Top 15 Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students in India | What are the Highest Paid Jobs in Commerce?

Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students: Here is a rundown of the top 15 most significant compensation occupations for trade understudies that can help you land on a respectable compensation and give you the necessary experience; a portion of these work profiles are as follows.

Here is a brief description of the standard compensation of every one of these most significant occupations for students of Commerce subject.

Students of Commerce who are now placed as a chartered accountant can get a salary of 6-7 lakh rupees per annum on an average. There are other high salaried jobs like cost accountant, business accountant, taxation, retail manager, company secretary, personal financial advisor, and research analyst whose average annual income lies between 3 lakh to 10 lakh rupees. Human resource manager, chartered financial analyst, investment banker, and actuary are those jobs where a commerce student can earn up to 15 lakh rupees per annum on average. A chief executive officer’s salary and an entrepreneur’s average salary vary from 24 lakh rupees to 120 lakh rupees per annum. Read on the complete article to know more about highest salary jobs for commerce students in canada, abroad, without maths, with maths, highest salary jobs in India per month.

Highest Paying Jobs for Commerce Students

There are various high salaried jobs for commerce students who did not have Maths as their subject. Refer to the below modules and get acquainted with each career option and their salary. They are along the lines

With regards to business understudies without maths, there are various most significant compensation vocations to look over. You can take up any specialization like Chartered Accountancy, Digital Marketing, Business Research, Entrepreneurship, and so on, which don’t need maths with Commerce and can procure up worthwhile bundles. Here is a brief description of the Highest Salaried Jobs for Commerce Students without Maths.

There are jobs like chartered accountant, digital marketing manager, certified public accountant, human resource manager, product manager, certified management accountant, company secretary, event manager, hotel manager, retail manager, where studying maths is not an important issue. A student studying in Commerce stream who doesn’t have Maths can get placed in the jobs mentioned earlier, which are also high salaried. A human resource manager and a product manager’s salary lie between 7 lakh rupees to 17 lakh rupees per annum on average. Simultaneously, the other jobs offer the maximum annual packages of about 10 lakh rupees on average.

Now let’s talk about the high salaried jobs that a student of Commerce without having maths can get.

Salary Jobs for Commerce Students

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant is liable for the issue identified with tax assessment and reporting, accounting of a business. The errands included are assessment forms, monetary accounting and announcing, review economic archives, planning and assessing financial reports, keeping up records of speculations. Chartered Accountancy is outstanding amongst other trade occupations in the US, and understudies should finish the CA Course, which comprises of 3 levels with various CA Subjects at each level.

Chartered Accountants are prepared for accounting and inspecting as trained professionals. They deal with their managers’ and customers’ records. They likewise give an accounting, tax assessment, and monetary guidance for organizations.

Skills that are required to be an efficient Chartered Accountant

With a few understudies neglecting to get all stages free from the course, CA is perhaps the most challenging course on the planet. Hence, to do very well in this course, you require explicit gifts and abilities. Here are those abilities and information you need to turn into a CA:

  • Candidates should be great in insights and accounting.
  • Candidates ought to have extraordinary thinking capacities.
  • Candidates should focus on subtleties and exactness.
  • Candidates ought to have significant involvement with examining or temporary jobs.
  • Candidates should realize how to adjust records and make introductions.

The average annual salary of a chartered accountant starts from 6 lakh rupees.

Marketing Manager

Perhaps the most pursued positions in the business area and among the most significant pay occupations for Commerce understudies, a marketing manager is required to deal with the promoting area of items in an organization. They plan, gauge, arrange and advance organizations. Promoting directors use publicizing and advertising to amplify deals and augment the market presence of the firm that they are working for. A vocation in Marketing Management is loaded up with promising and worthwhile freedoms as you can look over fluctuated specializations in Marketing.

Skills that are required to be a Marketing Manager:

An extraordinary arrangement is foreseen from an effective showcasing administrator in the current exceptionally requesting business setting. Here are the significant abilities and information you need to turn into an incredible Marketing Manager:

  • As hopeful people need to have a vital understanding of the products and ventures, an advertising proficient should be consistently imaginative.
  • To become an effective showcasing supervisor, a competitor needs to have excellent relational abilities.
  • Candidates need to explore numerous aspects of advertising, so they should be spry and creative.
  • Aspiring up-and-comers should think about advanced promoting, as it is the future foundation of showcasing and ought to likewise have uncommon detailing and archiving capacities.

The average annual salary of a marketing manager starts from 6 lakh rupees and based on gaining experience, and it can rise up to 22 lakh rupees per annum.

Investment Banker

An investment banker is somebody who works intimately with monetary organizations and expands capital for an organization. They give economic suggestions to these organizations and associations on the best way to arrive at a financial objective and make a long haul and transient monetary plans. Investment Banking is one of the most generously compensated business occupations in the US and across the world.

Speculation financiers prevalently assume a part in acquisitions and deals. For their financial backers, they help create pay. They seek after their professions as asset chiefs to major corporate organizations. They additionally offer their expert guidance in such countless different angles.

Skills that are required to be an Investment Banker:

Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into an influential Investment Banker:

  • An investment banker arranges with a ton of figures, so it is imperative to have extraordinary thinking and scientific capacities, which one learns in the Commerce field.
  • Investment Bankers manage prominent, famous characters; hence they should have the option to deal with individuals and their demeanors.
  • Each work is the first concern for them, so applicants need to have solid abilities in overseeing projects.
  • Investment investors are business heads, so administrative abilities are exceptionally fundamental.
  • As a speculation financier, relational abilities are likewise among the establishments to the development of the calling.

The average annual salary of an investment banker starts from 6 lakh rupees and based on gaining experience, and it can rise up to 25 lakh rupees per annum.

Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager offers essential arrangements towards dealing with the representatives of a firm so that they pursue an increment in the benefit of the organization and satisfy the vital needs of the firm. Human asset chiefs enlist, meeting, and recruit new staff individuals; take care of representative advantage programs, business motivations, and so on. There is a ton of extension in this field because of the expanding interest of individuals to work in the Business and Management area. To turn into a Human Resource Manager, you can decide on particular graduate degree programs like Masters in Human Resource Management or MBA in HR.

There is a ton of extensions in this field because of the expanding interest of individuals to work in the Business and Management area.

Skills that are required to be a Human Resource Manager:

Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into an effective Human Resource Manager:

  • A fruitful Human Resources Manager needs to grow great correspondence capacities to settle clashes and select the best gifts.
  • He/she additionally needs to create solid relational and authority abilities and have the option to understand the difficulties and worries of a worker.
  • HR Managers ought to have the right staff to create and lead different exercises. HR administrators should ensure that everything is acted in consistence with the laws and standards of the organization.

The average annual salary of a Human Resource Manager starts from 5 lakh rupees and based on gaining experience, and it can rise up to 15 lakh rupees per annum.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Chartered monetary experts are required to perform an investigation of profits and dangers, gather information, plan economic models, and so forth. They keep up the records and care for the monetary arranging of any association. It is one of the most significant compensation occupations in the US for Commerce understudies, particularly among those with a degree in Finance or Banking.

Abilities Required To Become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA):

The fundamental abilities and undertakings of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) are to consider the capital business sectors across the globe and furnish their customers and clients with conceivable outcomes. In the ventures where they are working, they additionally fill in as monetary experts. The depository divisions of an organization are frequently driven by financial investigators.

Here is a portion of the abilities and information you need to turn into a fruitful Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA):

  • Successful CFAs should have an outstanding scholarly capacity which is an essential piece of their work. They additionally need to have stunning numbers, and their factual and insightful abilities should be incredible.
  • In request to have the option to produce coherent, realistic, and instructive reports, Chartered Financial Analysts indeed must be a reliable direct communicator.
  • To settle on fundamental monetary decisions, competitors need to have steady dynamic abilities.
  • They ought to likewise be prepared in the utilization of various investigation advances.

The average salary of a Chartered Financial Analyst starts from 12 lakh rupees per annum.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A Certified Public Accountant basically handles the accounting, announcing, charging, and evaluating measures for companies, customers, and the public authority. They propose important and farsighted information in regards to the right financial choices when there are high stakes. It is one of the most significant compensation occupations in the US and across the world for Commerce understudies. The CPA test is directed by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

They ought to likewise have inside and out the experience of money and corporate administration and information on bookkeeping and tax assessment strategies and enactment corrections. It is one of the most significant compensation occupations in the US and across the world for Commerce understudies. The CPA test is managed by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

Abilities Required To Become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

A CPA has a few exercises within reach, from assessing and inspecting the monetary situation of an establishment like a private enterprise, state organization, or worker to leading reviews for them. Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into a fruitful Certified Public Accountant (CPA):

  • To become an effective Certified Public Accountant, you need to have great bookkeeping and announcing systems.
  • Candidates should realize how to utilize all the new instruments for bookkeeping frameworks.
  • Certified Public Accountants must have extraordinary information on expense laws sufficient.
  • They ought to have great hierarchical information and administration abilities and see how to appropriately introduce realities and reports.

The annual starting package of a Certified Public Accountant lies between 7 lakh to 9 lakh rupees on average.


An actuary is somebody who figures and introspects the monetary outcomes of dangers or unexpected occasions. These people have joined broad information on Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, with a full examination to evaluate the risks related to the protection business. Actuaries widely work in organizations that need to oversee monetary dangers like medical clinics, banks, and so on. It is one of the most profitable positions in the US and furthermore worldwide.

Actuaries broadly work in organizations that need to oversee monetary dangers like clinics, banks, and so on. It is one of the most profitable positions in the US and furthermore universally.

Abilities Required To Become an Actuary

Actuarial Science is anything but a simple course, and you should be resolved to push ahead with it. There are sure abilities which you should have. Here are the skills and information you need to turn into a fruitful Actuary:

  • There are 13 papers to comprehend and will set aside a great deal of effort to be ready for all the difficult work you should acquire. You ought to be dedicated and focused on the course.
  • If you want to accomplish the superior information on the rudiments of the course, you simply must have the enthusiasm to peruse.
  • In general, you must have the ability for number juggling or measurements; extraordinary, insightful skills and critical thinking abilities are essential.

The salary of an actuary starts from 10 lakh rupees to 14 lakh rupees per annum on average.

Cost Accountant

Cost accountants are answerable for planning, execution assessment, cost, and resource the board with the organization. Being a piece of the leader group, these experts work to decrease monetary waste in an organization, break down expenses of creation and different costs, and approaches to expand benefit. They plan financial reports for charge specialists, investors, loan bosses, and administrative offices. It is quite possibly the most suggested occupation for business understudies with a significant salary scale.

Abilities Required To Become a Cost Accountant:

A Cost Accountant is responsible for lessening the capital consumptions of an organization just as developing pay. Obligations incorporate the appraisal of genuine creation or activity costs, the investigation of related business uses, the investigation of benefit, and the arranging of the monetary arrangement. Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into a top Cost Accountant:

  • Strong skills in oral and composed correspondence.
  • The potential to function as a component of a crew.
  • Outstanding specialized and computational skills.
  • Sound comprehension of business.
  • Exactitude and an eye for detail.

The average salary of a Cost Accountant starts from 4 lakh rupees per annum on an average.

Business Accountant and Taxation

Professional business accountants work exclusively in the fields of tax assessment and account. They should have adequate information about immediate and roundabout tax assessment alongside dominant and detailing abilities. These specialists work in the territories of Accounts, MIS, Taxation, Compliance, and Reporting. They likewise have the information on outstanding quality bookkeeping programming and applications like Tally, Quickbooks, SAP, and Advance Excel. The most notable projects you should investigate to seek after this significant compensation vocation in business incorporate are BAT course, Diploma in Taxation, Tally course.

Abilities Required To Become a Successful Business and Taxation Accountant:

Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into a Business and Taxation Accountant:

  • Established aptitude in the realm of training as a duty specialist, charge expert, or expense preparer.
  • Awareness of strategies for bookkeeping and account.
  • Familiarity with bookkeeping programming bundles.
  • Knowledge of PCs (MS Excel specifically)
  • Excellent ability in investigation and time control.
  • Good capability in maths.

Salary of a Business And Taxation Accountant starts from 5 lakh rupees to 7 lakh rupees per annum on an average.

Retail Manager

One of the arising vocations and regularly recorded among the most lucrative positions for business, a retail chief keeps up the working of a store. They are in incessant contact with the purchasers and care for the staff and their necessities. They take up the errand of overseeing and administrating hypermarkets and general stores in fixed business terms. This calling likewise requires phenomenal client assistance and relational abilities. With Retail Management Courses accreditation, experts are entirely mindful of brands, retail ways of thinking, and showcasing procedures to win clients.

Abilities Required To Become a Retail Manager:

Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into a Retail Manager:

  • The abilities of individuals as they cooperate with other staff and customers.
  • Problem-addressing abilities prove to be useful as organizations and shops experience different difficulties in a day.
  • Analytical capacities permit them to comprehend whether the shop is unavailable and what to arrange,
  • In a request to draw purchasers, marking abilities help them construct perceivability of the retail shop.
  • As an excessive number of people are keen on retail, to fix clashes with customers and staff, a retail chief must have substantial, encouraging capacities.

The salary of a Retail Manager starts from 5 lakh rupees to 6 lakh rupees per annum on average.

Company Secretary

The Duties of the Company Secretary are like that of the Corporate Compliance Officer as the CS guarantees the productive organization of an association, especially as to ensuring consistency with administrative and legal prerequisites. This critical organizational individual goes about as an arbitrator between the board and partners. A Company Secretary is eventually answerable for any legal filings of the enterprise, for example, charge commitments, exposures to investors, and yearly or quarterly profit and record data.

A Corporate Secretary (CS) is an in-house lawful master or an administrative official who is employed to guarantee the organization’s effective administration. They are corporate and protection law experts who supervise organizational and legitimate consistency and execution of the specialists’ choices. Moreover, they fill in as boss specialists to the top managerial staff, prescribing approaches to create monetary outcomes, oversee the business, adapt to irreconcilable circumstance issues, and so forth.

Abilities Required To Become a Company Secretary:

Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into a fruitful Company Secretary:

  • A CS should be adaptable as they need to play out a few positions.
  • They should have extraordinary gifts in visual and composed correspondence.
  • They ought to likewise have a profound comprehension of business rules.
  • For business administrators and friends, secretaries, putting together and leading abilities prove to be useful.

The salary of a Company Secretary starts from 6 lakh rupees to 7 lakh rupees per annum on an average.

Personal Financial Advisor

Personal Financial Advisors meet customers and give judicious information and recommend reasonable choices on speculations like stocks and bonds, demonstrate charge laws and protection. They go through extraordinary preparation for this calling to furnish customers with methods for amplifying their monetary targets in speculations, protection inclusions, benefits, retirement reserve funds, and overseeing obligations.

Abilities Required To Become a Successful Personal Financial Advisor:

Here are the skills and information you need to turn into a fruitful Personal Financial Advisor:

  • The treatment of funds ought to be remarkable
  • To spot dangers and openings, the concentrate should be paid to data
  • Good abilities in examination and investigation are an unquestionable requirement
  • Customers ought to have the option to send data in a way that they appreciate
  • Healthy representatives have the ability to guarantee excellent client relations

The salary of a Personal Financial Advisor starts from 3 lakh rupees to 5 lakh rupees per annum on an average.

Research Analyst

Research Analysts investigate data about business sectors, purchaser conduct, deals, and request and further give valuable bits of knowledge to the organization seeing their shopper base just as purchasing and selling items and administrations alongside putting resources into the correct spots to support income among the topmost lucrative positions for business understudies. Research experts are by and large required across each industry from the business, account, venture to promoting, deals, design the executives, among others. They essentially have aptitude in summing up subtleties of shopper and arrangements examination into understanding monetary guidance for the organization.

Abilities Required to Become a Research Analyst

  • Familiarity with Advanced Software
  • Analytical and Logical Thinking
  • Problem-tackling Skills
  • Presentation and Report Writing Skills
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Strong Temperament and Creativity
  • Excellent Time-Management Skills
  • Leadership and Client Management abilities

The salary of a Research Analyst starts from 3 lakh rupees to 5 lakh rupees per annum on average.


An Entrepreneur is an individual who dispatches, oversees, and builds up a business all alone and accepts full accountability for it. The business venture is something that has been energized by the current startup culture and in the contemporary world. Understudies can begin a limited-scale business with novel and inventive thoughts that set them apart from others in a similar field.

You can likewise raise assets from unmistakable financial backers. Subsequently, you won’t be totally putting away the entirety of your cash yet should satisfy the hopes and present an excellent pitch for your fantasy business!

Abilities Required To Become an effective Entrepreneur.

Here are the abilities and information you need to turn into a fruitful Entrepreneur:

  • An incredible business person should be in a situation to associate, market, reflect, study, and plan effectively. Not exclusively is the chance to grasp an essential business venture ability consistently, yet additionally a vital fundamental knowledge.
  • Great businessmen are centered around finding new difficulties, uncovering conceivable specialty markets, refactoring, and improving their underlying business sector measure.
  • Candidates should likewise have critical thinking abilities and dynamic abilities.

The salary of an entrepreneur starts from 100 lakh rupees to 120 lakh rupees per annum on average, depending on their experience and efficiency.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Regularly recorded among the best positions in the US, CEOs are the ones who make significant decisions in any organization or enterprise. They are relied upon to deal with the promoting, planning, and take care of the everyday tasks of any organization or association. A CEO is likewise expected to employ, fire, and satisfy the needs of the staff of a specific association and is additionally answerable for advertising of that particular association. To think about the courses you can browse, look at our select guide on the most proficient method to turn into a CEO!

Abilities Required To Become CEO

To turn into a CEO, you need to work up to that position and arrive at that level. It’s not possible for anyone to, at any point, bounce into the work market and land the part of a CEO. Here are those abilities and information you need to turn into a CEO:

  • Aspiring applicants need to have a definite feeling of business and information on all features of an association.
  • They should be incredible business pioneers and chiefs with inventive thoughts for the organization to extend and develop.
  • Candidates need to have solid relational abilities and ought to be intelligent of the association.
  • They should have incredible insightful abilities for distinguishing industry dangers and possibilities.

A Chief Executive Officer’s salary starts from 24 lakh rupees per annum on an average and later can increase based on experience level.

Cost Management Accountant (CMA)

As perhaps the most challenging course in India, just as most lucrative positions for trade understudies, Cost Management Accountant (CMA) is an expert affirmation that is universally authorized for business and record experts. The CMA course is associated with ICAI and is additionally offered in nations like the USA. Peruse more about CMA USA here.

Abilities Required to Become a Cost Management Accountant (CMA):

Like CA, there are three degrees of CMA, for example, establishment, middle of the road, and last. Here are the significant abilities you will master through the CMA course:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Risk Management
  • External Financial Reporting
  • Strategic Management
  • Performance Management

Product Manager

With the new headways in innovation, each business is persistently chipping away at building creative items and administrations to contact a global crowd. An item director is a significant piece of the thing fabricating measure, from its initial conceptualization to configuration just as definite creation. From Google to Tesla, each organization is consistently on a post for capable item administrators who are overly inventive and imaginative.

Abilities Required to Become a Product Manager:

Here are the significant abilities you should need to turn into a Product Manager:

  • Basic information on information translation and investigation
  • Knowledge of the particular business and KPIs
  • Business Skills
  • Strategic Management
  • Familiarisation with User Experience and User Design
  • Research capability
  • Analytical abilities
  • Resourcefulness and Long-sightedness
  • Attention to detail

Hotel Manager

Hotels are a critical piece of the movement and the travel industry and contribute hugely to the public and world economy. Lodging Management is one of the famous specializations for trade understudies, with or without maths, and offers numerous most significant pay occupations. A Hotel Manager can expect a kicking-off compensation of more than 4 Lakhs for every annum, which can go much higher with experience.

Abilities Required to Become a Hotel Manager

Here are the significant abilities required you should need to turn into a lodging chief:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Unflappable under tension
  • Observational Skills
  • Multitasking and Organizational Skills
  • Patience
  • Problem-settling Skills
  • A warm and open character
  • Tact and Diplomacy

Event Manager

On the off chance that you love arranging fun occasions and holidays for individuals around you and are consistently ahead with what’s moving regarding mainstream occasions, at that point occasion the executives are the best profession for you, regardless of whether you are a trade, expressions or science understudy. An Event Manager likewise alluded to as an occasion organizer is a quintessential multi-tasker that designs an occasion without any preparation, from dealing with its pre-arranging, dealing with a continuous experience to wrapping up once it’s finished up. From corporate to family and official occasions, you can investigate different kinds of event arranging in this profession.

Abilities Required to Become an Event Manager:

  • Brilliant Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Resourcefulness
  • People Skills
  • Time Management and Money Management
  • Flexible
  • Energetic

Jobs for Commerce Students

Top 15 Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students

Other than the previously mentioned profiles, there are different other a few other most significant compensation occupations for Commerce understudies. Nonetheless, these require long stretches of training like BBA, B. Com, MBA, or M. Com and hands-on experience.

  • Statistician
  • Sales Manager
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Financial Examiner
  • Finance Manager
  • Management Analysts
  • Investment Analysts
  • Corporate Controller
  • Budget Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Corporate Banking Executive
  • Stock Broker
  • Relationship Manager
  • Accounts and Finance Executive
  • Credit Control Manager

Sales Manager

One of the significant compensation occupations for business understudies and top professions in trade, a Sales Manager is entrusted with planning, arranging, and sorting out the business designs just as keeping a substantial client base and market presence. The team lead likewise deals with the agents and does their enrolment, determination only as preparing to furnish them with the vital information to pull in an ever-increasing number of clients and boosting the deals of organization’s items.

Average salary: 4 lakh to 7 lakh rupees per annum

Financial Examiner

On the off chance that you seek to construct a profession in Finance, this is perhaps the most worthwhile vocations in trade. A Financial inspector, for the most part, works at Financial and Banking establishments and their obligations incorporate guaranteeing that the monetary organization is clinging to the public authority laws just as evaluating asset reports, bank the board only as of the danger level of advances.

Average salary: 4 lakh to 5 lakh  rupees per annum

Management Analyst

Management analysts are also referred to as Management advisors. Management Analysts work across various divisions in an association and plan to help the effectiveness of work in the separate group. They gather and coordinate data and figure plans and techniques to meet authoritative objectives and destinations. The board investigators are likewise one of the top trade vocations and significant compensation occupations that you can investigate after a degree in Business Administration or Management like BBA, MBA, BBS, and so on and investigate openings across Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Social Media Management and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Average salary: 4 lakh to 7 lakh rupees per annum

Investment Analyst

An Investment Analyst is another fundamental notice to our rundown of best professions in the trade as this work profile offers a significant compensation bundle as well as promising open doors in the money and venture area too. Speculation examiners typically work in protections, mutual funds, and stock businesses and complete broad exploration to detail successful monetary models and afterward give scientific reports and proposals on fluctuated sorts of stocks and ventures.

Average salary: 5 lakh to 7 lakh rupees per annum

Budget Analyst

As the name recommends, a Budget Analyst intently screens uses, and financial plans in an association and usually work in private or public associations, assisting them with dealing with their funds and financial goals in a professional and powerful way. Another noticeable profession in trade, a spending expert in a private association, fundamentally supervises the financial plans and uses them alongside thinking of better procedures to support incomes and benefits. Then again, a spending examiner in open association centers around the spending portion and money the executives.

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FAQ’s on Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students

Question 1.
Which field is best after twelfth-class commerce?

Probably the most famous courses after class twelfth trade that are exceptionally esteemed are Bachelors in Economics, Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelor of Management Science, Company Secretaryship, among others.

Question 2.
What are the top vocation alternatives for business understudies to seek after?

Commerce opens up a large group of chances for its understudies. A portion of the marked fields to seek after for trade understudies are actuarial science, the executives, financial aspects, contracted accounting and so on.

Question 3.
Is maths mandatory for CA?

Maths is undoubtedly not a compulsory prerequisite for CA. Understudies wishing to seek after CA can do as such without maths as it’s anything but a necessary qualification prerequisite for CA courses.

Question 4.
Can a commerce understudy become a CEO?

Without a doubt, a business understudy can turn into a CEO with the correct abilities and experience. With the perfect measure of information joined with the capacity to utilize the innovation, a trade understudy can turn into a CEO in their expert vocation.

Question 5.
Is CA or CS better?

The two courses accompany their own difficulties and open up endlessly various freedoms. While picking between the two, it is necessary to know about one’s qualities and interests and determine the course one is generally appropriate for.