Jawaharlal Back In India and His Marriage

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Jawaharlal Back In India and His Marriage

Jawaharlal Back In India

After completing his education in England, Jawaharlal returned to India. He started practicing law in the High Court at Allahabad. During this time he was attracted to Gokhale’s ‘Servants of India Society. He joined Annie Besant’s Home Rule League and participated wholeheartedly in the activities of this league. Political issues were frequently discussed in his home. Both father and son were enthusiastic and eager to gain freedom for India. They were nationalists and yearned for India to become a free nation.

In the Congress conference organised at Bankipur in 1912, Jawaharlal was present as a representative and joined Congress. He sympathised with the poor and downtrodden backward classes. He considered wealth to be of little worth in comparison to patriotism. Jawaharlal not only gave up a thriving law practice but also his status as a leading advocate and joined the freedom struggle.

In 1915, Jawaharlal addressed an open meeting for the first time to show their opposition to the ‘Press Act’. People as well as national leaders were impressed by his speech. In December 1916, he met Gandhiji for the first time during the Congress Committee’s Lucknow Conference. He was attracted by Gandhiji’s determination to fight the British fearlessly but without animosity.


On 8th February 1916, Jawaharlal married a Kashmiri Brahmin girl-Kamala Kaul. Not only did Jawaharlal find a life partner in Kamala but he also found a dedicated and trustworthy lifelong friend in her. Kamala Nehru was an extremely talented, beautiful, and courageous woman. She had good knowledge of Hindi and Urdu. She was of extremely shy nature.

During the earthquake of 1934 in Bihar, she had the opportunity of observing her husband’s spirit of service at close quarters. Kamala Nehru encouraged young Jawaharlal’s eagerness to help people in difficulties by traveling from one village to another. She was with Jawaharlal in all the activities he undertook in life.

On 19th November 1917, Jawaharlal was blessed with a girl child. She was christened ‘Indira Priyadarshini’. This girl went on to become the first woman Prime Minister of India.

In 1925, Kamala Nehru fell seriously ill. As a result, she had to spend many a month in hospitals. In 1926, Jawaharlal took her to Switzerland for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB). Though she was treated in the best hospitals in the world, there was no marked improvement in her condition. On 28th February 1936, the great inspirational figure, Kamala Nehru, breathed her last. Jawaharlal collected her ashes and made a will in which he declared that his wife’s ashes would be immersed in the Ganges along with his own after his demise. Jawaharlal spent the rest of his life without a partner, all alone.