SGPA to CGPA Conversion Formula, Examples | How to Calculate CGPA from SGPA?

Marks Calculation is quite an important aspect in college and school life. However, there are several methods to perform the same task of which GPA is the prominent one. Among all these methods one that appears confusing is the conversion from SGPA to CGPA. Though, SGPA and CGPA serve a similar purpose they are calculated differently. Know about the basic difference between SGPA and CGPA, Conversion Formula, Procedure on how to calculate CGPA from SGPA.

SGPA, CGPA, GPA – Definitions

Here, we will find the basic definitions of both SGPA, CGPA. Refer to them and use them during your Marks Calculations as per your requirement.

What is SGPA?

SGPA is known as Sessional Grade Point Average/Semester End Grade Point Average. It is the grade point average we calculate after the end of an academic session such as the year in school or for a semester in college. Let us add Grade Points of all Subjects in an Academic Year and their Average calculated is known as SGPA for that particular year or session.

What is CGPA?

CGPA is abbreviated as Cumulative Grade Point Average. The major difference between CGPA and SGPA is that CGPA is calculated considering the SGPA’s of different semesters in an academic year.

What is GPA?

GPA in simple terms is referred to as Grade Point Average i.e. the average given to a student throughout a semester. It can also be found depending on the different courses students have opted for. We can say that GPA indicates the achievement level of a student so that teachers can assess their performance for a particular period of time.

In Indian Grading System we use a 10 Point GPA Scale and the GPA can be calculated from percentage using the below formula

GPA = Percentage/9.5

In the US GPA Scale of 4.0 is used and to find the GPA simply divide the Percentage by 100 and then multiply with 4.

GPA = (Percentage/100)*4

How to Calculate CGPA from SGPA?

From the definitions of SGPA and CGPA, we can frame CGPA as the collection of SGPA’s calculated at the end of the year. Before, calculating the CGPA you just need to find the average of all subjects in each of the semesters i.e. SGPA. After that, add the SGPA’s of all the Semesters and divide by the number of semesters to obtain the CGPA.

CGPA= (SGPAs of All Semesters in an Academic Year)/Number of Semesters


If a student scored 6 and 8 SGPA in their two semesters, their CGPA would be

Formula to Calculate CGPA = SGPAs of All Semesters in an Academic Year/Number of Semesters

= (SGPA in Semester 1+ SGPA in Semester 2)/Number of Semesters

= (6+8)/2

= 7

Therefore CGPA is 7.

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How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Now that you are aware of the formula for converting SGPA to CGPA let us learn how to calculate Percentage using such formulas

[(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage]


Calculate Percentage if SGPA’s are given for 4 Semesters i.e. 7.0, 6.0, 7.2, 6.6

Total SGPA for all Semesters = (7.0+6.0+7.2+6.6)/4

= 26.8/4

= 6.7

We know the formula to calculate Percentage from SGPA is

 [(SGPA * 10) – 7.5 = Percentage]

= (6.7*10) -7.5

= 67-7.5

= 59.5%

SGPA to CGPA Calculation for KTU

Esteemed KTU (APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University) Calculates the Cumulative Grade Point Average using the Semester Grade Point Average as follows

SGPA = Σ(Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Where Ci is the Credit assigned for a course
GPi is the Grade point for that course

SGPA to CGPA Conversion According to SPPU

Savitribai Phule Pune University determines the CGPA if the SGPA is known as such. Know the formula to Convert SGPA to CGPA by referring to the below modules.

SGPA = (C1G1 + C2G2 + C3G4 + C4G4 + C5G5)/ (C1 + C2 +C3 + C4 + C5)

Where C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 are the Course Credits
G12, G2, G3, G4, G5 are the Grade Points of the Course

SGPA to CGPA Calculation According to VTU

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) uses the following formula to calculate SGPA for potential students. They are as such

SGPA = Σ(Ci×Gi)/ΣCi

Where Ci is the Credit assigned for a course
Gi is the Grade point for that course

SGPA to CGPA to Percentage

Now that you are familiar with how to calculate SGPA let us understand how to convert to CGPA. Most of the Institutes release their Scores in CGPA and while applying for abroad universities you might need to convert these scores into Percentages. Keeping your necessity in mind we have presented the Procedure on How to Calculate Percentage from CGPA. The Formula is quite simple firstly we have to convert from SGPA to CGPA and then take the total CGPA and multiply with 9.5 to get the Percentage.

Percentage = CGPA*9.5


Calculate the Percentage if CGPA is 8?

Given CGPA = 8

Formula to find the Percentage = CGPA *9.5

= 8*9.5

= 76%

8 CGPA in Percentage is 76%


Go through the below pointers to know the key differences between SGPA, CGPA, and GPA. They are along the lines

  • CGPA is the Cumulative GPA and is obtained by dividing Sum of SGPA’s in all the Semesters by the Number. of Semesters. In Other Words, we can say that CGPA is found for the entire course whereas GPA is for a Semester and SGPA is for a particular session such as a year or so.
  • Grading System differs from college to college. Some of them use GPA while others use CGPA to determine the scholastic abilities of a Student.
  • CGPA and GPA highlights the student’s academic performance for a stipulated period of time. The majority of the institutions prefer GPA over CGPA to provide Admissions to Candidates.
  • CGPA reflects your performance for an entire course so it is a higher one in comparison to GPA and SGPA. One more Prominent Difference is SGPA and CGPA differ on a scale of 0.0 -10.0

How to Calculate SGPA?

After learning the definition of SGPA the next essential step is to learn how to calculate SGPA. Semester Grade Point Average reflects a student’s performance for a stipulated period of time i.e. a semester or so. In order to find out SGPA, you need to consider all the credit points you have obtained in a semester and then divide them with the total number of credit points for that semester. Follow the below steps to learn how to find the SGPA.

  • In the Initial Step Multiply the Credit Point of Each Subject with the Grade Point you have obtained in the Particular Subject.
  • After that Add all the Total Grade Points you have got.
  • Now, divide the sum with the total credit points of the semester to obtain the SGPA.


Let’s say you have three subjects in a semester, and you have scored the following grade points,

Subject 1: 7; Subject 2: 6 and Subject 3: 7

Now, suppose the credit points for these subjects are:

Subject 1: 4; Subject 2: 4; Subject 3: 2


Firstly, multiply the grade points with respective credits

Subject 1 = 7*4 = 28

Subject 2 = 6*4 = 24

Subject 3 = 7*2 = 14

Add all the Grade Points as well as the Credit Points

Grade Points = 28+24+14

= 66

Credit Points = 4+4+2

= 10

To obtain the SGPA simply divide the sum of grade points by the number of credit points

= 66/10

= 6.6


1. Is SGPA and CGPA Same?

No, SGPA and CGPA aren’t the same. SGPA is the Grade Point received for a particular semester whereas CGPA is calculated for the overall Grade Point of a Year.

2. How to Calculate Percentage from CGPA?

You can calculate Percentage from CGPA using the Formula Percentage = CGPA*9.5

3. How is CGPA Calculated from SGPA?

To find the CGPA add the SGPA’s of all the semesters with the number of semesters. The result obtained is the CGPA.