Converting Percentage to GPA Out of 10 | How To Convert Percentage to GPA? | Examples & Grading Scales

Converting Percentage to GPA Out of 10: Whenever a candidate applies for any undergraduate or graduate or postgraduate or any other programs, a most significant and confusing factor is understanding the considerable difference between CGPA and GPA. In India, the percentage system is most commonly used for grade calculation. Even though it is quite puzzling to convert the percentage to GPA, in the current education system, students’ evaluation using the CGPA system is quite popular in India.

This article contains all the details and descriptions related to the GPA and CGPA systems of evaluating the students in various universities and Percentage to GPA out of 10 Conversion, Percentage to GPA Converter etc. Go through the below links and understand the conversion within no time.

Various Grading Scales

Before understanding the grade calculation and conversion of the percentage to GPA converter out of 10, we must first focus on the different grading systems available and used in various Indian institutes. Here is a table to explain the grading system of CBSE to GPA Converter in detail:

Grade GPA CGPA Percentage
A+ 4 >8.5 85-100
A 3.7 8.0-8.4 80-84
B+ 3.3 7.5-7.9 75-79
B 3 7.0-7.4 70-74
B- 2.7 6.5-6.9 65-69
C+ 2.3 6.0-6.4 60-64
C 2 5.5-5.9 55-59
C- 1.7 5.0-5.4 50-54
D 1.3 4.5-4.9 45-49
E 1 4.0-4.4 40-44
F 0 0-3.9 0-39

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Understanding GPA and Calculating It

GPA (Grade point Average) is a widely known and internationally recognized calculation method for academic marks. Simple, the average or aggregate score of the grades cumulated during the entire duration of any course or program for a fixed period. The GPA system allows any person to read the individual results quickly and efficiently and analyze them compared to others’ results. It is also helpful for people to access their applications and reflect their academic potential and capabilities.

Generally, GPA is calculated by dividing a student’s average grade by the total credit hours that they attended during the fixed period of an academic course or program. The formula for GPA calculation is as follows:

GPA = Total grade points / the Total number of credit hours for a selected course’s fixed period.

Converting Percentage to GPA

GPA and Indian Grading System

In contrast to the GPA grading system, which is prominent in the USA and various other nations globally, the Indian grading system considers two main approaches, i.e., a 10-point GPA system or the percentage system. Here is a brief on both the systems prominently used across several Indian institutions and education boards.

Percentage System

Coming over the percentage method, this is the more preferred evaluation mechanic. In this grading system, the marks for a specified duration are converted to a percentage, and the ranks are then classified as follows:

  • 75% = Distinction
  • 60% – 75% = 1st Division
  • 50% – 60% = 2nd Division
  • 40% – 50% = 3rd Division

GPA System

In GPA out of 10 scales, points associates with letter grades for marking the students. For example, if the grade point is 9, the student’s grade will be “A”. This grading system is also quite akin to the international grading system with a 4.0 scale. For example, if a student scores 95%, the result for him/her will be as an A grade, meaning 4.0; 85% would equal to B grade, meaning 3.0; and C grade is 2.0 and D is 1.0.

Conversion of the Percentage to GPA

While considering the USA education system, the students get a rating either out of 0 – 4.0 grade points or follow the 10-point GPA system. Many of the prominent European universities also follow the 10-point GPA system. In specific scenarios, various institutes have different ways of converting percentage to GPA out of 10. The most prominent and widely used and accepted method is multiplying or dividing the score by 9.5 to convert it into percentage or GPA, respectively.

Converting Percentage to GPA for 4.0 Scale

While considering the US grading approach, there is a prominent usage of the 4.0 GPA scale, meaning that if we compare it to the Indian grading system of the percentage that is of 100 (100 points), 25 points in this system equals 1 point in the US GPA grading system. Thus, the formula for converting Percentage to GPA on a 4.0 scale is for merely doing the division of the percentage by 100 and then multiplying the same to 4. Here is the formula for the percentage to GPA converter:

GPA = (percentage/100) * 4

This conversion mechanic is also widely used for doing the GPA to percentage conversion.

Example: Suppose any student scores 70% as the aggregate score in the graduation; while preparing the application for any prominent US-based institute, he/she will have to put the graduation scores in GPA. This the students can calculate by dividing 70% by 100 and then multiplying it by four, and this will make the grade point as 2.8 GPA.

Converting Percentage to GPA for 10.0 Scale

Apart from India, many other nations also use a 10-point GPA system in various schools and institutes. For converting percentage to GPA out of 10, the student can just multiply the percentage by 9.5. The calculation formula for the percentage to GPA conversion is as follows:

GPA = Percentage/ 9.5

Example: If a student secures 85% in any examination, then while applying for any US-based university, the application form might have a field to be filled with the scores in the form of GPA. Thus by converting GPA out of 10, the person who access the application form gets ease in comparing the scores with the other students who graduated from other schools in the USA or any other part of the World. For converting percentage to a 10GPA, the student must divide the percentage secured that is 85%, by 9.5, and the GPA will come out to be 8.9.

A Brief Explanation On GPA Out Of 10 Scale

The GPA scale varies from 0-10, and here 0 means a failure in the test/exam, and 10 means excellent academic results. Here is a brief description of how to analyze the performance of any student in the 10-point GPA grading system:

Score Details
9-10 Excellent
7.5-8.99 Good
6-7.49 Average
5-5.99 Needs some improvement
0-4.99 Fail

GPA to Percentage Conversion

The widely used formula for GPA to percentage conversion is as follows:

Percentage = GPA * 9.5

For example, if a student has a GPA of 8, multiplying it with 9.5 will give the percentage, i.e., 8 * 9.5 =76%

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FAQ’s on Converting Percentage to GPA Out of 10

Question 1.
Calculate GPA of 70%.

While considering the 4.0 grading scale, 70% will equal to (70 / 100) * 4, i.e., 2.8 GPA.

And while considering the 10 point grading system, 70% will be converted to GPA as 70 / 9.5 = 7.36.

Question 2.
What is my GPA while considering a 4.0 scale?

In a 4.0 GPA grading system, a 4.0-grade point accounts for an A+ or A, followed by 3.0, which accounts for B, 2.0 for C, and 1.0 for D.

If the grade has a plus following it, this means that the student scored an additional one-third of a point, like B+ = 3.3.

On the other hand, if a minus follows the grade, the student scored one-third less than the grade point, like A- = 3.7.

Question 3.
How do we convert percent to GPA?

Two main scales are widely standard for converting percentage to GPA, either on a 4.0 scale or on a 10.0 scale. 4.0 scale grading system is widely popular across the university and institutes of the US, while a 10 GPA scale is standard across India.

For converting percentage to GPA on a 4.0 scale grading system, one must divide the percentage scored by 100 and then multiply the resultant by 4 to get the GPA. Here is the formula for converting percent to GPA on a 4-scale:

GPA on 4.0 scale = (Percentage / 100) * 4

For converting percentage to GPA on a 10.0 scale, one must divide the percent by 9.5, i.e.,

GPA on 10.0 scale = Percentage / 9.5

Conclusion on Converting Percentage to GPA Out of 10

Conversion of the percentage to various GPA points and vice versa plays a crucial role while submitting multiple applications according to different universities and institutes from across the World. The article contains a brief on the general methods for completing the processes of Converting Percentage to GPA Out of 10. This is beneficial for students seeking admissions in native colleges and international institutes, and universities. Also, check more conversions like this from