Top 8 Mind Map Ideas For Students – Creative Mind Mapping in Education

Mind Map Ideas For Students: Teaching and learning is always a cycle and teaching should always understand every child in the class. For that teachers need to use different teaching styles so that students can easily grasp the topic and keep it in mind.

Similarly, students also need to learn new techniques to understand and remember the lessons and for that, we have tools with us. That tool is nothing but mind mapping.

In this article, we are going to provide different mind-mapping ideas for students to use.

What is Mind Mapping?

A mind Map is nothing but a Visual representation of topics, information, and ideas. This Mind Mapping was introduced in 1974, by Tony Buzan, the founder of the World Memory Championships.

This method is far better to use than note-taking. Mind Map will help you to memorize the topic very easily and this will be best suitable for students who are complaining about their memorization.

Mind map does not have a specific structure that can be made the way you like even you can use specific colors and highlighters.

Mind Mapping Ideas

Benefits of Mind Mapping For Students

Are you a student, struggling to remember the topics and lessons that you are reading, listening and writing? Also, becoming frustrated before the exam? Then you have come to the right place and this is for you.

A mind map is the best idea to memorize the lessons or topic that you need. And not only that there are a lot more benefits that you get by using mind maps as a student.

  • Mind Map ideas increase creativity and memory retention power.
  • And promotes you to easily understand the concept.
  • As a student, you will also know how to organize the information step by step.
  • It also helps you in the development of many essential skills like critical thinking.
  • Mind maps will help to make use of mental triggers like photos, colors, and connections.

How To Create Mind Maps?

If you are a student, who didn’t know how to create mind maps. Here you can see the steps below and learn to create a mind map on your own.

Below we are going to explain a simple mind map template. For this, all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

  • Firstly, to draw a mind map, you have to know the name of the topic that you are going to read.
  • Then, keep that topic name in the middle of the paper and circle it or you can give whatever shape you like.
  • After that, draw the sub-branches to that name and give the names of subtitles, that whenever you see that name you need to get the complete scenario of that title.
  • To connect these main branches and sub-branches that you have in your topic, you can use arrows, lines, and anything you like.
  • And for more understanding, you can also color the topic, and highlight the branches.

Not like to draw with your hands, you can use online mind map software to draw the way you like.

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Here’s The List of 8 Mind Mapping Ideas For Students in Education

Students always suffer with memorizing the notes that were taken in the class and some of them didn’t even understand the concept. For them, an effective tool is important to survive in this fast-paced life.

That is the reason we are going to provide you with some mind map examples for students in education.

  1. Note Taking
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Historical Event Timeline
  4. Exam Preparation
  5. Brainstorming
  6. Project Planning and Collaboration
  7. Language Learning
  8. Homework

Note Taking

Students will always take running notes in school to understand the concept while they are reading. And to easily understand those notes you can create a mind map with the important keywords.

So this will be helpful in the exam preparation as while seeing the mind map you can easily remember the whole topic. And while creating this students will also read and learn the complete topic as creating this mind map will be very interesting.

Reading Comprehension

Sometimes, when you are reading English articles, essays, or poems there will be many complex words that you cannot remember just by reading them. At that time these mind maps will help you all the way.

Just make a list of words that are unfamiliar to you and create a mind map for it, this can also be helpful during the exam as you can just go back and review the mind map and you will get the complete topic into remembrance.

Historical Event Timeline

Remembering Dates, and years chronologically is the most important in history and that is the most difficult for students to remember. At that time also you can make use of these mind maps.

Just take a chapter you are presently working on and create a mind map timeline. Just take the event in the center and give the branches of years, and dates.

With this, you can happily remember the sequence of historical events years.

Exam Preparation

Every student is afraid of exams, right? but with the right preparation at the right time will help you feel easy during exams. And this idea is for you.

Before a few weeks of exams, most of them had a habit of creating time timetable, but this time create a mind map of your exam time, date, materials, and notes and maps that you have.

Exam Preparation Mind Map


Students, who are studying individually need more brainstorming techniques and this mind mapping is one of the best brainstorming techniques out there.

And while you are going to prepare essays, articles, or anything, just prepare a mind map, so that you will get clarity on what are you writing and you can complete it easily.

Even if you don’t get the idea to draw the branches and keep them empty so that your brain starts thinking about removing the empty spaces.

Project Planning and Collaboration

In higher studies, projects are a very important aspect and in this, as a team, we have to work. And understanding the project is not very easy for everyone.

But creating a mind map online or offline will help you understand and you can also easily explain to your teammates and you can execute in the final.

Also, your team members can share the project create mind maps, and explain each other easily.

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Language Learning

Learning a language is not easy for everyone especially for students English is the most difficult to remember as it has many prepositions, verbs, and many more.

At that time while struggling with English you can just create a mind map. By this, you can remember all the tenses and the grammar that you need.

When you are mind-mapping those rules you can also happily give small examples so that it will be more easy.


For small children anyway, we will have dairy to remember the assignments that they need to do. But while growing up, you just need to remember the assignments that were given by the lecturer, at that time these mind maps will be very useful.

By min mapping your homework, you will not miss any of your assignments. When you are done with the work you can checklist them. You can make the maps online or offline.

Homework Mind Map


As a team, we hope that these 8-minute map ideas for students along with other important information, are very helpful for you. Mind maps are a very versatile tool that helps students to remember all the information that they need.

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