set of skills achievements, but a CV has the full details of an individual’s career history; it remains static, involves changes only in the cover letter, unlike a resume. A resume is dynamic and tailored in accordance with the job purpose. A Resume generally does not follow any set of format, order, or layout.

How to write a Declaration in a Resume?

While writing a CV Declaration letter in a resume few things have to be kept in mind, like it has to be written at the end of the resume, make it precise and clear to the point in simple words, with straightforward attitude. The following things you must keep in mind:

  • It is an imperative part of a Resume to ensure the furnished details are completely verified and acknowledged by the writer.
  • It shoulda concluding document of personal detail at the bottom of the resume
  • Must be crisp and clear
  • It should have the current date and location under the resume declaration section on the resume’s left-hand side for fresher graduates.
  • Add your signature at the right-hand side of the resume declaration, and it will be authentication and hold a verified status.
  • Below the signature, mention your full name and place both at the right-hand side corner.

Importance of Resume Declaration & Whether you should have One

The practice of writing declarations in resumes began back in the days when strict hierarchical powers dominated the corporate world and job applicants would send their resumes/cv to the respective corporate recruiting personnel before meeting them in person.

In recent times the relevance of declaration in a resume has reduced though it is proved to be beneficial in some places where candidates make a formal application. The importance of writing a declaration in a resume is still in practice in some countries, and it is a mandatory rule to make a declaration in the resume. Declaration in a resume has to be present while applying for jobs in:

  • In India as well as Abroad where writing a declaration is prevalent and mandatory.
  • While applying for jobs in government organizations and established associations or a scholarly foundation.
  • While looking for jobs in the corporate world where writing declaration is informal practice.
  • When applying for a job in Educational institutions
  • While applying for jobs in companies with a strictly defined corporate hierarchy.

In situations, a declaration can act just as a supporting document from the applicant that the information given is exact and genuine; it can make an impression of the formal structure of your resume. Regardless to say whether one is an accomplished personality or a newcomer, a declaration in the resume can always act as a document establishing your reliability and genuineness.

Declaration on a Resume Format

There is no specific way of writing a declaration in a resume, but some little things are followed while writing a declaration in a resume.

  • Place and date has to be mentioned on the left-hand side beneath the affirmation of declaration in the resume
  • The declaration must be written in two-three sentences in simple words.
  • Signature is to be present at the right-hand side corner below the declaration in the resume

Declaration in Resume Template

Some details need to be kept in mind while writing a declaration in a resume.

Here is a sample of a Declaration template that can be used in your own declaration statement.

  • {Statement of Declaration}
  • {Current Date and location of the applicant on the left-hand side corner beneath the declaration statement}
  • {Full name and signature on the right end of the resume beneath the declaration statement}

Declaration Statement Samples for Freshers

Though writing a declaration in the resume is of traditional practice, it can leave an impressive impact on the employer. For fresh graduates, it becomes all the more important as it can make a positive impression while ensuring the credibility of the candidate. A resume for fresher is an extremely crucial document. It is a self -advertisement made to portray an individual’s potential, abilities and a declaration in the resume of fresh graduates can be a brownie point.

It can aid them to stand out in the competitive environment of landing jobs of their choice. The declaration in the resume is an essential part for the reader; it ensures that the provided facts are completely true and verified. Declaration in resume for fresh graduates can be made in the following ways:

  • The information stated in the resume is true and accurate. I take complete responsibility for the accuracy of the particulars mentioned in the resume.
  • I hereby declare that the details provided are completely true and verified to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I hold myself self-responsible for the authenticity of the given detail.
  • I solemnly declare that the particular mentioned in the resume is free from errors, and I take complete responsibility for any deviation of facts in the later stage.
  • I sincerely declare the given information ledge the fact is fully true, and I acknowledge the fact.

FAQ’s on Declaration in Resume for Freshers

Question 1.
What is a declaration in a resume?

It is an affirmative line made to justify the truthfulness of the information provided and an acknowledgment.

Question 2.
When should a declaration in a resume be written?

It is usually preferred to be written at the end of the resume within one or two sentences in easy and simple language.

Question 3.
Why is a declaration in a resume essential?

To avoid all sorts of manipulation, misconception, and fraud.

Question 4.
Is there any particular format to be followed while writing a declaration in a resume?

There isn’t any specific format that must be followed, but certain details need to be clearly highlighted, like the educational qualification, non-academic activities, and professional experiences; also, the declaration template should be carefully chosen.

Question 5.
Will a resume be rejected without a declaration?

No resume can be rejected in the absence of a declaration. Still, there are few places where writing a declaration in a resume is strictly followed and is a compulsion where the absence of a declaration could hamper selecting a job applicant.

Best Career Objective for Software Engineer | Top 20 Career Objective for Resume for Software Developers

career objective for software engineer

Professionally if you are a software engineer or if you are a fresher applying for the software engineering jobs then you must refer to this article. This page will eliminate all your stress and worries while drafting a career objective for a resume. Most of the graduates face a lot of issues while creating the resume objective for any field such as software developer or engineer. To overcome their problems we have come up with a special article ie., ‘Career objective for software engineer’.

There is a statement called ‘First Impression is the best & important in any kind of situation’. So to make that first impression more effective & powerful, here we have curated some top 20 best software engineer career objectives for both fresher and experienced resume writings. Let your Resume spark and support you in reaching your career goals and dream jobs. Also, follow our expert’s written tips and tricks to enhance your resume and make use of the below-provided samples on career objectives for Software Engineers for better understanding.

More To Know: 

Top 20 Career Objective for Software Engineers

Most of the recruitment at the initial stages is done with the help of a Resume. Panel members read the candidate’s resume and understand their personality and skills, etc. After going through the resume they decide whether the applied candidate fits in the required role or not. So, it is very essential to make a good resume start with a powerful career objective.

To make a good career objective for a software engineer, you need to follow some standard tips and tricks. They can assist you in creating your own career objective by adding your perceptive and skills. Drafting the perfect software engineer career objective can be a daunting task for freshers as well as experienced engineers. So, here we have compiled a list of the 20 top Software Engineers Career Objective Samples that can be utilized while creating your resume for Software Engineering jobs.

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  1. A creative and detailed individual has the capacity to developed an effective and efficient solution with no tolerance for errors. And also have a working experience where technical skills are useful.
  2. A highly motivated software engineer seeking to get a position in a reputed company, where I can use my skills and knowledge to learn new things and grow as a software developer.
  3. Aim to work in a challenging environment where I used my sound knowledge of open GI application and MS office, which I have a good understanding of c++ and java to boost my career at a higher level.
  4. An individual who posses a B.E. degree in computer engineering and 5 years of experience in software development. Seeking a career in software testing in a challenging environment where I can utilize my technical skills towards the development and implementation of new ideas and contributing to the growth of the organization.
  5. Creative thinker and content expert with in-depth knowledge of development tools and languages. Looking for a position where I am utilizing my 5 years of experience at a higher level.
  6. Creative thinker, a talented individual who has strong communication skills and possess team spirit which desires a career as a software engineer at Redfin.
  7. Desire a software engineer position in an organization where I have 5 years of experience in XML, ASP Programming, and coding.
  8. Good knowledge of software development process and object-oriented programming also has the ability to test software for resolving problems.
  9. Hopeful for the position of a software developer into HITCON Company to turn complex requirements into consistent software that customers and clients will love.
  10. I Am an excellent team player and also possess a positive attitude towards individual goals and also organizational goals.
  11. Looking for a challenging software engineer position where I can use my skills and knowledge for software program testing and design.
  12. Looking for a job as a software engineer at remedy solutions where my skills in the technical field will be useful and I should think about my career to grow as a Software engineer.
  13. Seeking a challenging position in an organization where I can use my talents and skills to grow and expand an organization as well as myself.
  14. To pursue a career in software development at Rubicon where skills in testing and coding will be useful while delivering a service to a customer.
  15. Seeking a software engineer position at techno language, bringing 4 years of experience in testing and coding.
  16. To obtain a fresher position as a software engineer in a fast-paced organization where technical skills and creative thinking are useful.
  17. Looking to join a star life solution as a software engineer to offer web designing and design services to attract more customers.
  18. Seeking for a position of software tester, to apply for a BE degree in software engineering and contains 3 years of experience in developing an application.
  19. To become a software designer to transform technology to apply expertise in testing and coding and to provide a good service to the clients.
  20. To become a Software engineer where I have to use my skills and knowledge for the development of the project, where strong project management and analytical skill will be useful in the delivery of the services to the customer.

Best Career Objective for Software Developers

Are you looking for the best and powerful career objectives for a Software Developer position for your resume? Then, here are some sample resume objectives for a Software developer you can use on your resume and make it more effective than others.

  • A curious learner and creative team player, interesting in the job role of Software Developer at ABC Inc. where I can utilize my understanding of coding and software development to efficiently fulfill the requirements of clients and customers.
  • BTech in Computer Science Engineering graduate with exceptional analytical skills, seeking the role of Software Developer at ABC Inc. Bringing extensive knowledge of coding, software testing, app development, and programming languages especially HTML, Javascript, and Python.
  • Detail-oriented professional with exceptional interpersonal skills, team working abilities, and BTech in Computer Science, seeking the role of Software Developer at Halo Inc. Expertise in coding and testing, software application development and design, including iOS and Android as well as extensive knowledge of product-oriented designs and data structures.
  • Interesting in the position of Software Developer at HIJ Inc. to incorporate working knowledge of customized software design and developer and coding along with honing my skills and contributing towards augmenting the reputation of the company.
  • Talented individual with in-depth knowledge of designing and development tools and coding languages. Desirous of the role of Software Developer at AP Inc. to apply 2+ years of work experience in innovating software designs, testing and coding as well as debugging programs and troubleshooting and augmenting the company’s reputation.

How to Make a Good Career Objective for Software Engineer for Experienced and Fresher?

After reading this you will surely create a good career objective for a software engineer fresher or experienced job. A career objective is a 2 to 3 line statement where the recruiter decides your ability and skills are efficient and actively contribute to the company’s growth. At the time of drafting a resume career objective for a software engineer, it is crucial to dig deep about the position and what company’s history, objectives, and goals. If these elements go well with your skills and experience in the role then make your CV look more effective and impressive with apt lines and skills.

Also, you can understand whether very well about the position fits you or not. So go ahead and follow the points while drafting the career objective for a software engineering job:

  • Start by introducing a few qualities of yours and then simultaneously add a few skills
  • Use the professional tone and write what are your hopes for the company
  • Leave a hint of how you can impact the organization being at the role you are applying for
  • Always close your career objective in 2-3 lines, that is, 30-50 words
  • Should be crisp and concise and do not mention any extra details
  • Refrain from using first-person pronouns

What Skills to be Included in Software Engineer Resume Objective?

One of the important aspects that should include in your career objective is ‘Skills’. Skills play an important role in your resume career objective. As we are talking about the career objective for Software Engineer, it is mandatory to include the required skills in your SE Resume Career Objective for both fresher & experienced.

Some of the topmost and crucial skills you need to add to your software engineer or developer resume objective are presented below for your help.

  • Brilliant problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Analytical skills to assess software applications and carry out necessary improvements
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Detect bugs and suggest requisite solutions
  • Detail-oriented professional
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Extensive knowledge of software design and experience in the same
  • Strong designing and planning skills
  • Experience in quality assurance
  • Creative skills
  • Excellent at analyzing information in a structured and logical manner
  • Understanding of hardware, software languages, and related tools

Tips to Write Effective Career Objective for Resume for Software Engineer Fresher

Candidates who are worried about the career objective for a resume can happily go with the following tips and enhance your software engineer resume career objective. Always remember the below-mentioned few hints while writing the new Software Engineer career objective or changing the old SE Career Objective in the resume:

  • Keep it concise, yet efficient
  • Should match the job requirements
  • Concentrate on your skills and prior experiences
  • Appealing career objectives
  • Use good vocabulary
  • It must portray positivity
  • Innovative & Effective

FAQs on Resume Objective for Software Developer Fresher

1. What should I put for career objectives?

The most efficient career objective is one that is customized to the job you are submitting for. Your career objective would be the mix of what you are seeking, what skills and experiences you have. In the resume, your career objective must include these elements and also where you have been and where you desire to go in your career.

2 What are your career goals as a software developer?

Below are few strategic career goals for software developers in 2021:

  • become an expert in a domain, technology, or language
  • work on a system that has X scale or complexity
  • get to a specific job title
  • work at a prestigious tech company
  • start a side hustle
  • make your first sale of software you wrote
  • mentor someone and see them get better over time
  • help a new person on your team onboarded and get started
  • give a talk on a technical topic that you’re passionate about at a meetup, conference, or event
  • write a useful blog or an article that gets shared a lot

3. How do I write a career objective for an engineer?

By using the following tips you can easily make a good software engineer resume objective:

  • Keep it short, yet compelling.
  • Be specific about your goals.
  • Make your resume objective specific to the position.
  • Mention some of your attributes.
  • Put your employer’s needs first.
  • Highlight degrees or certifications relevant to the position.
  • Be honest.

Application for Transfer Certificate | Get To Know How To Write TC With Samples

Transfer Certificate

Application for TC: Usually students apply for Transfer Certificates when they are moving from one school to another school for different reasons. TC Application in English is a document that is helpful to students while taking admission in another school. Application for TC or leaving certificate is a letter given by the principal while students are leaving from one school and moving to another school.

Application for School Transfer Certificate’s main objective is to leave the present schools and join in another school. Without this document, students can not get admission in other schools/colleges. Based on different reasons students can apply for this document with an application to the principal. Raed on the complete article to know more about how to write Transfer Certificate to Principal and know about what to include in Application for TC.

How To Write TC Application in English?

  • Reason: In this Section students need to give a clear explanation of the reason for leaving the certificate.
  • How To Request: Request a Transfer Certificate to a school teacher or school principal and mention the reason for having the transfer certificate letter.
  • Subject: Mention Application for School Leaving Certificate/Application for Transfer Certificate.
  • Mention date on which you need certificate: Students can also request a particular date or early date to avoid difficulties or inconvenience.

Application for TC Sample

Application For Tc By Parents For Changing School

Sample 1 – Requesting Transfer Certificate to the school principal.

The Principal,
Vignan High School,
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

Date: 25th January 2020.

Subject: Application for Transfer Certificate due to father job got transferred.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With Respect, I humbly request you to provide a transfer certificate as my father got a transfer to Delhi and we are moving to Delhi in the next month so I am requesting the school authorities to provide my Transfer certificate application in English as soon as possible so that it will help me to take admission in another school. Thank You in advance.

Yours Sincerely
Roll Number: 1

Sample 2 – Application for Transfer Certificate after completing college

The Principal,
Master MInds,
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I would like to state that I have completed my intermediate in your college. I have cleared all my pending dues also so I would like to request you to provide my Transfer Certificate so that I can take admission to another institute. I have cleared all my pending due and am requesting you to kindly issue my transfer certificate, I will be really thankful to you.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,
Akash Mehra,
Roll No: 2.

How To Write an Application for Tc in English

Sample 3 – Application for TC by Parents

The Principal,
Delhi Public School,

Dear Sir/Madam,

With a humble request, I am Sunil Kumar Father of Sridevi, I would like to request you to please grant my child transfer certificate as we are leaving from the current address and shifting to another place which is 40kmts away from the present address. Based on this reason I am applying for my child transfer certificate.

Please provide it as soon as possible. So that it will be helpful in the further admission process.

Details of My Child are


Class 7th, Section – A,

Roll Number 35.

Thanking you,

Yours Obediently,
Sunil Kumar.

Application for Transfer Certificate

Application For Transfer Certificate (TC) In English

FAQ’s On Application for TC

Question 1.
How can I write a letter to TC from college?

To write an Application TC (Transfer Certificate) from School or Application for Transfer Certificate from School and College, follow the steps below;

  • Write the details of the person (School Principal) who will issue the TC, along with the institute name and address.
  • Write date
  • Write subject line
  • write the actual reason for TC
  • Write for pending dues
  • Close the application with Thank you and your name and details.

Question 2.
What is TC in school?

A TC in School means it is a document provided by principal to students when they are leaving from present school and are seeking to take admission in another school with a valid reason.

Question 3.
How do I write a letter to transfer to another school?


  • Introduction: Introduce yourself
  • State Your Achievements: Provide a brief account of all your academic achievements. Include any awards or honors that you may have received in addition to your GPA (grade point average). Offer any details of the activities you participate in, such as an athletic or academic clubs, or your involvement with any volunteering opportunities.
  • List The Reasons: Give the reasons why you want or need to transfer, whether it’s due to a family emergency, changes in your major, or other reasons.
  • Express Sincere Gratitude To The Recipient: Be sure to express your utmost gratitude to the Dean of Admissions and include your current contact information as well.

Sample Letters of Advice | Template, Format and How To Write Sample Letters of Advice?

Sample Letters of Advice: Advice is defined as an act of guidance, recommendation, a proposition, a suggestion, or an opinion using wise words. Individuals can seek advice from anyone who she or he thinks fit to approach for guidance or recommendation.

However, the advisor’s burden is liable to the kind of opinion or suggestion, or recommendation is given to the other individual. For instance, when someone reaches out to you for advice, you have to remain honest and provide them with your sincere opinion or suggestion.

A letter of advice is primarily of two common types, an official capacity and a personal capacity.

In an official capacity, the advice could be directed to a customer or maybe a subordinate. There are chances that your opinion may be sought or asked by higher officials or authorities.

In a personal capacity, the advice could shapeshift as motivation to take an opportunity, to avail a chance, recommendation, or words of encouragement,

Here is a note to self, no matter in what capacity you are writing the letter of advice, remember that the burden lies in presenting a positive response. Before responding to the other individual to such a request, think about the request without delaying the letter.

Remember to make the right choice of words and avoid being judgemental. Make the person on the other end believe that you genuinely care about him or her and build your opinion on sincerity.

When considering a sensitive topic, evaluate the approach carefully and avoid strong and intense language. It is also better to restrict your opinion regarding the subject that has been asked. Refrain from adding additional aspects to it.

If you have been requested for an opinion about a serious or grave matter that you are not personally inclined to or dislike, refrain from mentioning it or pointing it out in a disrespectful manner. Instead, remain polite, helpful, and respectful.

Refrain from giving a personal opinion on any issues unless you have requested to provide one. When you are asked for advice, always maintain a constant tone of appreciation and assure the person that whatever suggestion you are conferring is in her or his interest.

If you cannot confer an opinion or comment on any request, show your request and clearly state that you are unable to advise on this matter or issue. However, do not present wrongful advice to anyone.

Sample Letters Of Advice

Here are a few of the samples of letters of advice based on the occasion or person.

Letter Of Advice Format

When writing a letter of advice, the format should be molded around the following pointers-

  • The choice of words must be used carefully.
  • Respond quickly to the request for advice but give yourself some time to think about your answer.
  • Keep the tone respectful, congenial, and helpful no matter how you feel.
  • Be careful of appearing judgmental and avoid direct or implied criticism.
  • Avoid vital languages, and it may discourage your reader.
  • If you cannot give advice, express your regret but refrain from personal opinion or comments.
  • When dealing with a sensitive topic, consider your approach carefully.
  • Present personal advice only if asked and must ensure caution and sensitivity.
  • Show some gratitude with a friendly letter.
  • Keep your advice simple, concise, and to the point.
  • If someone takes your advice, maintain a tone of appreciation and avoid condescension or feelings of superiority.

Letter for Asking An Advice

Dear (name),

I want to ask your advice on joining a company located in Dubai. I have received a good career opportunity in Dubai, inclusive of a family visa. I need your unsolicited advice and decision about this. You know that I am completing my seven-year tenure in my current job and even received a promotion.

I am looking forward to moving to Dubai with my family and hope for a better and safe environment. I could take your advice as you have settled in Dubai.

Please send me a detailed enquiry about the living situation, the cost of living, and a query about the company. I have attached a copy of the appointment letter for the address. Please feel free to call my number at any time, waiting for your reply.

Thanking you,



Letter for Asking An Advice

Letter Of Advice On Weight Loss

Dear Daisy,

I firstly thank you for writing me this letter. I’ve just received your email, and I was sorry to hear you’re worried about your weight. I hope my unsolicited advice helps you and hope that things get better soon.

Your initial problem is about your weight. Besides having a healthy diet, I suggest you try some beneficial and health exercises and activities like swimming, playing ball games, etc. Besides, accept your appearance as everybody is beautiful. Avoid being with people who put you down or let them know how you feel when they comment about your weight.

You could walk more whenever possible rather than taking the bus or car as it helps your burn calories and helps you become fit and healthy. I know it can be hard to do at first, but believe me, it will work.

Please, feel free to contact me through call or email anytime. I am looking forward to your reply.

Thanking You,



Letter Of Advice On Weight Loss

Letter Of Advice To Company

A letter of advice to a company or a business should be formal and professional. The letter should encompass professional correspondence from one industry to another or from one company to another. The letter of advice to a company allows the format of a formal letter by having clear, precise, and relevant information.

Recipient’s address

Your Address and contact details

Objective ( A simple and short sentence)

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing to inform you that our business name has changed from ( insert the old name) to ( insert the new name).

There has been no change in management, and we will be providing the consumers with the same service and products on which we have built our reputation.

There is no change in the contact, and everything will remain the same on the business level. I would greatly appreciate your HR team about the difference in the organisation’s name and update the record accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter, and we will look forward to continuing a great partnership with each other.


(Sign here)

(Your Name and Title)

Letter Of Advice To CompanyLetter Of Advice To Company

Letter Of Advice To Friend

While writing a letter of advice to a close friend, the informal letter format must be implemented. A letter of recommendation on this category should not be restrictive, and therefore there are no particular rules to follow. You can write what feels natural to you depending on how well you know the advice letter recipient.

Dear (name)

I am sorry about your current situation; I am sure we can brainstorm something to relieve you from the shackle.

(Briefly mention a few suggestions to help)

I will look into the matter in detail and get back to you as soon as possible. You know that you can always contact me whenever you need something or a hand of help or talk about anything. You already possess my contact details.

I will contact you after looking further into the matter.

Keep your chin up.

See you soon!

(Your Name)

Letter Of Advice To Friend

Letter Of Advice About Dispatched Goods

Letter of advice about dispatched goods should be a formal letter confirming that you have shipped the item(s) to the reader. Enlist or mention what and when the item is mailed, along with the instructions as to what the reader should do if he or she does not receive the item(s). Also, include what the reader should do during any problem with the item(s). State your next course of action and end with a kind note.

(Sender’s Name)

(Address line)

(State, ZIP Code)

(Letter Date)

(Recipients Name)

(Address line)

(State, ZIP Code)

(Subject: A summary of the intention of the letter)

Dear (Recipients Name),

We want to inform you that we have dispatched the brochure and other promotional material you requested yesterday during the phone conversation. I hope the above-mentioned information will provide you with all the information you need regarding the product you ordered.

We expect that you will receive the package by April 10. If, however, you do not receive the package within that said period, please get in touch with me immediately to rectify the situation.

Upon receiving the package, please do inform me if every product within is intact. Upon receiving the package, I will be calling you to present you with further instructions.


(Your Name)

(Your Title)-Optional

(Enclosures: number) – Optional

cc: (Name of copy recipient) – Optional

Letter Of Advice About Dispatched Good

Academic Letter Of Advice

Dear Louis,

I am sorry that I haven’t written to you or reached you in a long time. I have been swamped over the last year.

I want to pursue an MBA in Canada, and I hope you could give me some advice. I visited Toronto last year, and I wish to pursue my Higher education in Toronto. Since you have been living there for a few years, I am pretty sure that you will be able to assist me in finding an appropriate institution. I don’t have a huge budget, so I am looking for an affordable institution.

I hope you would not mind helping me. Although I can search online for colleges in Canada, I think the information obtained from a friend living in the country would be better.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You.


Academic Letter Of Advice

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1999

Write a letter to the Principal of your school expressing your wish to continue studying after X. This Formal Letter was asked in ICSE 1999 board exam. You can find Previous Year Formal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1999

2/34 Virat Khand,
Gomti Nagar,
Lucknow – 226010
10th May, 2000.

The Principal
Boys High School,


Subject : Re-admission to class XI Science stream

I am a student of class X C of your school and have given my ICSE Board exams in March 2000. In view of the new academic session commencing next month, I wish to seek re-admission in class XI, Science stream with Mathematics.

I have been studying in the school since class I and have found the environment very conducive for learning. The teaching faculty is one of the best, with very good and cooperative staff. There is also a good mix of academics and extracurricular activities. I would therefore like to continue studying in this school for the next two years also.

The reason in opting for the science stream is my penchant for the subject, which is also my hobby. I have scored good marks in the half yearly and the pre-board examinations. The copy of my report card is enclosed for your kind perusal.

My choice of subjects is also in line with my ambition of becoming a top-notch computer engineer. I plan to join an IIT after completing my ISC. This is for I see a bright future in the realm of Information Technology, where there is tremendous potential for growth. The academic environment of the school shall enable me to realise my dream.

I sincerely desire to pursue further studies in my almamater. Kindly grant me admission in class XI in the Science stream with Mathematics for which I shall be thankful.

Yours obediently,
Siddhant Singh

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1998

Write a letter to the Manager of your local bus depot. This Formal Letter was asked in ICSE 1998 board exam. You can find Previous Year Formal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1998

45 Vijay Khand
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow – 226010
9th July 1998

The Depot Manager
Local Bus Depot

Dear Sir,

Subject : Inadequate number of buses in Route no. 1

I would like to draw your kind attention, to the plight of daily commuters travelling in the city buses on route number one, which operates from the airport to Chinhat. The buses are inadequate in number and are invariably late, especially during peak morning hours.

The number of buses plying on this route, is incommensurate to the population of the colonies around the airport. Since this is the only mode of transport, for the residents, the buses are perpetually overcrowded. The office goers and the college students can be seen lined up for hours at the bus stop, waiting for buses to come, which are invariably late. The few buses that come are overcrowded. The plight of lady commuters is inexplicable. Taking advantage of the situation antisocial elements, like pickpockets have a field day.

I request you to kindly increase the number of buses and monitor their punctuality. I solicit your help in easing the difficulty of the much aggrieved daily commuter.

Yours truly,
K. K. Singh.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1997

Your club plans to hold a youth festival in the city. This Formal Letter was asked in ICSE 1997 board exam. You can find Previous Year Formal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1997

56 Sector – A
Gomti Nagar
10th May, 2000

Mr. Anil Ambani
Managing Director
Good Luck Industries

Dear Sir,

Subject : Sponsor of youth festival by Jagriti Youth Club

You would be happy to learn that the Jagriti Youth Club of Lucknow is planning to hold a youth festival in Ravindralaya from 10th to 12th December. The programme is dedicated to the brave Army Jawans who laid down their lives in Kargil. The proceeds of the festival, will be donated to the Kargil Fund, for the rehabilitation of the widows and children of the martyrs.

Teams from all over the state will be participating in competition like dramatics and musical concert. Eminent judges like Lachu Maharaj and Muzaffar Ali shall be attending the event. Star artists have also been invited to perform at the festival. We are expecting a good response from the general public, in view of the performance by the celebrities.

A festival of this magnitude has never been held in the city till date. The budgeted expense for the same, would work out to ₹ 10 lakh. This is because most artists are performing voluntarily, to show their solidarity with the valiant jawans.

To help us in this noble cause, we request you to kindly sponsor the event. This will give your company tremendous publicity and help promote your products. We are sure, you would like to contribute to this great cause and shall look forward to your confirmation by this week end.

Thanking you,

Yours truly, XYZ,
Jagriti Youth
Club Lucknow


Write a letter to the Mayor of your city requesting him to open an amusement park in the city for the benefit of children.