Top 5 and 10 Minute Fun & Short Team Building Activities of 2024

Short Team Building Activities: Regarding Team Building, we think of a business or organization of employees. And those employees as they work hard every day, giving a break to them is a need.

But at the same time, organizations don’t have a full day-long time and resources to organize a day-long scavenger Hunt or anything similar. At that time, quick and easy team-building activities will help a lot.

You can happily check out our 5 & 10 minute Quick Team Building Activity Ideas which will benefit your organization or company. So Keep reading below!!!

Why are Team Building Activities Important?

If your company should be successful then team building and communication between employees are very important.

Also, team-building activities will enhance the culture of the company and increase communication, build unity among teammates, learn skills in Problem-solving, and finally enhance the creativity of an employee.

These activities are great icebreakers for morning huddles and work meetings. Definetly, team building is a challenge for employees when you have a short time.

For them, these team-building activities work like a knife.

Top 5 &10-Minute Short Team Building Activities

If you are looking for a cohesive team for your organization as it is important, a break for those employees after hard work is a relaxation. then for them, these below 5 or 10-minute fast team-building activities are necessary to keep employees engaged and working together.

Keep the Ballons UpĀ 

It was the best activity for the team in your office on a boring Friday afternoon. From children to adults, everyone loves to play with the balloon and also this game is going to energize your team in the office.

In this game, 3-10 participants are needed. All the properties that you need for this game are balloons with different colors.

The aim of this game is for participants should blow out their balloons and once the time starts by the referee, then the ballow should be in the air till the time completes, if anyone’s balloon touches the ground that team is out.

it can be played single also without teams. But this game will increase the closeness of the employees.

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Mine FieldĀ 

It is also another quick team activity idea for the employees in an organization but it should be played outside. Even if you have halls in the office without any obstacles you can also play it inside.

With this game, we can increase the trust between employees. To play this game, team members will pair up and blindfold each person in the team.

There will be ways and also with some obstacles like cones, and the other team member should instruct the blindfolded person to go in the right path without stamping on any obstacle.

Who reaches first will be the winner of the game.

Pop Up Balloons

Listening to the name might be very familiar but this was a really fun game. This is also one of the quick and simple games that can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes.

In this, participants need to blow up the balloons and also pop the balloons, and in the time limit how many balloons that have been popped will be the winner.

And also with your ideas, you can increase the toughness of the game. With this game, you can see how frustrating will be.

Coworker Bingo

This is also a fun game Friday, which can be completed very quickly and builds a relationship with their coworkers. In this game, you can take 6 participants as one team.

To play this game all you need is a bingo sheet which was already prepared and with that sheet, you need to go to your coworkers and ask coworkers if they fit any of the boxes.

In each box, it was given some traits.

Blind Drawing

Another challenge that we have come up to play for your company or organization’s employees. This game is filled with full of fun and simple to play.

By playing this game between your employees there will be a chance to build a bond between employees and also enhance their communication skills.

All you need to do in this game is there will be 2 members in each team and for them, we need to provide a pencil and paper and a photograph.

One person in the team will be blindfolded and take a pencil and paper to draw what the other member is describing from the photograph. This might be seen as a simple activity but it will be very effective for team building.

Stop Walk

Have you finished recruiting new ones in your organization? Then it’s time to find the listening skills of your newcomers by laying this activity with them.

Stop Walk is a fun game yet simple game to play and there are no restrictions on participants if you have 8+ members then it will be good to play and in this when the mentor says Stop you need to become a statue, and when the mentor says walk, you need to start walking around.

If any of them walks while the mentor says stop then they will be out of the game.

Collaborative Karaoke

By this activity you can know how many singers are available in your organization, just kidding, this will be fun to listen to and simple to play the activity.

Ask each person in your group about their favorite karaoke make them a list spotify them and send it to them. This helps just to make your teammates relax.

Paper Plane Challenge

Looking for easy team-building games? This game will enhance your teammate’s creativity and engineering skills. It takes just 10 minutes to play this activity and also the best relaxation from their mental work stress.

As everyone is very familiar with the paper plane the challenge will be how good the paper plane will be to see and to fly. All you have to give as a property is paper.

Now, tell your teammates to make a plane with paper, and considering the longest time that plane flies, the height it goes, and the look it gives best will be the winner.

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Barter Puzzle

Barter Puzzle is another quick team-building event idea for your teammates which will be fun and simple to play. All you need is team members which are divided into equal sized.

This game, will enhance participants’ problem-solving skills and also know about the leadership skills they have, at the time of the interview you may not know many skills but these activity games will bring them out.

In this game, Participants will be given a puzzle but with a small twist everyone will be given a different puzzle but there will be some mix of other team members’ puzzles.

To get the puzzle cards they need to barter and this will take out who are good leaders for the team.

Paper Tower

Looking for another simple activity idea? Then this paper tower is for you. This game can be played individually or as a team and enhances engineering skills.

This game should be played by making a huge tower using paper without using any glue, staples, or other. For this game time limit needs to be set. Who makes the tower with good height will be the winner.


This is also another game that will give you fun and also enhance the thinking skills that you have. And as you have seen in the name it will be on emojis.

This game is also the best for the virtual teams that are connecting only online due to Work from home. Become a team of 5 or 6 or 2 that you like and then share the emojis which represent a picture.

The other team members need to guess that movie’s name this can be played who are working from the office and those who are working from home.


All these quick team-building activities are helpful for any of the teams to build in all aspects like communication, creativity, leadership, and more. Hope our article has provided you with many ideas on activities that you can play.

Bookmark our page and also our site which will help you to keep knowledge on some fun-filled team-building activities.