Indira’s Contributions To The People of India and Love For Nature

The Biography of Famous Personalities of India will tell you about the controversies, the dark sides of a person that you may have never heard of.

Indira’s Contributions To The People of India and Love For Nature

Indira’s Contributions To The People of India

Although reserved and aloof since childhood, Indira Gandhi always mingled with common people with ease. Her shy nature never came in the way of her rapport with the masses. She inherited, from her father, the confidence in the people of India. She wanted to create an atmosphere where each and every person had self-respect and could live with dignity.

Indira loved many communities of India as she believed in secularism. She was always with minorities and urged people to feel responsible for the well-being of the weaker sections.

Indira believed that India’s future depended much on Indian women as women had a very important role to play and a country’s progress could be measured by the progress of its womenfolk. She, like Gandhi, was of the opinion that, if you educate a man, you educate an individual and if you educate a woman, you educate an entire family. Indira laid emphasis on the status of women by introducing a chapter on women’s development in the Sixth Five-Year Plan. She directed the Ministry concerned to chalk out programmes for the upliftment of women.
Indira’s Contributions To The People of India and Love For Nature 1
Indira wanted every girl in the country to be educated. She took many measures to keep women abreast of men and ahead. She gave much importance to family welfare planning programmes, child health and improvement of female nutrition.

She encouraged women organisations and social welfare institutions to spread civic sense and teach people about cleanliness. For the younger generation, she set an example by her tireless efforts. She, like her father, was very fond of children and she received many letters from children from all over the world.

She found time to respond to these letters and answered their simple questions.

Thus she did a lot for the people of India-especially the women. An intense feeling and love for the people of India always remained deep down in her mind and heart.

Her Personality And Love For Nature

Indira was beautiful, vivacious, energetic and charming lady who lived with the demands of time. There was lightness in her gait and her bright eyes were very observant that missed nothing.

She possessed a tremendous courage and fearlessness which enabled her to face criticism without faltering and as a woman of dynamic personality, she did what she believed to be right. She had unlimited energy and strong willpower and there was urgency in her nature to achieve any goal. As a child, she was afraid of dark but when she grew up, she learnt not to disclose her fears, and her confidence and moral strength overshadowed her fear. Failure or success never bothered her and she went on doing her work with dedication and devotion.
Indira’s Contributions To The People of India and Love For Nature 2
She lived only for her country and its people always fascinated her. Not only sophisticated classes were impressed by her personality but the masses were also touched by her simplicity and humility. Though she belonged to affluent family, she could adjust herself to any situation. She was never fussy. May be it was because of the days she spent in jail that strengthened her as a person. She was always dressed in a dignified manner. She used to dress according to situation and was even sporting enough to wear a tribal costume to please tribal people.
Indira’s Contributions To The People of India and Love For Nature 3
Indira had soft heart for the people who worked for her. She showed concern for her staff and colleagues. She deeply belied in the Indian philosophy of life and she was proud to be an Indian as she believed in secularism and “Secularism is the foundation of Indian unity.”

Like jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi loved nature and she was influenced by her father in her love for the environment from a young age. She was fascinated by the mountains and ever-changing beauty of nature. She told people that, “Every citizen should consider conserving nature as a social and moral responsibility.”

Such was the lady who ruled the country and guided the destiny of India’s millions and tried to lead them to a better life.