7 Best & Motivating Educational Movies For Kids To Watch In 2024

Educational Movies for Kids: Worried about your kid’s screen time and discipline toward education and career? Don’t be now! here is the best article for you and your kids.

Kids at school hold great intelligence and grasp everything so easily. That’s the crucial time for us to look at their upbringing. Children must follow their daily routines and study schedules to grow in life.

However, parents’ work schedules greatly affected kids’ mindset and discipline. Due to this, they are becoming so addicted to entertainment like cartoons, movies, etc.

But to raise them well-educated and behaved, watching out for some of the best educational movies during their screen times is required. No worries, our list of educational films will surely assist your kids in infusing love towards studies, passion, mindset, preserving, etc.

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List of Top 7 Educational Films for Children

Educational films for kids offer a vast array of opportunities for children to expand their knowledge and learn about diverse subjects. These films not only provide educational value but also impart valuable moral lessons that can positively influence a child’s development.

It’s important to recognize the potential benefits of allowing children to watch movies, as they can encourage social interaction and inspire positive behavioral changes. Here are the listed 7 most watchable educational movies for toddlers:

    1. Finding Nemo
    2. Inside Out
    3. Moana
    4. Sound Of Music
    5. Spellbound
    6. Wall-E
    7. Big Hero 6

Finding Nemo

One of the most loved and watched animated movies by all age groups is Finding Nemo. Kids can learn a lot by watching this movie as it delivers many emotions and lessons. Finding Nemo is an inspiring story that underscores the importance of listening to your parents, being brave in the face of adversity, and valuing the friends who are back and front in your life struggles and joy. Overall, five years and above can watch this amazing animated parenting movie.

Inside Out

This educational animated film presents a unique and authentic narrative of a tween girl, Riley, as she manages the challenges of juvenility and the pack of emotions it carries. The unique twist in the portrayal is the personification of Riley’s feelings, which serve as both the storytellers and influencers from within her mind.

While the plot includes details of excitement and moderate peril, the film’s most notable feature is its positive and emotionally mature message, highlighting the acceptability of all emotions, including anger and sadness, and underlining the value of their expression.


If you are searching for the absolute gem to motivate your kids by their screen time. I got you covered with the best movie i.e., ‘Moana’, it is brimming with valuable life lessons that stretch far beyond the typical theme of finding true love. Famous actor Dwayne Johnson’s voiceover for the main character ‘Maui,’ is like a cheer on the cake.

This flick beautifully demonstrates the significance of pursuing one’s heart and encountering fears, and accentuates the power of uplifting music. Also, each character intricately winds in a different and interesting lesson.

Moana is indeed engaging for juniors of eight and ten, delivering a delightful experience via its qualities and outstanding musical score.

Sound Of Music

This timeless classic is sealed with excellent tunes and pursues the story of a nun-turned-nanny who succeeds over her unwilling charges and their father with her musical skills. While it’s full of romance and positive messages, parents need to note that the backdrop of the story is the Nazi invasion of Austria, which may lead to questions from curious kids.


A pioneering documentary that gave elevation to the complete genre, Spellbound hunts eight students from diverse backgrounds as they vie for top honors in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Director Jeffrey Blitz ventures to Washington, D.C. to grab the decision of finalists like Ashley White, who surmounts outstanding challenges to experience. The film highlights the importance of reliable daily practice and hard work.


“Wall-E” is a gratifying animated movie that takes place in a future world invaded by trash. The lead manĀ of the movie, a small waste-collecting robot named Wall-E, launches on a space journey that bears the key to humanity’s future.

This cinema effortlessly merges entertainment with a powerful message about the need for environmental stewardship and our duty to the Earth. It fascinates witnesses with its attractive visuals while prompting kids to think about sustainability and the effect of their activities on the planet.

Most importantly, “Wall-E” teaches important lessons about environmental conservation, the value of caring for our planet, and the repercussions of waste and consumerism.

Big Hero 6

A fun-filled Action film for kids to watch is Big Hero 6. The movie was based on a young boy called ‘Hiro’ – a genius in robotics. The other main characters of this film like a group of friends and his adorable robot aka Baymax. Altogether, Hiro turned superhero and saved his city in the end.

On the note of educational value, the Big Hero 6 is an inspirational educational movie to teach your kids about science and technology in compelling ways.

5 Important Tips To Be Considered While Choosing The Right Educational Movie For Kids

It sounds tricky and a bit challenging tasks for every parent but using these tips can help you pick the right educational film for your kid. The following are some tips to help you:

  1. Consider their age and interests.
  2. Ensure the movie is both educational and entertaining.
  3. Watch the movie with them if possible.
  4. Read reviews from other parents or teachers.
  5. Look for positive messages in the movies.


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