Best Direction to Study as Per Vastu and Science | Vastu Tips for Success in Studies

You might have observed that while studying your favorite subject you might feel it as a dream sequence while studying harder subjects you might feel it as the biggest nightmare. You can study few subjects smoothly whereas struggle in some. Are you looking for the Best Direction to Study? Then, there are various theories to support you in your learning. One among them exists in our traditional Hindu Architectural System namely Vastu Shastra.

From the Name Itself you can understand the theory defines the architectural design of study atmosphere along with hints of traditional beliefs and spiritual thoughts. Are you curious to know about the Best Direction to Study According to Vastu Shastra? Let’s help you with all that by providing the basic knowledge of Astronomy, Yogashastra, Astronomical Science, etc.

Best Direction to Study according to Vastu

Trying to figure out which direction is good for studying? Finding the perfect combination of comfort as well as Vastu helps you to reach your goals easily. Here is all you need to know according to Vastu.

  • As per Vastu the best direction to study is to sit in North East Room while facing North or East.
  • You should always face East or West while studying and if it’s not possible then try to face North.
  • If it is not possible a room facing towards North or east is also fine.
  • Along with this study on a regular-shaped table made of the best quality wood and make sure you are not facing the wall directly and stay away from it for 3-4 inches.
  • A Gap can signify open space and allows for new ideas to flow in your mind.

Why is North or East the Best Direction to Study as per Vastu?

We all are aware that the Sun rises in the East moves towards the North and then Descends in the West. The direction of North Signifies Progress, While East Signifies the Direction of Achievement, Growth, and Prosperity.

Important Tips for Best Direction to Study as per Vastu

Have a glance at the best tips to keep in mind on which direction to sit and study. They are as follows

  • According to Vastu study room should be facing towards the east or west direction of the house.
  • It is advised that one doesn’t sit with a chair behind the door. Instead, you can have a wall behind it.
  • The study Table should be placed according to the best direction to study.
  • East and North Walls of the Rooms shouldn’t contain cabinets. In fact, all the cabinets of books shall be placed on the South and West Walls.
  • Don’t place a mirror near your study table as it can cause distraction.

Best Direction for Study Table according to Vastu

Similar to the Best Direction to Study equal importance is given to Best Direction for Study Table. keeping the Study Table in the right direction of study should be given utmost importance according to Vastu. Sitting in the right place helps you to concentrate better on the lessons.

  • As per the Vastu North or East is the best direction to keep study table as it can boost your concentration.
  • According to Vastu, it is advisable to level a good gap between the study table and the wall.
  • As per Vastu, it is advisable to keep books in North-East Direction.

Concentration plays an important role while studying so keep your study table clean and organized as it increases your ability to focus. A fresh desk can be a symbol of the land of possibilities. Place some posters or inspirational quotes on your wall in front of the study table.

Best Direction to Study as Per Vastu and Science

Best Direction to Study Scientifically

Learn how you can know about the best direction to study as per Science. They are along the lines

  • Exercising and Yoga helps to enhance the level of crucial Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor that is required for the growth of brain cells, mood, and learning. By practicing them regularly you will get powerful harmones like Serotonin, Norepinephrine, Dopamine. Mugging Up doesn’t work as it is vital to transfer the information from short-term memory to long-term memory.
  • Know what you are going to study beforehand so as to reduce anxiety and performance.
  • Learning Concepts with an intention to teach allows you to understand the information in a better way rather than simply overlooking it.
  • Test yourself on the information learned is better compared to reading it over and over.
  • Deep Sleep really helps and studying after Sleeping helps you to retain the information learned in your brain cells.
  • Before you begin to study a difficult topic give yourself some private time and watch your favorite series to reduce stress.
  • If you are not sure whether you can do it act as if you can so that your mind will believe that you can do anything.

Best Direction to Study for Competitive Exams

Since you are aware of the best direction to study as per Vastu and Science follow certain tips and tricks to utilize and ace your preparation for competitive exams. They are listed in the below fashion

  • Set a Routine and plan your preparation ahead.
  • Select a place that is free from distractions.
  • Take Regular Breaks in Between your Studies.
  • Eat healthily and engage yourself in Physical Activities, Exercises to relax as well as boost your concentration levels.

Use the Right Colors while Studying

Since you are aware of the Best Direction to Study for Competitive Exams, add the right color to complement your studying. According to the basic principles of Vastu utilize the light or neutral color for better learning power. Colors create a profound impact both on your mind and soul. Yellow regulates emotions whereas violet is related to spirituality, good character.

Be careful and plan your preparation way ahead and enhance your memory’s retaining power as well interest in studies. Follow the Vast Tips provided and see the results in favor of you.

FAQs on Best Direction to Study

1. Which direction should you face when studying?

According to Vastu Shastra, you need to sit in a northeast-facing room and face yourself towards north or east.

2. Is South Direction Good for Studying?

No, South isn’t considered good for studying and you should face towards north or east while studying.

3. What are the Scientific ways that boost our learning Ability?

Exercise and Yoga can help you enhance your learning abilities as they contribute to the growth of brain cells and even releases powerful harmones that aid in your learning.

Final Words

We the team at believe that your tireless endeavor and hard work will bring you success rather than simply relying on the Vastu Techniques. If Hard work is your weapon then Success will always be your Slave. Most Individuals waste a fair amount of time to figure out what they actually want and where to begin from.