20 Best Team Building Games Indoor – List of Indoor Team Building Activities

Searching for the ways on how to keep your team connected and motivated? You’re not alone. Creating a lively, engaging atmosphere within an indoor space can be challenging, especially when you are aiming to faster teamwork and collaboration. But don’t worry, the solution is right here with the best team building games indoor.

This article is your guide to transforming any indoor environment into a dynamic space for growth, learning and fun. Get a list of activities that cater a variety of interests and group dynamics, from fun team building activities and games to virtual team building sessions for remote teams.

What are Indoor Team Building Activities?

Indoor team building activities are famous activities used to help encourage team members to get to know about their co-workers. It can be done in small groups such as departments or with the whole team. There can be anything that helps your team get to know about each other. Indoor games are popular, but you can also just spend some time hanging out, hosting a dinner or anything that helps team members to get to know each other.

Importance of Indoor Team Building Games

We have several benefits of team building activities that range can be seen both immediately and later in the office. Team building games indoor help promote collaboration. They encourage team bonding and communication while encouraging teams to work together.

Many of these activities also help faster trusting relationships, improve employee engagement, boost productivity and can even contribute to a stronger employee retention rate. The good thing about doing them indoors is that you can enjoy them regardless of weather.

How to Plan Effective Team Building Games Indoor?

A wide range of team building games are available, but not everything is effective for every group. Few tips for planning indoor team building games include:

  • Select the right team building activities for work
  • Take team size into consideration
  • Think of indoor games that can involve remote teams
  • Give your employees a list of activities to choose from
  • Get your team members involved

Best Indoor Games to Promote Team Bonding

Indoor team-building games can be fun and exciting way to generate collaboration and communication that will bring the whole team together. Few excellent team building activities indoor for employees can be done in the comfort of your own building. Others may need you to bring your team to a third-party venue. Regardless, there are plenty of options to hold fun team events throughout the year. Here we are giving the best team building games indoor for large groups.

Scavenger Hunt

Indoor Scavenger Hunts are fun activities for employees. Some teams create their own rules for Scavenger Hunts, and this helps to improve team bonding. This game can be played inside the conference room also.

Divide the members into two teams and make them follow the game rules. For example, they might be asked to retrieve few office objects or complete small tasks, such as drawing the company’s logo or describing another team’s space.

Truth and Lie

This classic icebreaker helps teams get to know each other better and find out who’s fibbing about what. Ask each person to write down 2 true things about themselves and one lie. Each person then shares, one at a time, their 3 times. The remaining players need to guess what are the true statements and what are lies.

The player then reveals the lie and can take a few minutes to share a story about their truths. Sometimes, players submit a lie that’s close to the truth.


Playing Charades is always fun, easy to do, and will keep teams of all sizes entertained. Choose a topic that your team likes, such as music band names or movie names, and let other participants guess the word.

Set the topic of the charades game, and split team into small groups. The first team that guess the word earns one point, and the team to miss the word earns half a point.

Memory Wall

Memory Wall is a game that boosts creativity and strengthens team bonding, and it can be quickly played without a lot of pre-planning.

Ask players to write their favorite or most iconic in-office moments. It can be the funniest office moment or any other thing. Then ask them to say this memory out loud.

The Drawing Sheet

Split your team into 2 groups and make them sit back to back. Hand one person a pen and piece of paper and show the other person a picture of something that’s easy to draw. This person now has to describe the picture to their teammates without actually saying that the picture is so they can draw it. Once the blind drawing is finished, compare it with the original to see how well you communicated.

Never Have I Ever

As a fantastic conversation starter, this activity gets your team connecting on a much deeper level. The employees will get to share things about each other that their colleagues might not already know, which is bound to start some interesting conversations.

Team members have to say Never have I ever and complete the sentence with something they have never done. For example, “Never have I ever gone skydiving”. If anyone in the group has gone skydiving, they must say. Give this person a piece of candy and tell them not to eat it.

Go around the room so that every player gets a chance to say their “Never Have I Ever” sentence. The player with the most candies at the end wins.

Indoor Carnival Games

It is one of the popular team building games indoor that are really fun and can be played inside the workplace. Some of the best carnival games are ring-toss, giant Jenga, spin the wheel and three-legged race.

Choose a set of carnival games that can played indoors and follow the classic rules of these games. Usually, you should set a time limit to properly find winners and runners-up.

Paper Tower

It is an excellent way to grow your team’s problem-solving skills and encourage teamwork. It allows each team member to show their creativity, capability, collaboration, and commitment to the team and to win.

Divide your team into group of 4 players. Give 20 sheets of paper to each team. Teams then have 5 minutes to build the tallest tower they can out of the paper with no tape or glue. The team whose tower is the tallest at the end is the winner.

Lucky Penny

It is the perfect activity to get your team members to share something interesting about themselves, without pushing them too far outside their comfort zone. Thus, it is perfect for teams that are newly formed and don’t know each other too well just yet.

Collect some pennies that were minted in various years and place them into a hat. Team members then grab a penny from the hat. They must then share something meaningful that happened to them on the year that the coin was minted.


Create a minefield in a parking lot or another large open space by placing objects like papers, balls, cones, and bottles. Split your team into two and ask one person to blindfold. The other person has to guide the blindfolded teammate through the minefield only using their words.

The blindfolded person is not allowed to talk and will be eliminated if they stop walking. The teams can then switch the person.

One Word Exercise

Pick a phrase related to the meeting topic and ask everyone to write one word that comes to mind on a post-it. Then, gather these words on a whiteboard or put them in a presentation.

It is a best method to collect opinions, thoughts, or feeling about a meeting that’s well within most people’s comfort zone. You will have the chance to read the room before diving into the topic and may uncover few questions to focus on.

Keep the Balloons Up

Keeping the balloons up is a silly yet highly enjoyable indoor game that we all have played with our siblings at some point of time. Playing this game is quite easy, but it is important to establish the game rules before playing it.

Divide team members into 2 groups and give them a set of balloons. When a balloon touches the ground, the other team earns a point. Set a time limit, and the team with the most points wins.

Common Thread

Divide your team into groups of 3 to 5 people. Then ask your team to find things everyone in their group has in common. This can be a favorite TV show, or a common hobby. Encourage your teammates to find common threads that aren’t too superficial or obvious.

The more things they can find that everyone in the group has in common, the better! If you have the time, bring everyone together afterward and ask the teams to share their experiences.

Final Words

Team building games indoor are great ways to enhance your team’s motivation, collaboration, engagement and morale. All of them shared are fantastic team building options because they can be played at any time, regardless of the weather.

If you have loved the activities and you are ready to take the next step to increase your team’s productivity and engagement, try them. Stay tined to or site for more posts like Team Building Activities for Elementary Students, and so on.