10 Creative Classroom Set Up Ideas for Elementary Teachers To Promote Learning

Classroom Set Up Ideas: Looking for the ways to arrange your classroom or switch things up? In this post, you will get best ideas for setting up your classroom environment everything from seating to management and from storage to libraries and many more.

Setting up a classroom and choosing a classroom layout and design are the most fun parts of returning to school in the fall. Here I would like to share a few classroom set up ideas to get you thinking and provide few classroom photos with the best ideas.

Things to Plan Before Starting Classroom Arrangements

While setting up an elementary classroom, I generally plan for the following areas of the room:

  • Student desks
  • Instructional area in the front of the room
  • Teacher’s desk area
  • Computers
  • Group work areas (tables), including space for small group instruction
  • Classroom library
  • Whole class meeting area on a rug or carpet (optional)
  • Centers (optional)

We have listed each space in the order I think is most important. Once all those elements are in place, you can plan an area for the children to sit. If you don’t find time, then you can copy from classroom set up ideas but you need to have exactly the same material and same layout.

Advantages of a Good Classroom Layout

There are so many activities that might happen inside a classroom. You organize and facilitate instruction, small group work, independent activities and so on.

With the right classroom setup, your space will be able to accommodate for all those activities in a way that best supports you and your students.

Classrooms are often high traffic zones and based on the time of the year, they can face a lot of transitions. In order to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, best organisation in your classroom is important.

A good classroom layout will keep students on task and make classroom management much easier. Finally, students and their learning are the most important goals and a good classroom layout promotes this.

Top Classroom Set Up Ideas For You

Flexible Seating

As students should have choice in the books they read, they should have choice in where they sit and promote learning.

Couches, rocking chairs, stools, high tables, coffee tables, and, yes, even a bathtub, are all possible flexible seating options. Don’t spend too much money on these things either.

Classroom Stage

Stage is the place where teacher have to spend most of their time while explaining things. And all students will focus there. Few things that makes your stage interesting are here:

  • Flexible seating option: Students likes bringing their collaborative work to the stage and present them.
  • Public speaking: Over the period of time, it is my goal to encourage my students to feel comfortable and confident approaching the stage to share a presentation or project that they’ve completed.
  • Decor: Use stage as a feature in classroom transformations.

Few people might use their stage for extra storage as well.

Small Group Space

Three priorities that comes into pictures when it comes to desk arrangement are here. One is that students can easily face one another to have debates and discussions. Another is that it’s easy for them to find elbow partners. I also want to make sure that we have open floor space for acting, demonstrations, and group work.

Exit Slip Magnetic Baskets

After your class, get quick feedback from the students in this way. Ask students to hand exit tickets into one of three bins. Label the bins: I completely understand. I could use more practice. I do not understand. With a glance, you can gauge overall class understanding. Upon closer look, you can see which students need more practice.

Create a Classroom Library

Fostering a love of reading in our students is always a primary goal. Reading can unlock their potential and help create a lifelong love of learning.

A classroom library gives your students quick and easy access to books throughout their day. And adding a reading area nearby your library can provide a quiet space for students who need something to do. It also offers some nice, extra encouragement for your students to read more.

Make Classroom Organisation a Priority

Classroom organisation is the key element in the classroom set up process. It helps not losing assignments, lesson plans, manipulatives and your sanity.

There are many moving pieces to a classroom — especially if you’re teaching in a space that has different groups of students every period. All the coming and going can add to the classroom chaos.

To maintain your room organized, make sure your materials and resources are clearly labeled. You can also set clear expectations with students about their role in keeping the classroom organized and orderly. Remember, you’re all in this together and an organized classroom will benefit everyone.

Prioritize the Front Portion of the Classroom

Think about what you want your students to focus on. What do you want them to remember most from their day? Put those things at the front of the classroom.

Be mindful of the posters and learning material that you put up front. Make sure they are hand-picked as covering the most important topics.

It’s natural to think that your teacher’s desk should go at the front of the room, but consider all the activities that will happen in your classroom first.

Depending on how often your students come to your desk, consider moving the desk somewhere else if it makes more sense.

Foster a Welcoming Environment

A great way to welcome your students is to have their names posted somewhere in the classroom. Find ways to personalise their desks or the classroom decorations. Birthday greetings are another great option.

Recognizing your students as individuals lets them know that they’re special and you enjoy having them in your classroom.

Set Up Your Entry and Exit Points

Safety is the first priority when setting up the entry and exit points of your classroom. You want to create a welcoming environment, but doorways should always remain clear of any obstacles. View your entry point as the beginning of your classroom’s flow.

Your classroom’s entry point is also a great place to think about any daily classroom habits or traditions you hope to have. Would you like to have a mood check-in chart? Or a positive thought of the day.

Decorate Last

From birthday posters and plants in the windows to bulletin board displays, adding decorative touches can often seem like the most fun part of setting up your classroom. But ultimately, classrooms need to be functional.

So first, focus on all the big pieces. Place the furniture, establish your various stations, and think through spots for direct instruction. Then, once your classroom is set up to do all the primary tasks needed, hang up all those classroom decorations that fit your classroom theme!


We are hoping that the data enclosed here about Classroom Set Up Ideas will be helpful for creating a best classroom layout. Keep in touch with our site for more related articles at one place such as classroom seating arrangements for 30 students.